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Mahon Terminals Car Hire Tips

History Mahon

Mahon is an area of Minorca, a small island belonging to Spain. The history of Minorca is very long and interesting, and includes prehistory, Jewish settlers, vandals, Moors, British colonialists, and the modern Spanish ruling to name but a few. To write down the entire history of Mahon and Minorca would take forever, so let us focus on some of the earlier recorded history on this island If you visit Mahon, you could take some time to see the megalithic stone monuments that can be found on the island. The Taules, Talaiots and the Navetes demonstrate that prehistoric people inhabited the island and settled here. The earliest cultures here have clearly been influenced by the other cultures from across the Mediterranean, including the Minoans (now Crete). The island of Knossos shows plastered timber columns, for instance, and almost exact replicas of these columns can be found on Minorca. When the Punic wars ended, there was a huge increase in pirates in the west of the Mediterranean area. The Romans occupied Hispania (now Spain), which meant there was an increase in maritime trade, mainly between the Italian and Iberian peninsulas. Pirates were very pleased with the Balearic Islands, because it allowed them to have a sheltered spot to raid any Roman traders. Both Minorca and Majorca were used as pirate bases. As a result, the Romans got pushed just a little too far and they invaded Mahon, controlling both Minorca and Majorca by 121 B.C. It is during this time that the islands became a part of modern day Spain .In 13 B.C., Augustus reorganized this system, and the island became part of the Tarraconensis province, rather than Hispania. Due to this, the town of Mago changed into a Roman town, rather than the Carthaginian town it was before.


The weather in Mahon the best time to visit the place is during the months of May to August. It is the best time to visit as the summers are pleasant enough for you to enjoy your holiday with family.

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Best Mahon

Deciding what the best of Mahon is can be quite hard to do and it depends entirely on your own tastes and preferences. Mahon is covered in the most amazing beaches for those who like to surf, play beach volley ball or simply lie down and get a tan. The nightlife scene is also beyond amazing, particularly since Minorca is basically a party island targeted specifically at the younger generation. However, this doesn’t mean it is a trashy place, as even the current King of Spain regularly visits one of the restaurants in Mahon. Unsurprisingly, eating and drinking in Mahon is fantastic too. However, these are all things that can be found anywhere in the world with the exception of the King of Spain of course so what makes Mahon so very special? One of the things that make it so special is the wildlife on Minorca. It is one of the last places in the Mediterranean where you can see wild turtles, but there is also a huge array of birds and other protected species. Minorca also has a strong fascination with horses. People here love horses and you will find many references to horses, including in the souvenirs that you can purchase. Minorca actually has its own breed of horse, which is a pure black mount. These horses and their rides (Caixers) are utilized in any celebration and festival. In fact, they are usually the most important part of the entire event. For people who love history, Minorca certainly has plenty to offer too. There are a number of gigantic prehistoric monuments that a tourist can visit. They are believed to be some sort of spiritual sanctuary, although it is not clear whether or not this is actually what they were used for. There is also an ancient communal burial structure (Naveta), which is a sight not to be missed. Last but not least, you could visit the town of Naveta des Tudons. This town was built around 1300 B.C. and is known to hold the oldest building in Europe with a roof on.

Exploring Mahon

Before starting your tour in the town of Mahon, have your breakfast served to you on style, sitting at Terrace cafe and take a minute to decide, not the most appropriate spelling(Mao or Mahon) used in your travel book and tourist guides but what exactly you want to see and do wandering in this picturesque town and around the island. As soon as you are ready, take off as shops open at 9 o clock, unless you want to leave your souvenir shopping for the afternoon. In this case, you might be able to get a smart accessory or a flashy outfit for your night out. As for the sights, matter is entirely up to you. Most of the buildings are 18th century Spanish-French-British style with a touch of Moorish pride. The Fort will give you an excellent view of the Port where you can imagine the British Royal fleet harboring where petrol Tycoons and Internationalcelebrities have anchored their floating palaces now. Choose a nice Tascas bar at the Port and enjoy a beer or two chatting or making new friends, before taking a siesta-provided that you are not planning on crashing and going to bed. Whatever you chose, a classy restaurant serving local cuisine would be great for your late dinner and make sure that you devour-but in style-all the lobster paella you can eat, and all the white wine you can pay for, as prices sometimes get a little nasty, like everywhere else in the world. Mahon nightlife is not wild, but you can try the Akkelare for the trendiest and strangest late night in Mahon. Here as well as in other bars in town, you can taste some Majorca Gin. Next morning you can take a ride on a horse and admire the brilliant juniper trees that give this spirit its unique taste.

