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Camping with Kids in France and Belgium

More and more people nowadays think that in order for our children to be happy, we have to give them holidays in faraway destinations, with fantastic sun shine and round the clock entertainment.  This is simply untrue.  A good example happened a number of years ago, when I went to an outdoor shop to purchase a new tent for an upcoming festival.  I had taken my 9 year old niece with me, who enthusiastically ran in and out of the tents with some other children in the store.  When I had picked the one I wanted and went to collect her, she burst into tears saying that this was the shortest holiday she had ever been on, but that it was also the best.  Children don’t need expensive accommodation and entertainment, they simply need to be able to have fun.

The Benefits of Camping

Most children would like nothing more than camping and there are huge benefits to this type of holiday, including:Camping with Kids in France and Belgium

  • It’s very cheap
  • You don’t have to stay in one location, particularly if you have hired a car
  • It’s safe
  • It allows kids to be closer to nature

Two of the greatest countries to go camping in in Europe are Belgium and France.  There are so many campsites here that there is something for everybody and you just know your child is going to have the time of their life.

How to Find a Good Campsite

If you like to be prepared, you may want to go online first and find a campsite.  However, you could just as easily set off in a general direction and see which campsites you do and do not like.  There are a few things to look out for to make sure you find a good campsite, particularly if you are travelling with children and these are:

  • The cleanliness of the toilets and shower cubicles
  • Whether you have access to electricity
  • Whether cars are allowed all over the campsite
  • Whether there is a time by which the whole campsite has to be quiet
  • Whether there are facilities for children, such as playground, tennis court, swimming pool, table tennis and so on
  • Whether there is a store and restaurant on the camping
  • How far the campsite is from a main road
  • How far the campsite is from any bodies of water

Camping is fun and, in the main, very safe.  However, very often, campsites are placed next to rivers and lakes, which is great if you have older children but if you travel with very young ones, you may want to at least make sure that you pitch away from these bodies of water.  Any campsite that is right on the edge of a main road is also not suitable for young children.One of the greatest things about campsites is that there is a true sense of community.  People look out for each other’s children and belongings and spend time saying hello to each other, perhaps even creating large communal barbeques and so on.  If you go to a campsite where many others with children go to, you will find that the children truly entertain each other.

Examples of Great Campsites

Below are some examples of great campsites in Belgium and France:


Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumCamping Petite Suisse, Dochamps.  Five stars.  Features a beautiful view, based on a slight slope.  Camping is themed and includes a legend for easy location of your tent.  Perfectly situated for seeing more of the country and is even open during the winter for winter sport activities.


Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumCamping Spa D’Or, Sart-Lez-Spa.  Four stars.  Recently modernised to include truly luxurious accommodation.  There is a wonderful pool and its close to river, where children can swim or canoe.  It is also very close to the borders of the Netherlands and Germany, offering opportunities for daytrips.


Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumCamping de Chenefleur, Tintihny.  Three stars.  Includes heated pools that children can use, as well as offering fantastic recreational opportunities.  This campsite was designed for families with children.



Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumLe Domaine Des Ormes, Brittany. Perfect for lovers of golf and nature, this is France at its very best.  Bring your jeux de boulles, although you can always purchase a set there and join a game of Petangue with the locals.

Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumCamping La Garangeoire, Le Vendee.  Truly romantic, as you will camp on the grounds of an ancient chateau.  Includes fantastic swimming pool and other luxury amenities.


Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumCamping Sequoia Parc, South West Coast.  Perfect for those who want a little of everything.  True French style living and eating, wonderful sandy beaches and plenty of entertainment, this campsite and the surrounding area offers it all.



Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumLes Gorges Du Chambon, Poitou Charente.  Another campsite on the grounds of an ancient Chateau, this campsite boasts that it is also environmentally friendly, which is great to each the children about the importance of being green.  It offers all the entertainment and activities you could wish for, but in a calm environment where you will mainly learn how to relax.
Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumLe Chateau de L’Eperviere, Burgundy.  Again, in true French style, you will be staying on the grounds of a beautiful chateau.  You can go hiking, walking, swimming, canoeing or do anything else you enjoy here, which includes relaxing in the beautiful manicured gardens of the chateau itself.

Camping with Kids in France and BelgiumDomaine de la Barbanne, Dordogne.  At this particular campsite, you will truly feel as if you have entered medieval times once again.  The small village is within walking distance, and it will look as if time has stood still over the past five centuries or so.  Anybody who likes history and old buildings will truly have found the perfect spot for a holiday here.  Do not be swayed by the star ratings alone, as even the campsites with almost no stars can be great fun for the entire family.  So long as they are clean and safe, you will have found a perfect holiday destination.

