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Cornwall is one of the most isolated counties in the United Kingdom yet it is also one of the most popular, both with British tourists and those from further afield.  Due to its location in the far south of England, Cornwall has a relatively warm climate, especially during the summer months.  Many people choose to visit for the stunning scenery, the awesome water sports opportunities and the beautiful beaches.

Things to See and Do

Cornwall is host to a number of attractions, ensuring that there is something to meet the needs of almost all travellers.  The sports activities in the area are the most renowned with water sports during the summer months being incredibly popular.  There are also a number of hiking and cycle trails which give you a great opportunity to take in the scenery.  In addition there are also a number of National Trust sites including gardens and houses.

If you are travelling to Cornwall with children, there are a number of activities available to you all.  The Eden Project is one that is renowned throughout the UK for its amazing display of flora housed in space-like domes.  There is also an adventure theme park which makes for some great family days out.  If you fancy shopping you could also head to Cornish World where there are dozens of shops to enjoy and a kid’s nursery and play centre to boot.

Getting Around

There are a number of bus companies that operate in Cornwall but due to the size of the country many people find driving to be the best option.  Car hire Cornwall is available from locations throughout the county and a number of car hire companies operate in the area.  Use the search facilities to compare the prices and book before you travel.

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