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UK Terminals Car Hire Tips

UK History

The first-known inhabitants of England were small bands of hunters, but Stone Age immigrants arrived around 4000 BC and farmed the chalk hills of Salisbury Plain, constructing the mysterious stone circles at Stonehenge and Avebury. They were followed by the Bronze Age Celts from Central Europe who began arriving in 800 BC, bringing the Gaelic and Brythonic languages (the former is still spoken in Scotland, the latter in Wales).

The Romans invaded in AD43 and quickly took most of England. The Scottish and Welsh tribes were more of a problem, resulting in the building of Hadrian's Wall across northern England. The Romans brought stability, paved roads and - eventually - Christianity; in return, the Brits gave the Romans one problem after another. The Romans lost interest around AD410 as their empire declined.

Tribes of heathen Angles, Jutes and Saxons began to move into the vacuum, absorbing the Celts, and local fiefdoms developed. By the 7th century, these fiefdoms had grown into a series of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms which had come collectively to think of themselves as English. By the mid-9th century, Vikings had invaded northern Scotland, Cumbria and Lancashire and the Danes were making inroads into eastern England. By 871, only Wessex - the half-Saxon, half-Celtic country south of the Thames - was under English control. At this low point, the English managed to neutralise the Vikings' military superiority and began a process of assimilation.
A period of progressive expansionism followed, as England collected colonies down the American coast, licensed the East India Company to operate from Bombay and eventually saw Canada and Australia come within its massive sphere of influence. At home, England exerted increasing control over the British Isles. The burgeoning empire's first setback occurred in 1781 when the American colonies won their war of independence.

Thatcher broke the unions, privatised National industries, established a meritocracy, sent a flotilla to the Falklands and polarised British society. She became the longest-serving prime minister this century and left such a deep mark on the Brits that even now, well over a decade after she was dumped by her political party, Baroness Maggie looms large over any discussion of domestic affairs. The ever-so-nice John Major, PM from 1990, failed to rally the nation to the Conservative cause, and was booted out in no uncertain terms in elections in May 1997.

England under PM Tony Blair is a changing place. Asylum seekers, farming, education, health, Northern Ireland, the European Union, proposed membership of the euro zone and England's involvement in the Iraq war still polarise opinion, but cautious optimism prevails. How England responds to the increasingly assertive nationalities of Scotland and Wales, and to the changes caused by closer interaction with Europe, will be primary factors in the future identity of the country.

When to go UK

Considering the temperate nature of the British climate , it's amazing how much mileage the locals get out of the subject: a two-day cold snap is discussed as if it were the onset of a new Ice Age, and a week in the upper 70s starts rumours of a heatwave. The fact is that summers rarely get hot and the winters don't get very cold, except in the north of Scotland and on the highest points of the Welsh and Scottish uplands. Rainfall is fairly even, though again mountainous areas get higher quantities throughout the year (the west coast of Scotland is especially damp, and Llanberis, at the foot of Snowdon, gets more than twice as much rainfall as Caernarfon, seven miles away). In general, the south gets more hours of sunshine than the north.

The bottom line is that it's impossible to say with any degree of certainty what the weather will be like. May might be wet and grey one year and gloriously sunny the next; November stands an equal chance of being crisp and clear or foggy and grim. If you're planning to lie on a beach, or camp in the dry, you'll want to visit between June and September - a period when you shouldn't go anywhere without booking your accommodation in advance. Elsewhere, if you're balancing the clemency of the weather against the density of the crowds, the best months to explore are April, May, September and October.

Weather in UK

The weather of UK can be defined in three major characters:

  • Warm summers.
  • Cooler winters.
  • Plentiful rainfall.

The weather in UK changes almost dramatically over a short period of time. Its like this morning you are enjoying a sun-basked day and by evening you are dripping wet in heavy rain. But the soothing part is that despite the sudden change in mood of the weather the temperature around here doesn?t change much over a short period of time.

The unsettled weather is being caused by the fact that, the boundary of convergence between the warm tropical air and the cold polar air lies over the United Kingdom.