If you have decided to hire a car, you may just choose to drive from Belgium to France, or from France to Belgium, stopping at various campsites along the way.  Car hire in Belgium is available for as little as £5 per day, as is car hire in France.

Precautions to Take when Camping with Kids

Before you go camping, you have to take a few precautions.  Firstly, you must know the layout of your campsite.  It is very easy for kids to start wandering about and they must know their way back, just as you need to know where they are likely to go to.  Camping, particularly in pitched tents, also requires a certain degree of trust.  After all, anybody could get into your tent.


Camping with Kids in France and Belgium

 Although it is rare for something to go wrong, you may want to choose to leave your valuables in a safe or inside your vehicle, just in case. Camping also exposes you to the elements more than any other form of travelling, so make sure you have clothes to cover yourself at night and bring insect repellent. Last but not least, ensure you have a proper conversation with your children about where they can and can’t go unsupervised. Things such as roads and swimming pools, for instance, should be completely off limits without adult supervision.


Car Driving Guide in Europe for Tourists

If you want to go on holiday in Europe and hire a car, you must be aware of the local driving rules.  This is essential in order to avoid heavy court fines and, in the worst case scenario, even losing you  license.  There are different rules for all the different European countries, but we will only take a look at some of the most popular tourist destinations here.  If, however, you are planning a holiday in any other European country, why not let us know and we will provide you with the relevant information?

Driving in France and Monaco

Car Driving Guide in Europe for TouristsIn order to drive in France, you must be at least 18 years old, although you can drive a motorcycle up to 80cc when you are sixteen.  Petrol and diesel is available, however there is no leaded petrol.  Speed limits depend from one place to another and change regularly according to the weather.

The general rules, however, are that vehicles without trailers can drive up to 50 km per hour in built up areas, 90 km per hour outside built up areas, 110 km per hour on an urban motorway and 130 km per hour on a motorway.  The speed limit lowers by 20 km per hour in wet weather.  If you break the speed limit by more than 40 km per hour, your license will be confiscated on the spot.

You must wear your seatbelt in both front and rear seats.  Children under the age of 10 must travel on a child seat and cannot travel in the front.  The permitted blood alcohol level is 0.05%, or 0.02% for coach drivers.  The penalties for breaking these laws are severe and may include a jail sentence.  On the spot fines are also very high and can be issued for various reasons.

One very interesting rule to keep in mind is that you now have to carry a breathalyser with you.  However, there is little clarity about when this will become an enforced rule as it was going to be the 13th of March 2013, but this has now been postponed.

Some things to know:

  • “Priorité a droite” means you have to give way to the right.  Other signs can be “vous n’avez pas la priorité” (you don’t have right of way) and “cédez le passage” (you must give way).  Traffic on a roundabout always has priority, unless otherwise stated.
  • You are not allowed to use your horn in built up areas.
  • You may not use radar detectors for risk of losing your car.
  • Remember that France has many toll roads, where you will have to pay “payage” in order to proceed.  It is often very difficult to get off one of these roads, so make sure you always have some Euros with you.

Why not hire a car if you want to see France and Monaco?

Driving in Belgium

Car Driving Guide in Europe for TouristsThe speed limits are slightly different in Belgium.  Built up areas have a limit of 50 km per hour, outside of these it is 90 km per hour.  Motorways and dual carriage ways have a limit of 120 km per hour.  The minimum speed on these roads is 70 km per hour, unless a traffic jam takes place.

Child restraints have to be in place for children under the age of 18 who are less than 1m 53cm tall.  The permitted level of alcohol in the blood stream is 0.049%.  Fines and rules as a consequence depends on how much above the levels are and how long a license has been held.  There are numerous roads where cruise control is not allowed to be used.  Almost every level crossing in Belgium is equipped with a camera.  If the crossing is crossed on red, an immediate fine will follow.

These are but a few of the rules to follow if you want to hire a car in Belgium.

Driving in Germany

Car Driving Guide in Europe for TouristsThe speed limits in Germany are always interesting, because everybody knows about the autobahns which have no speed limits.  There are some limitation in place, however.  In a built-up area, it is 50 km per hour.  Outside of this, it is 100 km per hour.  On the autobahn, there is no limit, but the recommendation is 130 km per hour.  Cars must be able to drive at least 60 km per hour in order to be permitted on the autobahn.    If it rains or there is poor visibility, the limit is 50 km per hour.

The permitted drug alcohol level is 0.05%.  Fines depend mainly on the age of the driver and the length of time a license has been held.  Interestingly, there are no such things as wheel clamps in Germany.  However, a vehicle can be towed away.

