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Hong Kong Travel Advisories

When planning a holiday to Hong Kong there is very little threat of terrorism or other such attacks in the country. However, it is important to note the risk of terrorist attacks. There are risks of terrorist attacks occurring in all areas, even those that are frequently visited by tourists and expatriates.

Crime in Hong Kong

Many British Nationals visit Hong Kong each year without incident. It is still important to remain vigilant throughout your entire trip. The rate of violent crimes in the country is very low. However, there is a risk of street crime including pickpocketing. You should always look after passport and other travel documents. Travel with copies of all of your important documents and make sure to keep the copies in a separate place from the originals in case they are stolen. Pickpockets commonly strike in areas that are crowded so be sure to take extra care of your credit cards and cash when travelling in these areas. Checking in and out of your hotel is another area where should remain cautious.

Crimes in National Parks

There have been reported incidents of robberies in some of the national parks of Hong Kong. These crimes started in 2005 and the incidents have become fewer since a crime prevention program was started by the Hong Kong police. However, it is important that you are careful when hiking in these parks and always remain on the trails. Do not carry large amounts of cash or your bank and credit cards when on these excursions.

Natural Disasters

The Hong Kong typhoon season runs from April through October. If traveling to the country during these times it is important to check the weather before heading out. The typhoons seen in Hong Kong have been known to cause landslides as well as flooding in some areas. The Hong Kong Observatory offers local and international weather updates while you are travelling throughout the country.

Driving in Hong Kong

Hiring holiday cars in Hong Kong offers a great way to travel throughout the country. When travelling through the country make sure to follow all of the traffic laws that are in place. It is recommended that you check your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered while travelling in a foreign country. Taking out additional medical insurance and auto insurance is a good idea whenever you travel internationally for holiday.

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