Winter in UK lasts from December to February. This time the weather remains cold, wet and windy. The temperature drops to -10 degrees and doesn?t rise over 15 degrees during the day time.

Spring is the most beautiful part of the year with dry, calm and cool weather. Average temperature ranges from -0.6 degrees to 5.8 degrees.

June brings in the summer. Usually the weather at this time is dry but it is occasionally interrupted with thunderstorm and rain.

Generally, summer temperatures don?t go above 30 ?C. Scotland and northern England have the coolest summers averaging 12.2 ?C to 14.8 ?C, while the south and south-east of England have the warmest summers with temperature 15.5 ?C to 17.7 ?C.

uk weather

Arrival In UK

As soon as you arrive to the UK there are various things that you need to think about.

Getting UK

As you'd expect of such a small and densely populated island, just about every place in Britain is accessible by train or bus. However, costs are among the highest in Europe - London's commuters spend more on getting to work than any of their European counterparts - while cross-country travel can eat up a large part of your Budget . It pays to plan ahead and make sure you're aware of all the passes and special deals on offer - note that some are only available outside Britain and must be purchased before you arrive. It's often cheaper to drive yourself around, though fuel and car rental costs again are among the highest in Europe and will seem prohibitive to North Americans. Congestion around the main cities can be bad, and even the motorways are liable to sporadic gridlocks, especially on public holidays when what seems like half the population takes to the road.

Internal Flights

Since the distances involved are so small, internal flights are not the most obvious choice for getting around Britain. However, with several regional airports - including Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh - well served by low-cost airlines - flights can be a cost-effective as well as time-saving way of travelling.


In the recent past Britain's rail network has suffered a foolhardy privatization process and a chronic under-investment, resulting in a severe decline in services. With the ownership of the track and stations put into the hands of Railtrack, but the trains and services run by a tangle of private companies, there has been no little confusion when it comes to trying to figure out routes and prices.

Bus and Coach

Inter-town bus services (known as coaches in Britain) duplicate many rail routes, very often at half the price of the train or less. The frequency of service is often comparable to rail, and in some instances the difference in journey time isn't great enough to be a deciding factor; buses are generally comfortable, and the ones on longer routes often have drinks and sandwiches available on board. There's a plethora of regional companies operating buses and coaches, but by far the biggest National operator is National Express , whose network extends to every corner of the country. With rail prices becoming exorbitant, National Express services are so popular that for busy routes, and on any route at weekends and during holidays, it's advisable to book ahead, rather than just turn up.


In order to drive in Britain you need a current full driving licence . If you're bringing your own vehicle, you should also carry your vehicle registration or ownership document at all times. Furthermore, you must be adequately insured : check your existing insurance policy.

In Britain, you drive on the left , a situation which can lead to a few tense days of acclimatization for overseas drivers. Speed limits are 30-40mph (50-65kph) in built-up areas, 70mph (110kph) on motorways and dual carriageways (freeways) and 50mph (80kph) on most other roads. As a rule, assume that in any area with street lighting the speed limit is 30mph (50kph) unless otherwise stated.

Fuel is expensive compared to North American prices - unleaded petrol (gasoline) and diesel cost in the region of 77p per litre, leaded 4-star 80p. The lowest prices of all are charged at out-of-town supermarkets; suburban service stations are usually fairly reasonable; and the highest prices are charged by motorway stations.

Transport in UK

Public transport within the UK is top notch because it would be considered a sin if a VIP is delayed. Various travel routes are available, radio channels inform the masses about accidents or any kind of road blockages, at such times other routes can be taken.

The National Express is a service provider for the UK and Europe. The coaches serve 1000 destinations and another 500 places within Europe and Ireland. They are available at major UK airports with their coach and bus service. There are many online sites available that offer services and help in planning your journey, be it inter city or inter state. Traveline is one of the major information providers. Train tickets can also be purchased online with the help of Trainline, timeschedules and other information is also available which would aid in planning for your trip. Another such site is the Tube planner, which provides insight to the London Underground’s routes and the Docklands Light Railway. The Tube is the name given to the London Underground Train System, and although there are many alternatives, it still is the most widely used network.