It is not permitted to use spiked tires in Germany.  It is, however, obliged by law to use winter tires during the winter and using summer tires during this period of time can result in immediate fines. Germany is also very green, which means there are numerous emission zones, which means you may have to carry a “vignette” to show in which category your vehicle belongs.

Why not explore a larger part of Germany by hiring a car?

Driving in Greece

Car Driving Guide in Europe for TouristsThe minimum age at which someone can hold a license in Greece is 17. Speed limits are often complicated to understand and depend on the weather, the type of road and whether you are driving a car or other type of vehicle.  There is clear signage, however, so make sure you pay attention. The alcohol percentage here is 0.05%, but for those under the age of 21 or those who have held their license for less than 2 years, the percentage is 0.02%.

Illegal parking is taken very seriously, and your license plate can be removed if you are found to be illegally parked.  You are not allowed to use your horn in cities or towns.

Why not go island hoping in your own vehicle by hiring a car in Greece?

Driving in Spain

Car Driving Guide in Europe for TouristsDriving in Spain is very similar to other countries.  The alcohol percentage is 0.05%, but drivers under the age of 21 or those who have only held their license for two years have a limit of 0.03%.  Fines are on the spot and vehicles can be clamped or towed at any point.  Just as in Greece, the speed limits can seem confusing, so pay attention to the signs and try to find out what the limits are for your type of vehicle before you go.

Drivers with glasses should carry an extra pair of glasses with them.  You may not sound your horn in built-up areas.  You are not allowed to use spiked tires anywhere in Spain.  There is a very interesting rule for parking in one way streets.  On uneven days of the month, cars should be parked on the uneven numbered side of the street and vice versa on even days.  There should be signs explaining this,  but it may leave you to have to check first the date and then the house numbers before you park up.

You will be able to see much more of mainland Spain if you choose to hire a car.

Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in Spain

Spain has a long and interesting history with fascinating culture and traditions. It also houses some beautiful beaches, some sought after tourist attractions and great weather all year. Due to the rise in demand for visiting Spain many airlines are offering budget flights to popular Spanish tourist attractions such as Costa del Sol and Alicante. The beautiful beaches and historical towns that can be found in Spain are becoming rapidly popular in the world. These five destinations below are the ones suitable for travelers traveling to Spain for a holiday on a budget. You will find budget accommodations at these five places and also cheaper activities to enjoy alone or with your family.

1.Costa del Sol

One of the most sought after tourist destination in Spain is Costa del Sol. The place offers something for everyone and this makes it a fabulous family attraction. This region became popular in 1950s mainly because of its superb sandy beaches.

Top Beaches

Cabopino, East. Marbella

Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in Spain

The Cabopino beach in east Marbella has clean sand and clear waters and stretches over 1200 meters. This is considered as the best beach in Costa del Sol and is extremely popular throughout the summer. On the West there is a nudist beach called Dunas de Artola. The beach is considered as the best kept secret of Costa del Sol. You can also find an old fortified watchtower standing in the sand dunes on the beach. From this watchtower you can view the Marbella coast and the Africa beyond. The sands of the beach are well maintained and clean and the beach in general is child friendly. You can also find beachside bars and restaurants called Chiringitos here.

Tarifa, Cadiz

Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in SpainOne of the most beautiful beaches in Costa del Sol is called Punta Paloma near Tarifa on Costa del la Luz. The sand dunes found on the beach are exceptional and it has an unspoilt beauty about it although the beach does not offer the usual Marbella services like toilets, showers and lounge chair rentals. The trek which takes you down the sand dunes is simple but climbing back up may cause problems so those having problems climbing should skip the trip to this beach.You can access the Punta Paloma beach from N340 highway and it is located about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Marbella.

Las Chapas, East Marbella

Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in Spain

Las Chapas is a semi urban beach 750 meters in length and tends to get very crowded during summers. The beach has beautiful sand and clear waters and is situated in Urbanization Las Chapas. There are litter bins available on the beach and it is cleaned regularly. It has spas, footbridges and you can rent yachts, umbrellas and sun beds. You can reach it by using cars or on foot. The beach can be accessed from N340. This zone also has parking facilities. The beach also has a security team which marks the danger if any. This parking is observed and regulated by the security team. There are about 100 parking spaces available.

Apart from these beaches other attractions have come up since then which add value to the destination. You can find exciting night life which might attract the young, beautiful golf courses for everyone and romantic places on the beach for the youth just to name a few.

Night Clubs

Disco Kiu

Disco Kiu is a night club located in Benalmadena and has four dance floors. Different kind of music and atmosphere is offered at these floors such as modern, Latin, Spanish and varied. Thursday and Sunday are nights reserved for ladies and a free first drink is offered to the ladies. The club also holds women’s mud wrestling, striptease shows and a range of prize draws. The night club is open till 1.30 AM at night.