Eating drinking Mahon

If you are in Mahon, you will probably never go hungry or thirsty. Minorca is one big island full of nightclubs, discos and bars where you can drink and eat. Some of these are open 24 hours a day, meaning you could choose to party all night and sleep all day and still not worry about starving. In terms of drinking, you should certainly try the local Ginet. This is a drink made from the juniper bush, just like British gin. However, unlike Gin, Ginet is made from the grape itself rather than from cereal, giving it a very distinct taste. Many people feel it is a combination between the best of British and the best of Spanish. It can be drunk straight or as a mixture, with the Pomada (Ginet with bitter lemon) being particularly popular in Mahon .In terms of eating, you will find anything from the a la carte four star restaurants to the cheap and cheerful eateries. Es Pla is one very chic restaurant, where you could even arrive by yacht just as King Juan Carlos I does. Who knows, you may even spot him whilst you’re there. The Windmill Restaurant is fantastic because it is inside a 300 year old building. Of course, the building is said to be haunted. Son Granot is the best place to go for real traditional Spanish food. However, if you prefer something more familiar, you could try the American Bar, where you can get burgers and fries, although it is also a great place to simply sit down for a cup of coffee. Asian food can also be found, particularly in the Commercial Hotel San Luis. All in all, you are sure to be able to find something nice to eat at any time during the day, for any kind of Budget .

Nightlife Mahon

Mahon, on Minorca, is an absolute party island and very little else needs to be said. It is one big area full of clubs and bars, catering mainly towards a younger audience that party all night and sleeps all day. Whether you like quiet bars or busy clubs, Mahon has it all. Therefore, it is perhaps better to speak of one of the drinks that should not be missed whilst you are there and this drink is the Minorca Gin. Minorca grows a huge range of juniper trees, which were brought here by the British naval forces. Minorcans quickly turned this into Ginet, which is a spirit very different from those usually found around Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean area. However, it isn’t quite the same as the British Gin either. Most people would actually describe Ginet as a mix between Spanish alcohol and the traditional Beefeater Gin. The difference between Ginet and Gin, however, is that the spirit is distilled straight from the grape. Gin, on the other hand, is based on cereal. The grapes are still distilled in ancient copper stills and any visitor to Mahon should spend some time visiting a distillery. Once the spirit has been distilled, it will rest in barrels made from oak. These have been cured in gin, which results in an end product that does not have a wood color. You can drink Ginet straight or as a mix, just like British gin. A firm favorite in Mahon is the Pomada. This is a mixture between Ginet and bitter lemon. The summer sees a huge range of fiestas in Spanish parties and this is the staple drink at these events. If you are visiting Mahon, you should certainly give the Ginet a go, to have a real authentic taste of colonialism at its best.


If you are in Mahon, it is likely that you are there for the party feeling and not for the shopping. However, you will probably want to buy some souvenirs and if you are staying in a self catering accommodation, you may have to purchase some supplies as well unless you want to eat and drink out every day and night of course. There are many supermarkets on Minorca, each within easy walking distance of the main points of interest. All of them sell anything you could possible need and the prices are reasonably similar, so it is probably best to just pick the one that is closest to your accommodation. You can buy anything from great value bakery goods to beach wear, and from clothing to tea bags or sauces. Most people have found that staff in Mahon supermarkets speaks reasonable English. Even if they don’t, they are all incredibly helpful and most people are able to get around using sign language and guide books. So what should you buy when you are in Mahon? One total necessity is water. Tap water is potable in Mahon, but the taste is very odd and salty due to the high mineral content. Supermarkets sell bottles of water of up to eight liters (do remember that this means you have to carry eight kilos as well). A lot of shops also sell airbeds for some reason, but do make sure they come with an air compressor so you can actually pump them up. You may also need some telephone cards to phone home every once in a while and these are best purchased from the reception desk at your hotel. Prices are usually clearly indicated and are pretty much uniform across the island. Hence, you run very little chance of being overcharged for anything. Beach wear, airbeds and beach umbrellas are ridiculously cheap, so you may want to pick one of those as a souvenir.

Disabled visitors Mahon

The beautiful Mediterranean island of Menorca is Spain’s precious pearl and a valuable asset to the country’s tourist industry. Every year, millions of tourists visit the island and the country is very much interested in showing its welcoming character especially towards visitors who are in any way impaired or unable to enjoy its beauties without special care .In the case of Menorca, it is more than obvious from the minute you land at Mahon airport and disembark, that you will be offered here all the modern facilities for the disabled. By making all necessary adaptations to toilettes, providing special ramps, elevators, parking spaces and wheelchairs for the disabled and abiding by all the relevant disability related Internationalregulations. Truly, Menorca Mahon Airport welcomes you in the best possible way. All public transportation vehicles, public buildings and cabs show great sensitivity to the needs of handicapped visitors. A full list of such amenities is available at any tourist information desk. You can also find a list of hotels that have modified their premises and are now able to provide excellent hospitality to tourists with a range of special needs, such as special paths for people using a wheelchair. Very often hotels supply disabled guests with special bathroom facilities and some hotels employ staff that has been trained to care for disabled guests as well as elderly guests. To be better prepared to enjoy your Mahon holidays you will conveniently find a directory of Menorca hotels for the disabled in a few Internet sites. You will most definitely have the opportunity to visit all of the attractions with nothing standing in your way as travelers with mobility problems will have the chance to enjoy great food and marvelous wine and the island’s Spanish heart in any of the restaurants they come across that provide facilities geared at disabled visitors together with remarkable live shows and entertainment.