UK has top notch transportation links as it has people coming from all over the world. Within one city the possible ways of transport are the buses, taxis and the trains. Although one should know the schedules of these modes before getting on them. If you are planning a long distance journey, within the UK, from one city to another one can make use of rent cars, which makes it possible for you to travel without the hassle of schedules and with the added benefit of travelling safe. Trains and coaches can also be used, the schedules of which can be obtained from various stations or by calling the instant hotline for more information. Stage coach connects above 100 towns and cities and employs 7000 buses and coaches. Megabus UK is a low cost inter city bus travel agency. City Link is a reliable and cheap bus service for Scotland, also providing transport to Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

A panic free journey is one that is properly planned, one needs to now where your destination lies and how you plan on reaching it.

Best Locations in UK

Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire
Autumn is the best time to appreciate the majestic beauty of this amazing collection of trees and plants set in peaceful countryside.

Cowes Week, Isle of Wight
The spirited atmosphere and sense of occasion at this yachting jamboree every August draw thousands, infecting even the staunchest landlubbers.

York Minster
Britain's biggest Gothic church has a thousand-year history and treasures to match, including the world's largest medieval stained-glass window.

A pint down the pub
From trendy micro-breweries to ancient coaching inns, England's pubs are an essential part of any visit.

St Ives Tate, Cornwall
Southwest England's best arts collection occupies a superb site overlooking Porthmeor Beach, and has a wonderful rooftop café.

The famous old university town boasts many beautiful buildings, including the imposing Italianate rotunda, Radcliffe Camera.

Surfing, Newquay
The beaches strung along the north coast of Devon and Cornwall offers some great breaks, and Newquay is still the top place to see and be seen.

Royal Crescent, Bath
After visiting the baths, head to England's most elegant Georgian terrace, perfectly sited for views across the town.

Celebrations of World Music, Arts and Dance are now held all over the world, but the first and best is staged at Reading's Rivermead Leisure Complex each July.

Punting on the Cam
The handsome university town of Cambridge is justifiably popular, and punting on the River Cam is de rigueur.

Top Attractions

The UK is a huge big blob of attractions, and one can never tire of exploring them all. Hiring a car is best option to attend all exhibitions concerts and plays on time.
The Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the royal family since 1837. The Throne Room, Music Room and the State Dining Room are a must visit. The Tower of London has been a home to every monarch from the 11th till the 16th Century. It is well known for being a prison where countless executions took place. It has also been the location for the Royal mint, The Crown Jewels, the Royal Observatory and the Royal Menagerie. The scenic city of York was second to London before the Industrial Revolution. The magnanimous cathedrals, medieval streets, magnificent houses, and charming riverside pubs have been major features in setting it apart from the bustling city life. The British Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world.

Authentic world famous artefacts present here include The Rosetta Stone. Edinburgh is a truly spectacular city of Scotland, and the Edinburgh Castle, which was built to keep Scotland safe from invaders, is its main jewel to amaze your senses with. The city features peaceful galleries and museums, wonderful restaurants, pubs and cafes. The castle has been the residence for Scotlands Kings and Queens throughout centuries. The Stone Henge is the most important prehistoric monument in the UK. Many theories have been put forward, from a druid temple for sun worship to a burial ground and even to an astronomical calender. The Windsor castle is one of the Queen’s official residence, and has been in constant use since 900 years. The State Apartments is home to fantastic pieces of art including works of Pembrandt, Rubens, Holbein and Van Dyck. The Lake District is UK’s most beautiful region as words cannot describe how it’s roots are deep in culture and the past, an incredible place that needs to be experienced. William Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford is also in the UK.

Apart from these there are various theme parks, the most famous of which is Alton Towers. It has numerous other museums that enrapture the most difficult of audiences. Music is almost a religion in the UK, several festivals are held throughout the year that celebrate music.