Funky Buddha Marbella

The Funky Buddha night club in Marbella is known for glitzy social functions, chic parties and high class clubing. It is one of the finest night clubs in the world with an opulent ambiance that blends antique Hindu/Buddhist statues and Indian/Chinese carvings with high tech lighting. Although the working hours depend on the time of the year the action at Funky Buddha starts at 1 AM at night and continues til around 6-7 AM in morning.

Water Parks

In case you are keen on spending time in water parks you can stay close to Torremolinos which has two of them.

Aqualand Torremolinos

Aqualand is a theme water park in Torremolinos and is close to the town of Torremolinos and Malaga. This is a great place for family and especially kids. The theme park is open in May June and September from 11 AM to 6 PM and in July and August from 10 AM to 7 PM. The entry fee for adults is 25 Euros and for children it is 18 Euros. The senior citizens over the age of 65 are allowed in for 18 Euros. The park offers great rides such as Boomrang, Kamikaze, and Laguna Tropical. You can also find sea lions in the park providing amazing company to the visitors. You should also visit Malaga where the famous Picasso museum is located.


The hoteling options in Costa del Sol are affordable and cater to the needs of everyone. You can find a suitable hotel easily depending upon your key interest areas. Actually if you are on an extremely tight budget you can opt for the hotels that are situated a little away from the city center. Some of the better choices are Vincci Posada del Patio or Club Maritimo Sotogrande.

Car Hire

You can also book your vehicle from a car hire company to avoid finding a car on your arrival in Costa del Sol. You can get car hire from £4 per day onwards. Jerez airport is close to Costa del Sol and you will find several car hire companies offering Jerez airport rental cars with many deals, range of models and bonuses. You can compare the deals online before selecting a car hire company.


Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in SpainOne of the popular tourist attractions in Spain is Ibiza which is truly a place for parties. The place is full of night clubs and bars and the music scene is truly fashionable. The night life you can find in Ibiza is famous all over the world. Some of the better night clubs found here are considered as some of the best in Europe such as Privilege, Space, DC10 and Amnesia. Service available may turn out to be inconsistent but you can ensure good one by following the guidelines on your holiday site. You can also go sightseeing on the island which has several monuments, churches, countryside, caves and a fabulous coastline. You can charter a boat to view the spectacular coastline and even go diving in the warm and clear waters. Water sports can also be enjoyed in the month of May.

Night Clubs


Amnesia offers a truly exemplary clubbing experience and is a source of inspiration for dance music lovers all across the globe. It has two massive rooms and it became famous for open air clubbing in 1980s.

Entry: between €25 and €40

Working hours: 00:00 – 06:00 AM


This club offers a unique clubbing experience with its no holds barred parties. However it became popular because of quality underground electronic music. It is the only underground club on the island and is famous for afterhour’s parties.

Entry: about €20 or less

Working hours: 12:00 – No one really knows!


There are many hotels available in Ibiza some of which are suitable to families some for relaxation and some for clubbers. All the hotels can be booked online with instant confirmation. Some of the good ones are:

Es Vive Ibiza

El Hotel Pacha Ibiza

Car Hire

Car hire is available from £6 per day onwards. All the Ibiza car hire companies have offices in the Ibiza airport. You can arrange the Ibiza airport rental cars in advance through internet.


Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in SpainThis fishing village in Spain is located on the Northern stretch of Costa Brava and is very close to the French border. The place has remained unspoilt despite a spurt in tourism along the coasts of Spain. It has bright White seafront buildings which have remained unaffected by the modern apartment blocks appearing in the urban areas of Spain. Apart from just a single road leading into the town you can also reach Cadaques through ferries from Roses located nearby. The most noted attraction is the former residence of the famous painter Salvador Dali which has become similar to a museum. You can also go for sailing and diving at Cap de Creus or relax at the beaches sipping onto Sangria. The place is ideal for single travelers or families and can also serve as a romantic getaway.


Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in Spain

The Cadaques beach is a small one with large flat pebbles that are comfortable to lie on. It is backed by church and white washed houses. However what is more enchanting is the approach to the beach. A mountain road weaving its way through olive groves and pine trees takes you up to the Cap de Creus and then a slow decent to the beach. The beach is situated in the natural reserve of gold rock formations and tiny coves. This slightly eerie and spectacular landscape inspired the genius of Salvador Dali whose unbelievable house is also close by.


