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    The service is good and quick. They had no diesel cars left, but we could choose from several gasoline cars. The only minus - too many scratches on all doors, roof ...

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    It was a little unclear at first after coming through passport control in the arrival hall, but found the rental place very quickly, bus service ok. Service was excellent, very friendly person, taking the time to explain the contract. I knew about the full tank of petrol, which I don't like, but have to accept. Also the insurance was explained. The car hire was very cheap so I wasn't expecting too much, the car had a few marks on it, but was in perfect working order. Tires could do with a renewal soon. The car was clean, radio working,so all in all I was happy.

    Marijke Phillips
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    Very good service.

    Frank Hemsworth
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    Yes everything was good

    Susan O

A Quick Guide to... St Tropez


St.Tropez is a city of France and shores of natural harbor. St.Tropez has a major history in its military sector. Therefore, it is very rich in history and has inspiration for everyone who has interest in history. The name of the town was derived from an early age from Saint Tropes. The city was located in the Pisa during the reign of Nero. The nearby areas of city were Saracen and fraxinet in the ninth and tenth centuries. Due to the fact, the city was badly dominated by these sectors and was separated from other regions. However, the city has a colorful history dates back to prehistoric times. In the beginning, the city was conquered by Romans and ruled by various viscounts in 14th century the city was destroyed and rebuilt by Genoese family and in 15thg century became an independent republic.

After that, the city faced bad attacks from Turks and Spanish and was supposed to be the site of landings during dragoon operation. Dates back, in 1055 the city’s name for roman soldier who refused to give up his religion. Previously, the city was called Ecclesia Sancti Trope is and took the current name from French revolution. In worlds war II the city was damaged and no structure was left and badly attacked by Romans and Turks. City wants to conquer the city and rule to that region due to its beautiful location and scenes. St.Tropez was supposed to be an active port for lesser extent fishing whereas; its economy’s major part was based on fishing which makes the city tradable for government. That was the basic source to boost country’s economy and plays a major role at that time.

Dates back, the city was a priory of St.Victor and ruled by the Viscounts of Marcellies. Currently, the city’s principle industry is its port for shipping and a big source of city’s economy. The city utilizes this port to in 20th century to be a big source o fishing and trade. Today the city is full of attractions therefore; it is beneficial to take car hire St.Tropez airport outside the terminal. Car hire St.Tropez is another option to move around in cheap prices.

Museums in St.Tropez

St.Tropez is a vibrant city and chock full with important famous museums including leading Swiss art galleries. The city has many attractions including museums and moments which show the city’s rich history and culture. These museums are important and play a vital role to deliver the required information to you and upcoming generation. They play an important role to show how their love ones lived in the past and when they have no luxuries ad stuff. The city is very well known due to museums and a handful of beautiful museums. Maritime museum is supposed to be the best attraction and can be found on the Monte De La Citadelle. The museum displays thousands of things related to 16th century which can easily be recognized by its distinctive hexagon shape.

The museum arranges thousands of exhibition ach year to display the previous belongings in front of public. La Meson Des Papillons is located in the hart of the city and extremely dedicated to exotic butterflies with mounted specimens. It is a great place to explore various things and a range of beautiful jewelry belongs to previous centuries. The butterfly museum is more interesting for kids and which features colorful butterflies and moths with many designs. The city has many spectacular attractions, sparkling restaurants and top notch hotels but its museums also make it more beautiful and attractive in order to get information. These museums feature a diverse effect of works from 19th century up till modern day.

The museums captures the attention of tourist therefore, thousands of people visits the city each year. In order to get around the city car hire St Tropez airport is an easiest way to get round. In addition, it is the best option to avail without facing hazardous problems. Whereas, car hire St.Tropez airport is an easiest way to get around in cheap prices without facing hazardous efforts and difficulties. Multiple companies are operating inside the city to provide best facilities to their customers and make them feel comfortable during their trip to city. This makes them to move around in a flexible way.

