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A Quick Guide to... Grenoble

History of Grenoble

Grenoble is the city of south-eastern France nad is the capital of Isere department. The city is very famous all over the world because of its historical background. The city was known as Cularo in 13th century when Allobroges constructed strong walls around the small town. In 381, Emperor visited the city of Grenoble and improved thw walls of the city. The new name of Grenoble at this time is Gratianopolis. The city became a part of the first Burgundian kingdom after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Aftyer this, it passed into the control of the Carolingian kings. Then it was possessed by second Burgundian kingdom of Arles. The city got the title of Dauphin when it became the possession of the counts of Vienne. Grenoble became the capital of province of France, named as Dauphine, in 1349. Many churches and historical buildings were constructed in the city in 1789. Place de la Bastille is one of the most important historical places of Grenoble. Old Gestapo HQ is the oldest building of the city and now used as a hotel. Some tensions arose in World War II during the periods of Italian and German occupation. Later on, Grenoble was awarded the Ordre de la Lib?ration for its extraordinary services in the French Resistance.


During the summers the temperature in Grenoble can get hot and the temperature may rise up to 34C, generally Grenoble is best to visit in the weather when there is mild winter. High temperatures are expected through 17th April to August. Though there are many things you can do during the summer in Grenoble, but then the summers can be unbearable when the temperatures rise. It is recommended that you visit the city between March to June, though you should expect temperatures to be falling to 1C as well in early April, but your trip will still be enjoyable.

Arrival to Grenoble

The beautiful city Grenoble is very close to various cities of France. There are two major mode of transportation to enter into the city including flying and train. A percentage of tourists use flying mode of transportation to get in the city. There are two airports near Grenoble. Grenoble Is?re International Airport is about 40 kilometres from Grenoble. Coaches are available which provides you services from airport to the centre of the city. The terminal of these coaches is present at a drive of 35 minutes from airport. The fare of these coaches is 12.50 Euro to 22 Euro. Lyon International airport is located at 100 kilometres from the Grenoble city. Bus services go hourly to the city. The fare of these buses ranges from 20 Euro to 30 Euro. Several high speed trains connect Grenoble to the different cities of France. You can also get in the city through railway mode. For example, TGV services link Paris to Grenoble directly via train. It is a trip of 640 kilometres and the price of the ticket is 70 Euro. If you are planning to travel by train a lot then it is recommended to you to buy a card. The cost of this card is 50 Euro which helps you decrease your expenses.

City transport

Grenoble is a well developed city and is considered one of the best tourist cities of the world. Infrastructure in Grenoble is well developed therefore; the tourists do not find any problem in transportation. . Taxis are easily available in the city. The rates of taxis are higher as compared to the other mode of transportation. But if can bear high rates and wants a comfortable service, then taxi is the best option for you. The telephone numbers of the taxi services are +33 (0)4 76 54 42 54 and +33 (0)4 76 54 17 18. Some people cannot afford high rates of the taxis then bus service is the best option for them. Lots of regional buses can take you from town centre to other areas of the city. For example, you can go from city centre to Chamrousse via bus number 6010. It will cost you 2.70 euro. It is better for you to take tickets in advance because bus stops are crowded in peak season. The tickets are available at bus stops and tourist?s information offices. These has very strict timetable and winter schedule is different from other seasons. If you want more comfort and safety, then you can go for personal cars. However, arranging personal cars in the city may not be possible for all visitors or you may struck in traffic Jams during rush hours.


Grenoble is a beautiful city situated in the south-eastern France along the French Alps, there are many historical and new places to visit in this city. Some new buildings in the town are worth visiting like Town Hall, Maison de la Culture and Ice Stadium; these represent the importance of modern art.

Other places like Place Grenette is considered to be the main social activity in Grenoble, there are still old town houses and the town hall which should be visited. St Andre, which is situated on the east side of the Place St-Andre, it is a church which was built around 1220 ? 1236, its Gothic tower is a beautiful facade to be seen. Palais de Justice is famous for its fa?ade of the Early Renaissance; this is the place where the meetings for Estates of the Dauphine were held.

Other places of interest which should be visited when you are in Grenoble are Notre-Dame, the parks and gardens of Grenoble, Museums, which include Mus?e des Beaux-Arts (one of the most popular museums in France) and the centre of Contemporary Art.


Grenoble is warm place where you can spend your summer holidays, this type of city where you can explore it on your feet by walking and still getting to see beautiful sights and historical monuments. Another fact to be considered is the fact that the city is not on slopes, so you can walk as much as you want unless you get tired. Some ideal places to be explored would be

? Palais Ideal ? Horloge Solaire ? Le Magasin ? Musee Stendhal


If you are food enthusiast then you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the unique food in Grenoble, it is well-known for preparing food from the locally produced products. Besides this they are also famous for their recipes being handed from generation to generation through the years. One of their popular dish to be tried is the Potato Gratin, which is easily available in all restaurants.

Chez le Per Gras is a place where you will be served great food with a great view of Mont Blanc if the sky is clear, they specialise in French and Alpine dishes, along with meat and fish dishes. It is located on the 90 Chemin de la Bastille. La Panse serves home cooked food made from their locally produced products, it is a very good place if you want to try Oysters, fillet of veal, mustard sauce and foie gras and other such dishes. It is located in the old part of the city; 7, Rue de la Paix.