There are some hotels to choose from available at Cadaques. Depending on your main interest in visiting the place you can select the most suitable one. Some of the good ones are:

S Aguarda Hotel

Hotel Rocamar

General hotel info: ‎1800 102 3346‎

Car Hire

You can get many cheap car hire deals in Cadaques. Comparing your car hire deal online is the best thing to do while selecting Spain rental cars from £5/day.


Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in SpainBenicassim is a small resort situated on the Costa del Azahar or Orange Blossom Coast. It is popular for the sandy beaches and its world famous music festival that is held each summer. Although this is a small place it can welcome almost 100,000 visitors during the summer. Benicassim is one of the pioneers of Spanish tourism with the first holiday villa ever being built here in 1887. The famous Benicassim festival features indie music performances from all across the globe. You can enjoy the festival in dry conditions without having to worry about rain and the festival is guaranteed to feature some of the top artists in the world. The festival takes place between 5 PM to 8 AM the following morning. A mountain range called Desert de les Palmes rises from inland thereby stopping the north wind.


There is some good accommodation available suitable for budget travelers. It is a good idea to book hotels in advance if you are planning to visit Benicassim during the music festival. You can even book hotels for as low as £10 from internet. Some of the resorts close to Benicassim are:

Hotel Bulevard Phone: +34 964 30 05 47

Hotel Rio Mar Phone: 964480745


Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in SpainOne of the popular tourist destinations in Spain is Alicante known for the relaxing atmosphere. You can find structures of historical importance here such as the San Nicolas Cathedral or the Castle of Santa Barbara. The city also houses one of the most significant ports in Spain. For moving around in the city you can use railway or tram as these trips make traveling easier. But, the most popular mode of traveling remains taking a walk around this beautiful city. If you walk around the port it will lead you to Explanada de Espana which is probably the most beautiful promenade in Spain containing 6.5 million stones of marble. The city is also known for its long stretching beaches which are a popular tourist destination during summers when the temperature rises to 30 degrees. They are ideal for a lazy beach afternoon or long evening walks. There are several interesting structures found in Alicante depicting its historical background such as Carbonell building, Alicante City Hall, Plaza de Torros etc.


There are many different kinds of hotels found in Alicante and they meet different needs from B&Bs to luxury 5-star accommodation. These hotels provide excellent value for money. Some of the good ones are located near city center such as Plaza Del Ayuntamiento and Rambla de Mendez Nunez.

Alicante Hills Aparthotel:

Rambla de Mendez Nunez: Phone: +34 965 14 45 80

Car Hire

You can hire a car from £6 onwards here in Alicante. Before hiring the Alicante airport rental car you need to know exactly what you need from your car and the car hire company.

Top Kids Holidays

If you are ready to give your family, children included, the holiday of a lifetime, it is very important to find a location that is  truly out of this world.  We have compiled a list of the 6 best places to go to for a family holiday.

1 – Disney’s Magic Kingdom Orlando

When you visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you will have 107 acres to explore, and every road leads from Cinderella’s Castle.  You can see Adventureland, Main Street USA, Liberty Square, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and New Fantasyland.  The whole park is set up so you can conveniently navigate it, travelling either through monorail, bus, boat or ferryboat.  The park is great for all ages, because it includes amazing special events, great dining and shopping options and guided tours.

Top Kids HolidaysRides and Activities:

  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  • Main Street Electrical Parade
  • And more!


Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Busiest Months: July and August – but these are the best times to go, with longer opening hours and evening activities

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday from 9am till 12pm (10pm till 12pm are extra magic hours)
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am till 8pm
  • Thursday from 8am till 8pm (8am till 9am is an extra magic hour)
  • Friday from 9am till 9pm
  • Saturday from 9am till 10pm

Do make sure you check back regularly, as opening hours vary and some rides may be closed for refurbishment.


  • A 7 day premium ticket costs £252 per adult or £232 per child
  • A 14 day ultimate ticket costs £252 per adult or £232 per child
  • A 21 day ultimate ticket costs £284 per adult or £264 per child

Hotels nearby:

Car Hire

Visit Disney’s Magical Kingdom as well as the surrounding areas at your own leisure by clicking on the link below.

Car  hire at Orlando Airport from £5 per day

2 – Santa’s House in Lapland

Any child that still believes in Santa Claus should take the time to visit his home in the Arctic Circle.  This is a truly magical kingdom, enjoyable by both the young and old.

Top Kids HolidaysActivities

A range of activities are available here, including:

  • The Santa Claus office
  • The Santa Claus main post office
  • The Santa Claus Park
  • The main exhibition (reindeer, Finish houses and so on)


Santa’s House

Busiest Months

Although open all year round, most people visit Santa Claus in the months leading up to Christmas.  November and the beginning of December are the busiest times of the year.  However, it can be just as enjoyable to visit at a later or earlier date, but do make sure you go during a period where there is sufficient night time, so you can also enjoy the Aurora Borealis.

