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Exciting things to do in Athens

There are plenty of things to see and do while you are visiting Athens. While many people enjoy the usual touristy sites, there are some hidden gems in and around the surrounding area of this city that are worth exploring as well. You can find cheap cars at Athens airport to get around on your visit. Here are a few places that you should try to visit while on holiday in the city of Athens.

Technopolis/Gazi Factory

Technopolis is the area that surrounds what used to be the Gazi Factory and is made up of plenty of industrial buildings. The area is now a museum and has been formed into a cultural centre of the city where several events are hosted. There are often art expositions taking place in the area. This is a great place to visit and learn how a public space has been reinvented.

Vorres Museum

This museum is a set of complex gardens, buildings, and courtyards that cover around 80 acres. There is over 4000 years of history within this area shown by over 6000 items. The museum was donated by the Vorres Family as an artistic and cultural foundation to the state of Greece. This is one place that you do not want to miss when you are visiting the city.

Penteli Monastery

Many people may not realise that after the Byzantine Empire fell, the Turks ruled Greece for 400 years. All the churches were chanced to mosques, and schools were no longer allowed to operate during this time.

The monastery is located on top of the Penteli Mountain. Another place to visit while in this area is the astronomical station. There is also Davelis cave. The mountain is known for its marble production. The marble was used for the Parthenon as well as many other buildings in the area.

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