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A Quick Guide to... Nantes

History of Nantes City

Nantes was founded by Celtic tribe around 70 B.C. The tribe named the town ?Namnetes?. The city was occupied by Julius Caesar in 56 B.C. Around about 285, the city was conquered by Saxons and later on different civilizations ruled over the city. For example, Franks ruled over the city around 500, in the 6th and 7th centuries the Britons conquered the city and in the 9th century, Normans occupied Nantes. In 937, Alain Barbe-Torte founded the duchy of Brittany however; the duchy of Brittany was seized by the kingdom of France in the year 1532. The major changes took place in the city in the 19th century when Nantes became an industrial city. The major development in the city during this century was the development of transportation system like omnibus service was initiated in Nantes in 1826. The major industries were developed in1851 and the first railroads were built. The German troops came in the city in 1940 and 1941, retaliatory execution of 48 hostages was caused because of the murder of a German colonel caused the. The British and American airplanes attacked the city n 1943. In 1944, the city was freed by the Americans. Nantes became the favourite city of tourists in the 20th century when the modern changes were brought in the city.


Nantes' weather is mild humid and warm, and no dry season. It is recommended that you visit the place during the summer months, generally the temperatures ranges from 3C ? 25C, but sometimes it may rise up to 30C or fall up to -3C, summer lasts from June 11 to September 16 and temperatures between 25C to15C

The cold season in Nantes lasts from November to March, and during this time the temperatures ranges from 3C ? 9C, which may be good enough for people who are fine with cold weather, but it might make it difficult for them to visit places which are under open spaces. Consult the temperature chart for more information for temperature.

Arrival to Nantes

Nantes is one of the best spots for the tourists and visitors from all over the world visit the city by plane, car, boat, bus and train. The major chunk of the visitors arrive the city by plane. Visitors from London usually come in Ryan air and British Airways. Visitors also come to the city by train because Nantes is just over 2 hours by TGV from Paris. Throughout the day, the train runs in the city. Car hire services are available in the city and some visitors travel from the other cities to Nantes in a car hire. Car hire services are generally expensive; however, car hire Nantes is very cheap and affordable. Your arrival to Nantes is also possible by bus and TAN public transport system links the city to the other nearby cities. If you want to enjoy the picturesque views of the city, then travel by boat. Regardless of your mode of entrance into the city, you should inform tourist information office after your arrival in the city. Tourist information office can provide you the details of major attractions in the city and you can also get free coupons and discount card. In addition, free publications are also offered to the tourists after their arrival in the city. You can enter into the city by bus, train, car, plane or boat however, for moving around the city you should travel in a car hire.

City Transport

If you are planning a trip to Nantes, then you must be curious to know about the accommodation and transportation services in the city. The good news for the visitors is that the transportation system of the city is well developed. Public transportation services are provided by TAN in Nantes. The public transport services include three tramlines, many bus lines, Navy bus lines and a bus way. The one-way ticket costs about 1.30 ?. Taxis are not very common in the city and two taxi stands are bear Place du Commerce and the train station. The reason is that taxis charge very high in the city. One interesting thing about Nantes is that it is bike-friendly city and there are proper paths for the bike runners. Even you can rent a bike in the city. The typical cost of renting a bike depends on the number of hours and days such as the rent is1 ? for 2 hours, 4? for a day, 10? for a week, or 25? for a month. People in Nantes usually travels by buses therefore, buses are crowded. In fact, the tourism industry of Nantes is flourishing therefore; recent developments have been introduced in the infrastructure of the city, including the transportation system.


Nantes is a city that is situated in the west of France; it is the sixth largest city in France and is located along the Loire River. It is considered a major city in terms of art and has a rich historical heritage. Also it has been selected as the European Green Capital in 2013, and it is attracting more and more tourists with time.