Opening Hours

  • Between 8 January and 31 May, it is open between 10am and 5pm
  • Between 1 June and 31 August, it is open between 9am and 6pm
  • Between 1 September and 30 November, it is open between 10am and 5pm
  • Between 1 December and 7 January, it is open between 9am and 7pm

Hotels Nearby

Car Hire

Why not see some more of Lapland and the surrounding area by hiring a car?
Finland car hire from £6 per day

3 – Copenhagen’s LegoLand

What child doesn’t like playing with Lego?  In Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is LegoLand, where they can play to their hearts’ content.  There is nothing quite like the things that can actually be built out of Lego and you will be truly inspired.

Top Kids HolidaysActivities

      • Miniland
      • Adventure Land
      • Imagination Zone
      • Duplo Land
      • Pirate Land
      • Polar Land
      • And much, much more



Busiest Months

The busiest month to visit LegoLand is July, not in the least because it is open the longest during this month.  This is also the period of time when the weather in Denmark is generally the best.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of the park vary, although they are usually between 10am and 9pm. Note that the park is closed during the month of March, as well as during periods in April, September and October.


Prices vary, and if you are planning an extended stay in Denmark, you may want to consider purchasing a season’s pass.  For a single visit, it is often best to book through a travel agent or to check the website for special offers.

Hotels Nearby

Car Hire

Denmark is a beautiful and fascinating country.  Why not hire a car to see more of the surrounding area with Car hire at Copenhagen airport from £6 per day?

4 – Landmark Forest Theme Park, Inverness-shire

Landmark is a fun-filled day for all of the family.  Based in Inverness-shire, it is the perfect way to spend the day if you grow tired of trying to find Nessie, the legendary Locg Ness Monster.

Top Kids HolidaysActivities

The range of activities that you can take part in is huge.  You really have to take a full day in order to see and experience it all.  Some of the activities include:

      • BambooZeleum
      • Fire Tower
      • Ancient Forest
      • Pinnacle

And lots more!


Landmark Forest Theme Park

Busiest Months

The busiest months are between the 29th of March and the 27th of October.  The area does not rely overly much on nice weather, which is why the busy months stretch such a long period.

Opening Hours

      • Between November and the 28th of March, the park is open from 10am till 5pm
      • Between July and August, the park is open between 10am and 7pm
      • During other months, closing time is either 5pm or 6pm
      • The park is closed between the end of October and the beginning of February


      • Between February and March, prices are £4.70 per adult, £3.40 per child and £3.30 per senior
      • Between March and October, prices are £14.25 per adult, £11.90 per child and £11.30 per senior

Hotels Nearby

Car Hire

There is so much to see and do in Scotland.  Why not hire a car and take a tour around the mysterious Loch Ness for instance?

Car hire at Inverness airport from £6 per day

5 – Apenheul, Apenheul, The Netherlands

The Apenheul – or Monkey Pit – is a fantastic adventure for all ages where you can really get close to nature.  Walk in to through the botanical gardens that line the park, before locking your bag in a specific monkey-proof sack and enjoy getting up close and personal to our closest relatives in the animal world.

Top Kids HolidaysActivities

      • Feeding presentations
      • Botanic gardens
      • A variety of primates
      • Petting zoo
      • Playground



Busiest Months

The busiest months at the Apenheul are between the 1st of July and the 31st of August.

Opening  Hours

      • Between 25 March and 30 June – 10am-5pm
      • Between 1 July and 31 August – 10am-6pm
      • Between 1 September and 27 October – 10am-5pm
      • Between 27 October and 24 March – closed for winter


      • Children under 2 go free
      • Children between 2 and 12 – €17.50
      • Adults – €19.50
      • Disabled – €17.50

Hotels Nearby

Car Hire

The Netherlands is a small country that offers a huge range of different attractions.  Why not hire a car and see more of it?

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport rental cars from £6 per day

6 – NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, Greenbelt, Maryland

Every child has a hidden astronaut inside of them, and they can let them out at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Top Kids HolidaysActivities

There are all sorts of activities to try at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, including:

      • Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
      • Space telescope
      • Space missions
      • Earth science and other sciences

And more!


NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre

Busiest Months

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre is always busy.  Particularly busy times are around new space missions, as well as the anniversary of the various Apollo flights, so it’s a good idea to check their website for further information.

Opening Hours

Between September and June:

      • Open Tuesday through Friday between 10am and 3pm
      • Saturday and Sunday open between 12noon and 4pm

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      • Open Tuesday through Friday between 10am and 5pm
      • Saturday and Sunday open between 12noon and 4pm


Entrance to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre is free.