Eating in UK

UK attracts people for various purposes be it business or pleasure, some come to UK to watch cricket or tennis while others come to attend the Opera, while some settle in one of its many appealing cities. Hence it also follows that the UK has to please a number of customers, be it Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Halal food, Asian or even Lebanese.

Going from city to city for food is a task albiet a fullfilling one, hire directly from Car Hire UK Airport to avoid unnecessary hassles. Grado in Manchester is an authentic spanish restaurant that serves an all day menu of tapas, the environment is so genuine it brings a smile to your face by reminding you of the sunny days in Spain. The Almanack, in Leicester, is famous for it’s quiet and unostentatious excellence. Fabios Ristorante Italiano in Banbury is one of the most cozy and real Italian restaurants. The food is superb while the entertainment that is present adds to the welcoming environment. Nathan Outlaw is another well known restaurant where exotic ingredients are mixed to serve mouth-watering dishes. The best fresh fish restaurant is The Cellar in Scotland. It is a stone built restaurant at the harbor; the combination of ingredients is perfect and is a delight for every seafood lover. There are many cafés in major cities. These provide most value for money although many prominent restaurants do the same. Ottolenghi in London is one of the most innovative restaurants that are a pleasure to go through, one of those where even when you are not hungry you end up enjoying something or the other. One restaurant that welcomes kids of all ages is the Felin Fach Griffin in Wales. The restaurant feels like everything is in slow motion as people here are relaxed, although the service is top notch, modern rustic style with excellent cooking that makes you want to come back for some more.

Apart from the above mentioned famed restaurants, there are delis and cafes at every nook and corner which suit those in a hurry or else after a hard days shopping one can relax in a pub or bar.


Being home to many students, businessmen, and tourists from all over the world, the UK has an attractive array of nightclubs though nightlubs are not the only attractions for the night owls. There are various plays, theatres, and cinema’s that have improved and much loved plays that keep coming back year after year on popular demand.

The Opera house is a very famous night club of London, it attracts a good crowd although is a bit on the expensive side. The crowd love the selection of music here, while everyone a memorable night. The Baja Beach Club is another one of the favourites. Due to its location it is usually quiet and caters to mature clients, although one of the few clubs open during weeknights and hence students come here to unwind and relax. Music is a mixture of retro and modern pop. The  Gaslight club is the perfect place to hangout after a hard day’s work. This is a smart club that was estabilished 65 years ago and is still going strong. The Empire is one of the most famous night clubs. The main room has indian music while two other rooms on the top floors play heavy metal and rock. Do not get depressed if you see long queues, but make sure you have your id card, because the bouncers do study the id cards and also look you up and down before letting you enter. The Cube is one of the most imteresting venues of Bristol, and used to be an old theatre and then turned into a cinema that is run by volunteers. It is a very cosy environment for those looking to watch a nice film, or hear talented bands play. 

The Seven Arts Centre has some raving reviews that make it a must visit. It has many events lines up for example music nights, and poetry reading nights, while they also show cultural films. It is aptly known as the hidden gem of Leeds. The union chapel in London is a place where one can enjoy music, while the fact that it is located in a church adds to the drama and the high ceilings and beautiful art never cease to amaze the audience. The Dome in Brighton has developed the reputation of being a concert and entertainment venue for classical and popular music.

Shopping in the UK

Make sure you have the time of your life in a designer heaven like the UK, all you have to do is hire a car. The UK offers shops that would satisfy the moodiest of customers. London has shops that serve from trendy and cutting edge to glamorous. You will find the big brands or the designer shops all in this city. Bath is a paradise for those wishing to spend to buy beautiful and gorgeous frilly pieces for a special evening. Hard to find shops like Tocca and Baum and Pferdgarden are located here.

Glasgow is the ideal place for design junkies. The subway from Kelvinbridge will take you to St Enoch, from where one can go to the original House of Fraser, which is a popular designer destination. Princess Square’s art nouveau interior is home to Fifi and Ally, which serves hip labels like Rutzou, Mila and Malene Birger along with a mouth watering collection of jewellery. On Ingram Street you have Scotland’s most famous high end boutiques Dior, Gucci and Marni, along with more comtemporary designers like Matthew Williamson, Temperley and Diane von Furstenberg. A few minutes’ walk to the Merchant City area showcases jewellery from 30 independent designers.