Arrival to St.tropez

St.Tropez is a beautiful city of France with lots of fun activities and places. The city is very much famous due to its locations and as a tourism industry. The city is supposed to be extremely wealthy with its biggest tourism sector. Due to the fact, the government has allocated special budget to this sector in order to enhance its beauty. The city has an extensive transport network therefore; it is easy for everyone to reach the city. Whereas, the bus system of St.tropez has become modernized whereas, new technologies have reduced the distances among cities. The city has trams, buses, trains, planes and other modes which make the city more accessible and friendly for everyone. People can enter into the city through its main gate and also through an airport. The airport serves thousands of flights on daily basis which makes the city accessible for everyone. The city has one port visited by 80 ships. This makes the city tradable for many activities and a source to boost countries economy.

Now it has become a tourist sport and serves as a gateway to the city. Whereas, test raphels, des arces and Toulon are the main train stations which serves train on daily basis and also create ferry links. Undeniably, the bus system of the city is suppose to be the best one for tourist whereas, it serves the best frequent service from region. However, the timings of buses are designed to meet the arrival and departure timings of flights. It is very easy to reach St.Tropez in a very short time through these modern technology buses and trains. The bus system connects the city from largest cities including many European destinations.

Car hire in St.Tropez airport helps the person to roam the city in a relaxing mood. Many companies provide personalize cars according to user’s preferences. It is easy to arrive St.tropez through bus, rail and by sea also. Car hire St.Tropez is an easiest way to get the car in cheap prices without facing hazardous problems. Ferry boat provides connection twice a week to reach nearby parts of the city.

City Transport

The St.Tropez is the city of France and the best tourist destination. Whereas, the city’s economy main portion is based on its tourism sector which makes the city more renowned in the whole world. People love to visit the city due to its nice locations and best attractions. Therefore, the government also serves the large portion of its economy for the betterment of the country. The city experiences thousands of people each year in order to explore the best places of the city. The city transport is mainly based on its bus system because it has no public or railway station therefore; the people use to transit their part of journey by buses. Fortunately, the city serves the best portion therefore, buses run very frequently from city to its three main airports. Whereas, it also serves its three closest railway stations. The train serves the nearest areas of the city but it has no connection to the airport. In connection to the arriving and departing flights the local bus travels between the airport and the city center.

The city’s main airports serve both domestic and international flights which is a best option fr tourist to get into the city. the city ha regular shuttle services connecting the city to airprt.A8 motorway serves the car ire services to the cit.D558 is about 40 kilometers from the town and offers car hire opportunities so that anyone can easily move around the city. The city has water based routes to travel in which ferries travels to the Greek destinations of the city. Most of the ferries travel only during the summers. Bus system is also very active and Bus tickets can easily be purchased through electronic machines located in the buses. The transport system is based on buses and trains which provides quality services in cheap prices.

The transportation system of the city also cares for its disable visitors and provides wheelchairs and ramps. Car hire St.Tropez is the nice option to avail and an extensive way to explore the famous places of the city. It provides an easiest way to passengers to move around the city in cheap prices and in a comfortable way. Car hires Brindisi airport is offer by many companies at the airport that provide distinctive facilities.

Attractions in St.Tropez

St.Tropez is a vibrant city situated in the south of France. The city is more in population and also famous for it attractions and said to be tourism sector. However, anyone can see thousands of landscapes, beaches, parks, museums, monuments thus everything can find here easily. The sight seeing and natural attractions capture the attention of tourist towards it. However, people love to visit the city in order to get proper information regarding city and its sight seeing. Due to the fact, the city faces thousands of visitors each year in order to move around.

These attractions enable visitors to get around and explore various places and to get information regarding everything. However, the city’s attractions worth’s your visit and you get optimal fun. The city’s beaches are very significant and can not be understated. Wine tasting and vineyards has long been known for its spreading vineyards. This part produces a large number of wines and captures the attention of tourist towards it. Coastal hiking and footpaths is a best way to explore coastal attractions and sceneries. Along your way to the region you will be able to enjoy vistas many beaches and yards.

