Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the different types of car types?

Using multiple car hire companies the range of cars is vast. All car hire suppliers look after the individual family or business traveler. Also disabled. There is a full range of cars ranging from Mini economy compact to intermediate and full size cars like people carriers 4 wheel drives prestige and luxury cars. Please go to our CAR TYPES link at the topof the page to see the cars available though our site.

What does the insurance include?

All compulsory insurance is included in your quote. This includes Third Party Liability, Collision Damage Waiver (Damage to the rental car with an excess) and Theft Protection (with an excess). You have the option of purchasing further insurance when you collect the car: Excess waiver (reduces your excess liability to zero) and Personal Accident Insurance (extensive benefits in event of personal injury/death).

Is there any mileage restrictions?

No you can drive as far as you wish.

Once I have booked my car where do I pick it up?

Usually you will be able to pick up your car at the arrivals hall at each airport. The address and information is shown to you online plus is emailed to you.

Do I have to walk or travel along way from the car rental desk?

Cars are usually right outside the main City or town locations. Most of the car hire companies have there cars within 200 meters away from the car hire desk.

If my flight is late what do I do?

Even if you are delayed dont worry all scheduled and other flights have no problems as you have pre booked.

If I want to upgrade my car how is it possible?

As long as we have the car you would like to upgrade to just ask at the reservations desk of you car rental company.

If the car breaks down what do I do?

All cars have 24 hour breakdown and help numbers just in case you do break down. The number is displayed inside the car. It's always good to also ask your car rental agent the procedure incase of a break down.

Where do I go to hire a car in Spain?

We cover all locations in Spain please click here to go to our car hire Spain page.

Does the driver have to be the credit card holder?

As long as the credit card owner is with you there will be no problem.

What information do I need when I pick up my car?

You will need to take with you your booking confirmation. A valid driving license which you have had for at least 2 years. Also your passport. Or other ID.

How long can I hire the car for?

Most of the car rental companies allow you to book a car a month at a time.

What age do I have to be to hire the car?

Depending on the vehicle there may be some age restrictions. But generally the minimum age is 23 years of age.

If I am late can I return the car after hours?

You will have the car rental companies details telephone number etc. usually there is no problems but just call the reservations department and they will arrange or tell you the procedures. All of our suppliers will do there best to help you.

I have a child how do I pre book a child seat?

Child sets and booster seats can all be pre booked online the booking process is very easy. Childern younger than 1 years of age really need to bring there own baby seat.

At what point do I pay for the car?

You pay for the car online. Payment is taken from your credit card or debit card and confirmation sent via email plus shown online.

I'm worried about booking online and knowing you don't have my booking?

Dont worry at the time of booking you will see online all of the details. You can write these down or print them out. You will also be sent a email directly from the car rental company confirming your booking.

How do I talk to one of your representatives. Where is your phone number?

Due to the volume of people we supply cars to we do not have a telephone number. However please go to our contact us page and type in what you need and one of our representatives will email straight away.