Castle of the Dukes of Brittany also known as Ch?teau des ducs de Bretagne is a castle which now is the Nantes History Museum, it houses roughly around 900 historical artefacts. There are seasonal festivals and exhibitions here as well, it is located on 4 Place Marc Elder. For those who are art enthusiasts Machines de l?ile is the place to visit, it represents the science of Da Vinci and Jules Verne, it has the Great Elephant, Huge Heron Tree and the Merry-Go-Round of the Marine World.

Besides artistic places Cathedral Saint Pierre Paul which is the tomb to Francois II is also worth watching with its Gothic yet beautiful facade. It is located Place Saint Pierre. Isle of Nantes, a place worth watching if you want to see the innovation greatest architects. Other places include Memorial to abolition to slavery, and Musee Jules Verne (a museum for Jules Verne).


This beautiful city which is located near the River Loire River, and its historical heritage makes it more worth for visiting. This place is famous for being Jules Verne, and has many monuments which represent the writer.

A good place to explore is the 15th Century Castles and the houses which have been built over the years. Some Cathedrals are also worth seeing, it has started to attract more and more tourists after it had been elected as the European Green Capital.


This city is famous for its sea-food and their special recipes and French wines, it is also known as the French kitchen sometimes, the local wine which is sold here are meant to go with the food they serve; which is mostly sea-food.

Some good places to visit are Les Chantes d' Avril; famous for their technical cooking methods and delicious meals; located on 2, Rue Laennec. Lulu Rouget is another superb restaurant where you can enjoy if you are thinking to dine out, they serve you with high quality sea-food which will not disappoint you at all.

La Cigale is not only good for its best sea-food but also good for its tasty desserts; it is located on the 4, Place Graslin. L'Atlantide is one of the award-winning in the town, this restaurant is good with creating fusion dishes with innovation and creative techniques; located on 16, Quai Ernest Renaud. Other places worth visiting are:

? Villa Mon Reve ? L?Abelia ? Cr?perie Heb Ken ? La Civelle


Nantes has a very vibrant and alive night-life because of the student population in the town, and the most enjoyable fact is that during night you can find someone to discuss philosophy or just to have a quiet drink as well.

L' Univers is a place where you will find whiskeys from all over the world, from Japan to Ireland, though you may find people here in their 30s as they host jazz events regularly. It is located on 16, Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Cafe Cult is another popular name that should be visited if you want to enjoy the night-life in Nantes, you will find mostly students here and they also serve lunch during day; it is located on 2 Rue, des Carmes.

La Maison Cafe is a bar designed in a 70s style, this place is good if you are thinking to spend a quiet summer evening on their beautiful terrace and drink wine. Cafe Le Flesselles is a funky bar, where they host jazz events, discussions on philosophy to architect are quite common here; it is located on 3, Allee Flresselles.

Other places worth visiting are:

? Le Wilton ? you can play snooker here, located on 21 ? 23 Rue de Rieux ? Le Marlowe ? A creatively designed disco bar; mostly plays rock n' roll music; located on 1, Place Saint Vincent. ? Le Bar du Lieu Unique


When people go window-shopping in Nantes, they talk about "crebillonner" ? which comes from Rue Crebillon ? the city?s most famous shopping street and its area. Rue Crebillon houses the most important designer stores as well as a range of interesting local labels. The street leads to the famous Passage Pommeraye, a stunning 19th-century arcade with chic boutiques: a must-see for Nantes visitors.

Make sure you also pay a visit to the Galeries Lafayette (Rue de la Marne), which has more than 300 great labels on offer. If you have a sweet-tooth, go to Les Rigolettes Nantaises (18, rue de Verdun), which sells local sweets and other specialities.

At Le Fief de Vigne (16, rue Marceau), you can choose from 2,000 exquisite wines, while Ti Breiz (15, rue de Verdun) is great for souvenirs.

Don?t miss the Marche de Talensac on Place de Talensac, which is the town?s biggest market ? open every day except Monday.