Sports and water sports are an enormous selection provides you full advantage of beautiful sceneries and views. It provides best way of cycling, fishing, scuba diving and windsurfing. It is known as the first best park which is famous for its exciting real orchid and nature. It is one of the top tourist’s attractions in Fuerteventura. The city has abundant places to visit and explore. Cheap Car hire St.Tropez is the quickest way to get the car from anywhere inside the city. However, this is an easiest way to get around rather than to auto transport your own vehicle. The people love to take cheap car hire St.Tropez airport to get most of the fun through quickest and cheapest way. These cars provide unlimited mileage to their passengers in order to get around.

Disable Visitors

St.Tropez is a tourism industry and an attractive city with beautiful and fascinating buildings. It attracts the majority of tourists towards the city. The city also cares for its disable visitors by facilitating abundant facilities in transport, hotel, and cafes and in clubs also. It provides ramps, chairs and lifts for disable visitors including wheel chair to move freely from one place to another. Whereas, disables can find it as a home land which provides them abundance of facilities from guide dogs to broaden roads. Hotel Pastis offers many conventional rooms with multiple amenities like touch screen fax machines, non smoking rooms, air condition and other facilities for disable visitors.

Moreover, disables can easily find various facilities whereas, they are integrating in order to provide services to disable visitors. Disable can feel freedom during their trip to the city by having lots of amenities and stuff for their convenience. Furthermore, those who have sight seeing problem or those who can not hear properly can get accessories and stuff easily.

Useful contact details for disable visitors

The city ha arranged multiple non profit organizations to facilitate its disable visitors whereas, special budget and account are allocated to provide different accessories for Disables.


Cheap Car hire St. Tropez is an easiest way to get around the city whereas; multiple companies are operating inside the city to facilitate visitors and to provide them various facilities during their trip to city. Multiple companies operating and provide best facilities and packages so that anyone can get the desired according to their pocket margin. They offer different packages including various mileage and driver for those who can not drive due to some reasons.

These cars are especially designed for disable visitors, to provide them comfort and relax they provide them assistance plus equipments in order to move around without hesitation. The island has wide roads, special streets and special bus seats to provide them facilities. Whereas, Car rental St.Tropez airport is also available for disable persons with comfortable seats and belts to secure them.

Accommodation in St.Tropez

St Tropez is considered as a friendly city of southern France and supposed to be one of the best places for guests. However, the main source of its economy is based on its tourism sector therefore; it serves a lot on this sector. Moreover, you can find multiple places and attractions for tourist inside the region. Thus, every place has its own importance and no one can deny their friendliness for tourists. A large portion of its government budgets spends lots of money in making the places more beautiful and attractive for everyone. Each year it experiences flock of people in order to move around and to explore its various places inside the city. Therefore, they can easily find thousands of accommodations and hotels in order to live freely according to their pocket margins. It offers you quality service and best luxuries in cheap prices so that you can fully enjoy your trip towards city.

St, Tropez offers an array of accommodation, from bed and breakfast, quality, luxury, villas and a great value of your money. It offers an abundance of luxuries whether one goes for economical package or other can go for comfort and luxury. However, the city has different varieties for everyone to offer.

El Cottillo considered as an ideal place to stay, enjoy and for business meetings. Its lounge is specially designed for executive’s business meeting with a huge dining room for comfort lunch. Morro Jabil, Trajal, Antigua and Los Acros are the most famous luxurious accommodations near by to the city center which makes easy to reach and people may reside easily. The city has many opportunities for everyone therefore; anyone can go for car hire St.Tropez which will make your trip more comfortable and beautiful. It provides you an opportunity to move around with your friends and get most of the fun with your companions. However, car hire St.Tropez airport is the most convenient way to explore various places within the region

Weather of St.Tropez

St.Tropez is the city of France located in the south of France. The city is the tourism industry therefore; its larger budget goes to that sector.  The city is the center for business travelers and a tourist great destination center. The city has many attractions due to its main tourism sector. The city’s main portion is based on its tourism industry which helps to boost country’s economy. It appeals tourists because of its beautiful places and attractions which makes the city more vibrant. It is a great destination of celebrities, lawyers, bankers and sport celebrities. This is advisable for the people to visit the city during summer season when it has sunny days and little rainfall.