Other good restaurants to try out are ? Auberge Napolean ? Le 5 Cafe Comptoir ? Le Sporting


As far as the night-life is concerned in Grenoble there are various places where you can find just a pint, or a glass of wine. One of the famous places among the students is the London Pub, it plays some good French Rock and other International music, located on the 11, Rue Brocherie and it is open from Monday to Saturday 6pm ? 1am. Other place like Le Barberousse is a bar in shape of a boat and they are specials in serving different types of drinks with fruit flavours; it is located on the 3, Rue Bayard.

Other places consist of Le Vertigo Club, which is famous because the DJs from all of Europe have flown to play here, also this club has free admission on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Thursdays its free for women; its located on 18 Grand Rue. Le Dotty Night is another club situated in the city, it plays the popular music from the 80s and 90s, you will find a bit elder crowd here, mostly they play international music; it is located on 56, Avenue Route de Lyon.


Grenoble has variety of shopping options, it not only has clothes for shopping, built also has shops for sweets, watches and jewellery and such items. There are designer showrooms and their alternatives as well. If you are not sure what you want but just want to browse, then Galeries Lafayette is the place. It is a departmental store which has home utilities to clothes to fun activities for children as well.

You find bookshops such as Arthaud, where you can have coffee and read at the same time, another interesting shop to visit is the Gabriel Gary who can make a watch for you as you demand, or custom made.

Another well-known departmental store is the Grand Place which is located in the southern part of the city, it contains variety of things that you may want to shop. It also houses the big brands name such Zara, Naf Naf and others. Besides this they also have a food court where you can dine.

Disabled Visitors

In the Rhones-Alps Gernoble is one of the first places that have been made accessible to the disabled people when it comes to visitors and tourism. Recently many places have adapted the new technology and methods to accommodate the mobility impaired people who come to visit the city.

Besides the government has been making many efforts to make sure that the public transport such as buses and trains are accessible by the disabled people, also a project is currently under-way which will ensure that the physically disabled people can use buses without any problems, the trains also have facilities for Disabled visitors.

Accommodation in Grenoble

There are many hotels, resorts and apartments available in Grenoble; so, finding accommodation in the city is not a big problem. Many factors affect the prices of the accommodation in the city. The hotels present in the main city centre cost high prices. Similarly, the rates of the hotels are high in peak seasons. The Tulip Inn Hotel Angleterre is a famous three star hotel of Grenoble. It is a reasonable hotel with all modern amenities.

The staffs of the hotel are very active and attentive. The Best Western Terminus is present in the main city and gives an attractive view. It is a three star hotel and offers laundry facilities, free parking and luggage storage. Comfort Hotel Residence Grenoble and Plazza Alpexpo are also three star hotels. Comfort Hotel Residence Grenoble is situated in the heart of the Alps. It provides an excellent environment and comfortable services. There are many resorts present near this hotel. Hotel Plazza Alpexpo has 98 rooms. All the rooms are air conditioned and fully furnished. If you want to organise business meetings then conference rooms are also available in the Hotel.

Other major Hotels of the city include Citadines Apart?hotel Grenoble, Kyriad Grenoble Seyssins, Minotel Le Grand Hotel, Novotel Grenoble Centre, Campanile Seyssins and Mercure Grenoble Ct Alpotel 3. If you want a safe and a comfortable tour, Car Hire Grenoble is the best option for you.

The city of Grenoble

Grenoble is a city of southeastern France. It is located at the base of the French Alps. At this region, Drac joins with Isere River. The city is the capital of Isere department. Grenoble is situated in the Rhone - Alpes region. Mountains are present near to the city so, the city is known as ?Capital of Alps?. The coordinates of the city are 45 degrees, 11 minutes and 16 seconds towards north and 5 degrees, 43 minutes and 37 seconds to wards east. The inhabitants of the city are known as Grenoblois. According to the population estimation of 1999, the population of Grenoble City is 153,317. 157,900 inhabitants were estimated according to 2004 February Census. The populations of metropolitan area based at Censuses of 1999 and 2007 are 514,559 and 560,222 respectively. Grenoble is considered as the city?s largest suburbs among the numerous communes. The elevation of the city is ranges from 204 metres to 600 metres. The land area of the city is 18.13 kilometres square which is equivalent to 7 square miles. The population density of the city is 8709 per kilometre square which is equal to 22560 per square mile. The postal codes for the city are 38000 or 38100.

Emergency Contact number

Grenoble is one of the famous destinations of Tourists. It is considered as the calm and peaceful city of France. The tourists from other countries want to spend their vacations in Grenoble because the crime rate of the city is very less. However, Tourist should note down the emergency contact numbers of the city for the sake of safety and satisfaction. Some of the emergency contact numbers are given below:

Emergency Contact numbers

Emergency services: 112

Police services: 17

Ambulance Services: 15

Fire Brigade: 18

Medical emergency numbers

Hospital CHU la Tronche: 04 76 76 75 75

Emergency ward: 04 76 76 54 31

Mountain rescue: 04 76 22 22 22

24 hours pharmacy: 04 76 63 42 55

SOS doctors: 04 38 70 17 01

Pediatric Emergencies: 04 76 76 55 01

SOS vets: 04 76 47 66 66

Alert Numbers

Homeless rescue alert: 115

Other useful numbers

Lost credit card: 08 92 70 57 05

Chequebook: 08 92 68 32 08

Flooding: 18

Phone enquiries: 11 80 00 / 11 82 18

Transportation services:

Taxi Grenoble: 04 76 54 42 54

Taxi Grenoble Suburbs: 04 76 54 17 18

Lyon airport: 08 26 80 08 26

You can move around the city in public transport but these transports are crowded with local passengers.