In NewCastle again you have numerous designer labels. Attica is a breathtaking store for vintage lovers, where you can browse through embroidered Victorian jackets, 50’s ballgowns, 20’s crepe-de-chine blouses. Clayton Road has a store called Williamson Brown, a jeweler that sells contemporary sculptural pieces. Lola L’ Amor, located on the same street has a range of good quality jeans, and chic jersey dresses from the Australian label Sass and Bide.

The main shopping zone in Bristol is the charming range of streets that form the Clifton Village. Regent Street is another street that has good shops but a bit on the higher end. Do not waste time in heading towards King Street in Manchester, where you cannot miss DKNY, Armani shops, Mulberry, Hermes and other delightful shops. On the other hand you will see Gucci, Prada, Missoni
Other World renowned brands like Marks and Spencers, Harrods, Liberty, Universal and Debenhams are also available in major cities.

People in UK

United Kingdom is comprised of Great Britain, northeast portion of Ireland and numbers of small islands. Recently, the population of UK was estimated to be 60.2 millions. The major part of total population is from Great Britain. UK is the third largest country of Europe in terms of population.

Difference in nature of people from different part of country and rapidly increasing immigrants have made quite an interesting blend here. Pure white English, white Irish, white people from other regions, mixed race, South Asians, Black Africans, Chinese and many other types of people are part of the population.

UK is enriched in cultural side. All four constitutional countries have their own sense and value about culture. The culture of UK has deep relation with past as well as getting updated with modern trends.

Undoubtedly, the most popular sport is Football. Football hooligans are infamous for their craze for the game and destructive activities. Cricket, Rugby, Tennis are popular there, too.

There are too many famous people in UK to be stated in one article. Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Tony Blair, William Shakespeare, J. K. Rowling, Bono, Sir Elton John, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Mick Jagger are only some of the leading names.

People of England are generally considered to be introvert and serious personality. English people are usually not the first to talk but they are really polite and friendly once they get along with someone. Irish are known for jolliness and Scotts are said to have good sense of humor. People from other regions are friendly and welcoming, too.

UK Driving Tips

Driving in the UK is not always easy especially in and around the major cities. The motorway network in the UK is comprehensive and most routes fan out from london in the southeast or Birmingham in the Midlands. UK service stations is every 30 miles and most offer similar facilities.

Traffic in the UK travels on the left hand side and overtaking is on the right hand side and the cars are eqipped with the steering wheel on the right hand side of the vehicle. The minimum age for driving is 17 years and even if you legally hold a licence at a younger age in your country it is still illegal to drive in the UK if you are not 17 years of age. The speed limit in the city is 30mph to 48kph, on the open roads it is 60mph to 96kph and on the highways it is 70mph to 112kph. Gasonline is often called petrol in the United Kingdom and some of them are on the expressways and are opened 24 hours.

Seat belts are compulsory in the United Kingdom and must be worn in the front and the rear, childrens under the age of 14 should wear seat belts or sit in an approved child restraint and this should be a baby seat, child seat appropriated to the child’s weight and size fitted to the manufacture’s instructions. Left hand drive cars must be adapated using headlight deflectors before driving in the United Kingdom even during daylight hours. The vehicle owner should make sure that they have the country origin stickers used unless licence plate has the sticker pre applied. Make sure you carry your driving licence, insurance papers, registration papers with proof of ownership whenever you drive in the UK. Consumption of alcohol while driving is illegal and the blood alcohol limit is low at 0.4 millligrams of alcohol per liter of blood and if found more than the limit it is a crime resulting in heavy criminal penalities.

It is advisable to avoid driving in the dark and park your vehicle at a place where there is good light, do not drive in wet and windy weather as it is very dangerous, if possible stop and wait for the weather to settle down.Traffic police are empowered to collect fines at the spot if you voilate any traffic rules. Motorcyclist are advised to wear a helmet while driving.

