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Travel Advice for United Arab Emirates

Terror Threats

Located in the volatile Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a high threat level for terrorist strikes. Although terrorism is a concern, over a million British travellers to UAE annually enjoy  a terror-free holiday. UAE has a high amount of international visitors every year, which makes the country susceptible to terrorists. Maintaining a high level of personal security and awareness of your surroundings in public settings will help to minimize the threat.

Threats to Personal Safety

Travellers frequent the beaches of UAE, and need to mindful to swim only in approved beaches. The sea has a strong rip current which will pull all swimmers away from shore. Comply with all warning signs posted and make sure to watch for red flags, which double as a warning to swimmers.

Those who wish to experience the nightlife in UAE must also be aware of the concern with sex crimes, including date rape. The British Consulate in UAE has received reports of drink spiking at night clubs throughout Dubai, which may result in sexual assaults. Both women and men have fallen victim to this crime. When out on the town, take the same precautions as you would in the UK, by travelling with friends and not leaving your drink unattended. Women are encouraged to take extra precautions if walking or travelling alone. It is also imperative to use only reputable taxi companies, especially at night time.

UAE Customs and Laws

The UAE is a Muslim nation, and has a unique set of customs and laws. As these local customs differ from the UK, travellers should respect UAE traditions, law, and religion at all times. Adhering to customs is most important during the holy month of Ramadan. To ensure proper protocol is adhered to, the British Embassy has provided detailed information, available by clicking here.

Getting Around UAE

British nationals with a visit visa are permitted to use their own driving licence in UAE. Hiring holiday cars in UAE is permitted for travellers as well as those applying for residency. Those who plan on living in UAE will need to obtain a residency permit, and then must obtain a licence from the UAE. As much of the UAE is desert, having the appropriate vehicle for travel should be taken into account. It is also recommended that travel plans are left with friends or relatives, in the event of an emergency. Carrying a mobile telephone and a supply of water is suggested for long trips through the desert.

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