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Exciting things to do in Athens

There are plenty of things to see and do while you are visiting Athens. While many people enjoy the usual touristy sites, there are some hidden gems in and around the surrounding area of this city that are worth exploring as well. You can find cheap cars at Athens airport to get around on your visit. Here are a few places that you should try to visit while on holiday in the city of Athens.

Technopolis/Gazi Factory

Technopolis is the area that surrounds what used to be the Gazi Factory and is made up of plenty of industrial buildings. The area is now a museum and has been formed into a cultural centre of the city where several events are hosted. There are often art expositions taking place in the area. This is a great place to visit and learn how a public space has been reinvented.

Vorres Museum

This museum is a set of complex gardens, buildings, and courtyards that cover around 80 acres. There is over 4000 years of history within this area shown by over 6000 items. The museum was donated by the Vorres Family as an artistic and cultural foundation to the state of Greece. This is one place that you do not want to miss when you are visiting the city.

Penteli Monastery

Many people may not realise that after the Byzantine Empire fell, the Turks ruled Greece for 400 years. All the churches were chanced to mosques, and schools were no longer allowed to operate during this time.

The monastery is located on top of the Penteli Mountain. Another place to visit while in this area is the astronomical station. There is also Davelis cave. The mountain is known for its marble production. The marble was used for the Parthenon as well as many other buildings in the area.

Exciting Things to do in Barcelona

When visiting Barcelona, everyone has heard of the main attractions of the city such as the Picasso Museum and La Sagrada. If you are looking for some other fun and different things to do while you are on holiday in Barcelona, find a family cars at Barcelona airport and check out some of these unique places.

Dans le Noir

This restaurant is like none that you have experienced. Your entire dining experience is without light. The room you eat in has absolutely no light and waiters will attend to your needs in the dark as well. The food is amazing, but the experience is what you are there for. If you are ready to be taken out of your comfort zone and are looking for a cool experience, this is the place to visit while in Barcelona.

Mammoth Museum

The Mammoth Museum isn’t your ordinary museum. There are skeletons in this museum that are millions of years old. The best part about visiting this museum is that you are actually allowed to touch the exhibits! You can hold a molar and tusk of a woolly mammoth and even touch the hide of the rhinoceros.

Race a Ferrari

Exciting Things to do in BarcelonaIf it is speed that you are looking for, and if you have always dreamed of driving a Ferrari, now is your chance. The Circuit de Cataluña offers driving experiences that allow you to spend the day on a real F1 Grand Prix track. Anyone who is a racing fan simply must include this on their holiday in Barcelona.

There are several other fun things to do in Barcelona as well. The Sub-Zero Beach Bar offers a unique bar experience as everything inside the bar is made of ice. You will want to wear warm clothing and gloves while visiting.

Exciting things to do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most exciting cities to visit in Germany. There are so many attractions and  activities in this modern metropolis it is hard to know where to begin. There are many unique districts that can provide the tourist with wonderfully different experiences while in the city. Find family car hire at Berlin Airport so that you will be able to get around to all of these wonderful places.

Here are a few of the most exciting things to do while visiting Berlin.

Climb the Berliner Fernsehturm

Exciting things to do in BerlinThe Berliner Fernsehturm is the tallest structure of the country standing 368 meters above sea level. There is an observation deck located at just over 200 meters above the ground. For those with a fear of heights, this may not be the best attraction. However, climbing to the observation deck is extremely exciting and offers some of the most special views of the cityscape that surround the area.

In order to go to the observation deck, a person will need to purchase a ticket and then wait for the elevator to take them to the observation deck. It is important to consider the weather when going to this attraction, fog can make views from the observation deck limited. If the weather is clear, you can see for miles.

Berlin Zoo

Another great attraction located in Berlin is the zoo. The Berlin zoo is home to a large variety of animal species and offers a classic zoo feel that is missing from many of the newer city zoos that are scattered throughout Europe. There are tons of historic buildings housing the animals. Some of the species found at the zoo include gorillas, lions, panda bears, as well as many varieties of freshwater and saltwater fish.

Some other places to visit while in Berlin include the Tiergarten, which is a favourite park among the locals. It is also a great idea to plan your holiday during one of the festivals that takes place in the city throughout the year.

Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful city with something to offer just about everyone. History buffs, nature lovers, and those that are looking for fun night life will all find something  to do in the city.


The Historisch Museum offers a unique look at the history of the city using objects such as the shoes from 700 years ago. The Museum Amstelkring offers a wonderful attic church that has been around since the 17th century. The Joods Historisch Museum offers a unique look at the Jewish life in the area and also offers great interactive exhibits for children.