Speed Limits on UK roads:

Speed limit in the city 30 mph to 48 kph

Speed limit on the open roads 60 mph to 96 kph

Speed limit on the highways 70 mph to 112 kph

Alcohol limit in UK:

The blood alcohol limit is low at 0.4 milligrams of alcohol per liter of blood.

Emergency Service Phone Numbers in the UK:

Police Service, Fire Service and Ambulance Service - 999

Accommodation In UK

The United Kingdom is a rewarding country for businessmen, students and tourists. Hence throughout the year the country offers a wide range of best Budget deals that aid visitors. There are many types of accommodations available, ranging from luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts. There are flats and villas, studio apartments, guest houses and hall of residences. It is usually preferable to book your place of stay before arrival. One can take advantage of Car Hire UK Airport, where the service will take you to your accommodation as soon as you land.

Students can find flatmates, who would then share the rent. Recently conducted research indicate that the best place to live in the UK for students is NewCastle. It recieved the highest score of 64%, while the questionaiire inquired about quality of hangouts, the shop, the general cleanliness, transport links, and other facilities.

On the other hand businessmen can be served at the best hotels where they can have business meetings along with a variety of other recreational facilities. Hotels are also divided by location, along with facilities. For example city hotels will be located close to major attractions while Country House hotels offer country side view and comfort along with traditional outdoor sports like riding, shooting and fishing. Wedding hotels will aid in deciding the type of wedding you want and then implement on those decisions as well, a huge countryside wedding or a simple and small gathering of close relatives and friends. Amongst the best loved hotels of the UK is the Flackley Ash Hotel and Spa in Rye, the Cringletie House Castle in Peebles, the Dale Head Hall in

Keswick, Priory Bey Hotel in Seaview and the Loch Ness Lodge in Inverness. Tourists are able to find accommodation close to places that are a must visit like the museums, art exhibitions or galleries, and the charming shops available. Hotels throughout the UK are top notch and provide one with an unforgettable and memorable experience. Whether you wish to stay in London, Manchester, Cork, Waterford, Edinburgh or Birmingham, hotels all over the UK provide fine dining, comfort, health treatment spas, sports and make your vacations worth every minute.

Cost Money and Banks

UK is one of the most expensive tourist destinations of the world while the Great British Pound is one of the most expensive currency. The pound sterling is equal to a 100 pence (p) and the singular of a pence is a penny. Currently coins in circulation are with denominations of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, 1 pound, 2 pounds and bank notes are available for 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds and 50 pounds. 

The cost of living can vary from city to city, and it follows that cities that attract are more famous have a higher cost of living, although generally cities in the south of UK and London are more expensive than the rest. Prices in Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton will seem similar even though they are higher then prices in the North of England. The Euro is rarely used in the UK although in the South of England some big shops will accept them. Scottish money is accepted in England and Wales, while the pound is also accepted in Scotland and Wales.

Usually B&B’s are cheaper then hotels. When a person is staying at a hotel and going out for meals one can spend up to 60 to 70 pounds per day. When thinking about traveling it is best to travel with traveler cheques or credit cards as these cannot be used if stolen, or if stolen can easily be blocked. It is better not to change money at small exchange bureaus which are located in tourist towns, because it is a usual practice to charge higher commission or have a lower exchange rate there. When you wish to go to the bank know that opening hours are quite short, usually from 930am to 330pm, Mondays to Fridays. ATM’s are best for exchange because they charge very little fee, although one would need to contact their bank and inquire about the use of a different PIN that can be used for overseas ATM’s. ATM’s are also connected to major airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. Most stores and restaurants accept Mastercard, Visa while a few accept American Express charge cards, while small businesses accept cash only.

Transportation is a major contribution factor towards everyday spending, as trains and taxi’s are costly.

Red Tape and Visas

Citizens of most European countries can enter the UK with just a passport; EU citizens can stay indefinitely, other Europeans can stay for up to three months. US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens can stay for up to six months, providing they have a return ticket and adequate funds to cover their stay. Citizens of most other countries require a visa, obtainable from the British consular or mission office in the country of application.