It is highly recommended to people to keep all essential and necessary things with them when anyone plans to visit the place. The city is a part of France therefore; it experiences the same weather as of France. The temperature varies throughout the year and in different seasons it faces different kinds of winds and other rainfall. The summer season of then city is usually warmer with bright sun shines however; it faces occasionally rains during summer. Summer season is based on June July and September in which the city and its beaches show the effects. However, the winter season is very much cloudy faces the great rainfall with less humidity. The temperature of weather during the season tends to be very low which makes the city cold during those days. Furthermore, the spring season is considered as the best season when the city is full of flowers and pleasant smells. Due to the fact, people love to visit the city during that city in order to get most of the fun.

After analyzing, the city’s weather condition it is advisable to visit the city during the months of spring season. Car hire St.Tropez is perfect for travelers in order to move in a safe way. Many cars are easily available in different packaged including all facilities. Car hire St.Tropez airport can easily be book through online booking and by simply making a phone call.

Useful contact numbers

St.Tropez is a tourism industry and has many things to explore inside the region. Therefore, it experiences thousands of people in order to explore its various places. During your visit to the city there will be million and one people that you may need to contact in case of emergencies. Emergency contact numbers are good to keep for everyone while planning for trips. Emergency numbers helps people to safe from unexpected situations and provides contact number of hotel, hospital and taxi numbers are necessary in order to take proactive measures.

Tourist info and details

Tourism info is essential and considered as a proactive measure before stepping into any place. People can easily get 24/7 service and desired information about bus routes, hotels, accommodation, attractions and flights.



Doctors are the best source in case of emergencies or if anyone needs first aid. 928 866 020

0033(0) : 04 94 43 44 03 



+33 0494971541


+33 0494971541

Police station


Airport services

Airport provides 24/7 online services regarding the arrival and departure timing of flights.

+33 4 94 54 76 40

Transport system

 The contact number helps you to get the accurate information and service about taxis, buses, car rentals and other vehicles.

 70 39 53 15

Car hire makes you able to explore and find great and exciting places in the city. It helps to hire the car before your arrival. It is the best way to enjoys with comfort and relax.

Cars hire St.Tropez is the best way to move around andwill benefit you to stay and take your family to a drive on theme parks and zoo inside the city. It offers comfortable, relax and convenient drive without facing any hazardous problems. Whereas, it is a convenient method to get the car through online booking or by making a phone call at the required destinations. The people can easily get the car in cheap and economical prices. Cheap Car hire St.Tropez airport can easily be available on rent in cheap prices and with full of facilities. Different packages are offered by these companies time to time.


Tropez beaches are very famous all over the world. However these Beaches play a vital role in every ones and significant for people’s mind. It is a precious asset to make ours mind more relax in case of bad situations. It is the only source where anyone can come in order to  enjoy with their families in precious moments of life. People love to visit beaches because of its beautiful sand expanse and sight seeing. St.Tropezian beaches are very famous and located on the coast of Baie de Pampellone. Beaches have charm therefore; thousands of tourists visit this beautiful island each year. Beaches are the main source to make our minds more relax and with full of fun. Government of the city allocates special budget and account for the maintenance of these beaches.

Various Activities offered by the beaches include fishing and bird watching that mostly people loves to do. However, due to its proper maintenance you can see the beaches clean and with full of entertaining activities which attracts tourists towards it. The beach is considered as the famous one and recommended to those who comes fro different regions to explore various places inside the region. It is advisable to keep all essentials things with you as safety purpose when you plan to visit the beach such as life jackets, tubes, goggles and dress.

The best time to visit the beach is during summers and springs when the sun shines with light rainfall. During summers the beach gives pleasant scenes and effects of sand and rock Car hire St.Tropez is recommended to those who come from distant areas to explore t beautiful places of the city. Car hire St.Tropez airport is the nice option and opportunity to avail in cheap prices without facing any difficulties It is considered as the best option to avail when anyone is on their trip and moving around from one location to another. The people who want to get around and touch all areas of the city can go for this option in cheap prices. Different companies have offices at airport in a way to book the car and enjoy the facilities given by companies.