Unusual Things to do in AmsterdamVondelpark offers the perfect place to take a picnic and enjoy the wonderful natural atmosphere that this city has to offer. This park is one of the cultural hubs of the city and in the summer, people take time out of their day to gather here. There are also cyclists, walkers, and people playing football as well. Throughout the summer, there are kid’s activities, music groups, and dance that take place all throughout the day. One of the perfect foods to take on your picnic is raw herring. If visiting Amsterdam between May and July, you will be able to enjoy the newest catch and eat this wonderful delicacy without any extra garnishes.

Other Things to See

You will also want to take the time to visit the red-light district. While perfectly ordinary in Amsterdam, it is not at all normal for the rest of the world, but it is something that should be experienced! While this area has a bad reputation from international media, you will find that the reality is much different. The area is similar to Las Vegas in the United States, only much smaller and full of cheesy sex shops.

When visiting, you can find  rental cars at Amsterdam Airport. Having a great car to get around the city will make your visit that much more pleasurable as you will then have time to see and do everything the city has to offer.

Hong Kong Travel Advisories

When planning a holiday to Hong Kong there is very little threat of terrorism or other such attacks in the country. However, it is important to note the risk of terrorist attacks. There are risks of terrorist attacks occurring in all areas, even those that are frequently visited by tourists and expatriates.

Crime in Hong Kong

Many British Nationals visit Hong Kong each year without incident. It is still important to remain vigilant throughout your entire trip. The rate of violent crimes in the country is very low. However, there is a risk of street crime including pickpocketing. You should always look after passport and other travel documents. Travel with copies of all of your important documents and make sure to keep the copies in a separate place from the originals in case they are stolen. Pickpockets commonly strike in areas that are crowded so be sure to take extra care of your credit cards and cash when travelling in these areas. Checking in and out of your hotel is another area where should remain cautious.

Crimes in National Parks

There have been reported incidents of robberies in some of the national parks of Hong Kong. These crimes started in 2005 and the incidents have become fewer since a crime prevention program was started by the Hong Kong police. However, it is important that you are careful when hiking in these parks and always remain on the trails. Do not carry large amounts of cash or your bank and credit cards when on these excursions.

Natural Disasters

The Hong Kong typhoon season runs from April through October. If traveling to the country during these times it is important to check the weather before heading out. The typhoons seen in Hong Kong have been known to cause landslides as well as flooding in some areas. The Hong Kong Observatory offers local and international weather updates while you are travelling throughout the country.

Driving in Hong Kong

Hiring holiday cars in Hong Kong offers a great way to travel throughout the country. When travelling through the country make sure to follow all of the traffic laws that are in place. It is recommended that you check your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered while travelling in a foreign country. Taking out additional medical insurance and auto insurance is a good idea whenever you travel internationally for holiday.

Bahrain Travel Advice

Currently, there are numerous protests and demonstrations taking place across the country of Bahrain. Some of these demonstrations have become quite violent, but this violence is not specifically targeted at nationals from the United Kingdom. However, it is important that you maintain a high level of awareness when travelling in Bahrain. Be  extremely careful in public places and while on the roads. All large crowds and demonstrations should be avoided.

Travelling in Bahrain

Travel on the main routes of the island during the day is typically very orderly. There are police checkpoints in place. Any route that you choose to take off of the main route should be done so with extreme caution. Make sure to consider the situation in the local vicinity of your destination before travelling on less notable roads.

Renting holiday cars in Bahrain can be an enjoyable way to experience the island. It is important to become extremely familiar with all the roads throughout the area that you are visiting as there are times when certain highways and major roads are closed because of demonstrations. When this occurs, you will need an alternative route to get to your destination.

Terrorism Threats

There is a general terrorist threat in Bahrain. A terrorist attack in the country could be indiscriminate and occur against British, and western interests as well as in areas that are frequented by foreign tourists. There are continuous threats being made by terrorist groups about carrying out attacks in the Gulf Regions. You need to make sure you express extreme caution when travelling through these areas.

Crime in Bahrain

Thousands of British Nationals visit Bahrain each year, and the majority of these trips are without incident. Crimes against females are not necessarily common, but women travelling in the area should still remain cautious and never travel alone at night. If travelling at night is unavoidable it is a good idea to use a reputable taxi company for getting around the area.

Recent developments throughout the Middle East, Iraq, and Syria have continued to have an impact on the overall public opinions of the area. You should be alert as to the sensitivities of these issues. Follow the local news reports about what is going on in the area. This will help keep you alert as to where demonstrations may occur or where there may be public disturbances throughout the country. Avoid these areas during your visit.