If you want to extend your visa, you should write, before the expiry date given on the endorsement in your passport, to: The Under Secretary of State, Home Office, Immigration and Nationality Dept, Lunar House, Wellesley Rd, Croydon CR9 2BY (tel 0870/606 7766, ), enclosing your passport or National Identity Card and form IS120 (if these were your entry documents).

British embassies and high commissions abroad:

Australia British High Commission, Commonwealth Ave, Yarralumla, Canberra, ACT 2600 tel 02/6270 6666.

Canada British High Commission, 80 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5K7 tel 613/237-1530.

Ireland 29 Merrion Rd, Dublin 4 tel 01/205 3700.

New Zealand British High Commission, 44 Hill St, Wellington tel 04/924 2888.
USA 3100 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20008 tel 202/588-6500.


The United Kingdom includes Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland. Hence there are a many different cultures present which enable the citizens and visitors to enjoy a number of different festivals.

Show off your new hats at the Royal Ascot that is held, and if you are lucky get a sneak peak at the Royalties and celebrities. During the summer season, when most tourists visit the UK you will find that concerts, rock and pop, are held at almost every city at some time or the other, so make sure to have your transport, the best choice Car Hire UK, and be prepared for a happening night at a club, bar or a concert. The Glastonbury Festival is a very well known festival that has seven stages, circus tents, and a theatre. The Isle of Wight Festival is one that celebrates rock and roll, this festival is sometimes also called Dad rock, as it invites well estabilished rock artists along with fresh talent. The tickets sell like hot cakes although are 50,000 in number. The Big Chill is another very well known occasion that celebrates Internationalmusic, from classical music to dance music. It is held in Herefordshire with a huge backdrop of a castle deer park, which adds to the drama. The Big Issue named RockNess Best Music Festival in Scotland, it has acts that are performed on four stages, while there is a cinema, a silent disco, a 24hour cafe and lots of food available along with camping facilities. The Leeds and Reading Festival is a popular rock and pop fair where as soon as the tickets arrive they are all sold out. The Bestival is a small and perfectly organised boutique festival that includes top of the line indie and commercial acts. The Wickerman Festival is the one where a thirty foot tall Wickerman is put to fire. It is held at East Kirkcarswell in South West Scotland.

Many more events are lined up and something or the other keeps happening through out the year, thus even if you arrive to the UK in winter, you will not be disappointed by the sheer quality of events.


The United Kingdom definately is a sight for sore eyes for art lovers as art in every form is recognized and then promoted in the country. The 24 Hour Museum is one that provides information about other museums of the UK, and is the first National Museum of the world which is  recognized by the Government and exists only in cyberspace. Here is a list of must see museums, apart from the very well known museums, there are various museums that are not renowned although they still deserve to be acknowledged. The Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal is set up in a villa, and showcases artifacts from the 18th, 19th and the 20th century and also activities, lectures and other events. The world famous Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221b Baker Street is sure bring back old memories. The city of Glasgow has around thirteen museums and is home to the worlds richest collections. The museum of Fashion and Textile is a museum that has cutting edge fashion, textile and jewellery displays in London. Beck Isle Museum in Pickering, displays rural life during the past 200 years, it includes a virtual tour and the largest collection of photographs. Eureka, in Halifax in West Yorkshire, is a museum purely to entertain children and enrich them in a way that they find attractive.

Apart from these famous museums there are museums that explore the local history, several other things such as the Colour Museum, which explores colour, steam engines, computers, Aquatic museums, War History museums, Aviation museums and a lot more. To top it all, the one and only museum in the world that explores each and every aspect of fans and fan making is located in the UK in Greenwich London. If you are a lover of art, and have the thirst for knowledge about the prehistoric era or else want to know about theatre, there’s a museum for that too, hence it would be a shame if you miss out on the best museums of the world which are located in the UK.

