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Planning a Road Trip with Kids? Read These Simple Tips to Keep Crankiness Away

If you still can’t get over the holidays, perhaps you could do with a short exciting break. And what better way to have some fun than by going on a road trip with your family?

Whether you prefer rental cars or your own car, going on a road trip can spell fun even if [...]

Travel Must-Haves When Going on a Road Trip with Kids

For several people, going on a road trip during the holidays is their idea of fun. If you had the same ideas before you had kids and now avoid road trips just because you think it’s going to be too much trouble, think again. You’re missing out on so much fun because [...]

Hong Kong Travel Advisories

When planning a holiday to Hong Kong there is very little threat of terrorism or other such attacks in the country. However, it is important to note the risk of terrorist attacks. There are risks of terrorist attacks occurring in all areas, even those that are frequently visited by tourists and expatriates.

Crime in Hong [...]

Bahrain Travel Advice

Currently, there are numerous protests and demonstrations taking place across the country of Bahrain. Some of these demonstrations have become quite violent, but this violence is not specifically targeted at nationals from the United Kingdom. However, it is important that you maintain a high level of awareness when travelling in Bahrain. Be  extremely careful in [...]

Guatemala Travel Advice

Crime in Guatemala

Out of all the Latin American countries, Guatemala has one of the highest rates of violent crime. There are approximately 40 murders each week in Guatemala City. Most of these crimes involve the gangs. However, the incidents are indiscriminate and may occur in tourist areas as well. There are no areas in Guatemala [...]

Travel Tips for Antigua

If travelling to Antigua it is important to note that there is no British High Commission located in the country. If you require assistance during your visit, you will need to contact Robert Wilkinson who is the British Honorary Consul.

Crime in Antigua

Almost 100,000 people visit the country each year and of these visits [...]

China Travel Advice

In the recent months there have been anti-Japan demonstrations that have taken place in several cities throughout China. These demonstrations are related to territorial disputes. The demonstrations are continuing to increase in size. When travelling in China you should avoid any large gathering of people that are targeting Japanese interests. Chinese authorities enforce public order [...]

Travel Advice for Jamaica

There are currently no restrictions on travel to Jamaica. However, it is important to note that the country does have a fairly high crime rate, including violent crimes. When visiting Jamaica remain vigilant at all times, especially when visiting areas such as Harbour view, Grant’s Pen, West Kingston, parts of Montego Bay, and Spanish Town.


Kenya Travel Advice

For those considering travel to Kenya, it is important to note that there are certain areas that should not be travelled to unless essential. It is recommended that travellers avoid going within 60 kilometres of the Somali and Kenyan border all the way from Kiwayu, and the coastal areas located north of Pate Island. The [...]

Travel Advice for United Arab Emirates

Terror Threats

Located in the volatile Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a high threat level for terrorist strikes. Although terrorism is a concern, over a million British travellers to UAE annually enjoy  a terror-free holiday. UAE has a high amount of international visitors every year, which makes the country susceptible to terrorists. [...]