Bargain-hunters should go to the shops on Rue Jean Jaures and around Place Viarme, where the city?s flea market kicks off every Saturday morning.

Disabled Visitors

When it comes to disabled visitors it should be noted that Nantes has a considerable amount of disabled tourists visiting every year, this is possible due to their airports and trains systems which have special arrangements for people who have mobility problems. Not only on airports and planes, they also have reserved parking systems for the disabled, though some places where you need to walk might prove difficult for them, but you can hire a car, or call a taxi on some occasions. But at the end of the day you will not to worry as majority of the places in Nantes have arrangements for the physically impaired people.

Accommodation in Nantes

Staying at Nantes is a great experience for the tourists because of the availability of best hotels, hostels, private rooms and apartments in the city. The apartments are affordable and provide all kinds of facilities to the tourists. Although there are many hotels in the city but on the top of list, there is Appart?City Sanitat Hotel. This hotel offers luxurious facilities to the visitors as internet wireless facility is provides. There is a nearby gymnasium and parking facilities are also provided. You can also stay at Hotel Des Colonies, which also provides excellent services to the visitors. The best thing about this hotel is that multilingual staff is available at this hotel which serves the visitors 24 hours. This hotel only offers breakfast and it does not have its own restaurant. Another option in Nantes is to stay at Hotel Stars Nantes. This hotel also provides parking facilities, breakfast, newspaper and sports access. Moreover, there are many other accommodation options in the city, where you can stay safe. Nantes is one of the beautiful cities of the world and it is very safe as compared to other cities of Europe. Even if you walk around your accommodation at night, you will see TAN officials. The rates of accommodation may vary depending upon the location of the hotel and facilities provided. In order to move around the city, you can get a

The City of Nantes

Nantes is the sixth largest city of France. It was the capital of Brittany and it was transferred to the Pays de la Loire in 1962. Nantes is considered an important city of France because there are many good museums and parks in the city, which attracts thousands of tourists in the city every year. The area of the city is 65.19 km2 (25.18 mi2) and the population of Nantes is 245,000 (495,000 in urban area). Another important thing about the city is that it is a seaport near the mouth of the Loire River in Northwest France. The high economic growth in the city is brought by high-tech industries installed in the city. Nantes was a port located 50 km up the Loire River. Nantes got the visibility in the world when the triangular trade was introduced in the city with Africa and the West Indies. Nantes has pleasant weather and the rain is frequent. The major districts in the city include Place du Commerce, Place du Bouffay, Talensac, Decr?, Ile de Versailles, Rue Cr?billon, Quai de la fosse, Butte St-Anne and Le quai des Antilles. Today, Nantes is earning a major portion of its revenues from the tourism industry. Nantes has become one of the beautiful destinations of the word for the tourists.

Emergency Contact numbers

Nantes is one of the safest cities of the world. The tourists who visit the city always give the positive feedback about the city regarding the security provided in the city. However, if you are planning to visit the city in the near future, then you must get some useful contact numbers of the city with you. It will help you a lot throughout your trip to the city.

Some useful contact numbers of Nantes are as follows:

Phone Number Nantes Town Hall:

Tell # 02 40 41 90 00

Phone Number Cit? des Congr?s conference centre:

Tell # 02 51 88 20 00,

Phone Number Parc des Expositions de La Beaujoire exhibition centre

Tell # 02 40 52 08,

For any help, you can contact Police of the city and the number of police is given below:

Place Waldeck Rousseau: Phone: 02 40 37 21 2111

The contact number of Main post office of the city is 02 40 12 60 00

Weather forecast: Phone : 08 36 68 02 44

Emergency Services

Contact of medical services SAMU

Tell # 15

SOS Medicines:

Tell # 02 40 50 30 30


Tell # 02 40 08 33 33

Doctor and chemist:

Tell # 02 40 37 21 21

Tourist Information Office Contact

Nantes-Atlantique Tourist Office Tell # +33 (0)2 40 20 60 00