Kids Attractions

UK attracts many people, families as well, thus there are kids attractions that keep the kids as well as the adults thoroughly entertained. Car Hire UK Airport enables you to hire the cheapest mode of transport to travel to any part of the city, or within the city.

Longleat is one of the best safari’s in the UK. There is a huge maze, a lake full of boat rides, a train ride, a child sized adventure castle and lush green grass that attracts everyone. The Swannery in Abbotsbury is the world’s only man-managed nesting colony of mute swans. It has been there since more than 600 years. The Deep is a Europe’s deepest aquarium that features fascinating aquaria while exhibiting truly beautiful wonders of nature. Corn Mazes have sprung up across the UK, if you are flying anywhere above the country in between July and September you are sure to spot spectacular designs like spacemen, butterflies, indian designs. The Legoland Windsor has a hundread and fifty rides, a variety of shows, water slides, boating and much more. At the centre of the park you have huge landcapes created with 35 million legos that depict areas of London, Paris, Amsterdam and Europe. Jorvik the Viking city exhibits the lives of the Vikings who settled in York and gave it its name, it tells tales of their work, religion and family life. The Vikings have now been exposed as people who raid, pillage and plunder, now is your chance to set right those misunderstandings. Those interested in archeology must go to the Dig, as excavations and discoveries are held there, the exciting bit is that you can take part in it too. Through exhibitions and participations one can understand the amount of thought and effort goes into the findings of the past. The Alton Towers are probably the most well known theme park in Britain, before EuroDisney opened it was number one on every child’s wish list. It still is one of the most desired places owing to its sheer size and the number of activities available. There are numerous rides, play areas for young as well as older children, an indoor water park and a spa for adults.

Various museums are spread throughout the UK, that invite you to understand their rich culture and heritage, what better way than to have your own car and drive around at your own leisure.

Beaches Of The UK

The UK has a coastline of 7800 miles, which should not be surprising as Great Britain is an island. When in the UK you can never be more then 2 hours away from a beach. The beaches offer devastating and picturesque views and scenic drama, with huge dominating cliffs and at other times a peaceful beach with dry golden sand. Below are the top beaches of the UK, making sure you visit them all could turn to be tiring and one might will definitely not be able to make their mind up about the best beach. So make sure you keep ample time for each beach before your arrive.


The UK has quite a lot of cities that are covered in lush green grass but thats not all. May parks have wildlife, while others educate your with tours. The parks are not just for resting, but a particular favourite amongst tourists, who usually prefer hiring their cars, and then going where ever they fancy.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan are in St. Austell and are one of the most glorious of parks. It is educational as it provides tours and information for those willing to invest their time in the matter. There is a jungle, which is a must visit, it has bamboos and giant plants, which make you believe your in a different place altogether. The Horniman Gardens are another one of the famous parks of London. The museum is a fascinating place. It has various informative galleries, an aquarium, also arts and crafts workshops for young children. The Richmond Park in London is a favourite among locals who even drive for an hour to come to the peaceful park, business meetings are also held here. Richmond park has acres upon acres of rich green grass and it seems that this park is not a part of the busy city. For someone who loves nature and has the time to explore should visit the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

It has numerous varieties of birds, while squirrels and pigeons roam around freely. In this huge garden there are various other parts which must be visited, for example the Rock Garden, the Chinese Pringle Garden, the Queen Mother memorial garden and the cafe. Visit all the mentioned parks which are well worth your time, aided by renting a car at Airport. The University parks in Oxford are a famous hangout for students. The garden is beautiful although the gates shut right on time and hence one might need to climb out which isnt a very safe alternate as the walls are covered with anti student spray, and the dark green and blue paint will not wash off for weeks. Hampstead Heath in London is a gigantic park where even adults can play make-believe and imagine themselves to be at the countryside. Kids love it, while adults love the peace and quiet that it offers compared to the hurry and the hustle bustle of routine life. There is a lake where functions are held, the restaurant is known on its own accord.

Real Estate

The United Kingdom has been one of the most lucrative business markets and hence those who earn in pounds are lucky ones indeed. One of the most profitable although a very costly business to buy and rent property here.