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    The service is good and quick. They had no diesel cars left, but we could choose from several gasoline cars. The only minus - too many scratches on all doors, roof ...

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    It was a little unclear at first after coming through passport control in the arrival hall, but found the rental place very quickly, bus service ok. Service was excellent, very friendly person, taking the time to explain the contract. I knew about the full tank of petrol, which I don't like, but have to accept. Also the insurance was explained. The car hire was very cheap so I wasn't expecting too much, the car had a few marks on it, but was in perfect working order. Tires could do with a renewal soon. The car was clean, radio working,so all in all I was happy.

    Marijke Phillips
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    Very good service.

    Frank Hemsworth
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    Yes everything was good

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A Quick Guide to... Forli

History Forli

Set in the central Italian countryside, Forli has been a sight for many a battle between the north and the south and is almost no man's land in Italy. There is history stemming right back from the Roman era, through the ages to the modern day. It has been through many turbulent times which have shaped the history, architecture and culture of the city.

This makes it incredibly interesting for those interested in the arts and history, with many things to discover and explore. It was called by the Romans the Forum Livii and in past centuries has been ruled and shaped by many different rulers. There are buildings which have been standing since the 12th Century and portray the city's rich culture to a tee. One popular example of this is the San Mercuriale, which history dates back to the 4th Century AD. There is a massive amount of history to explore and the rich and deep history is yours to unravel and discover.

To explore truly the city's treasures and gems, it is best to visit a museum. The municipal museum houses a great collection of artefacts and artwork from the city and is a brilliant portal to the historical past of Forli. It is really a remarkable collection, with works from Italian Artists including sculptures and paintings, mainly of biblical figures in the neo-classical and pre-Raphaelite styles, the museum also shows many artefacts from the Roman era including swords, remains of kitchen utensils and vessels, and even human remains which have all been excavated in the city. There is a large collect of things which have been dug up from underneath the church, which include the remains of people, and what they were buried with, including jewellery and money of the Roman era and later. This is a great place to explore for an insight into the history of Forli.

Weather Forli

Forli is an incredibly interesting city which has produced and nurtured many painters and artists over the time and there are a lot of popular Italian names which have been born out of Forli. It is a great and beautiful city and the weather really adds the icing on the cake. The weather is always pleasant, with no particularly bad time, although obviously a little bit milder in the winter. But the summers stay warm and sunny for a large proportion of the time. The months of April and May and very mild with temperatures of 16-18 degree C. In this period, rain and cloudiness is to be expected occasionally, but mainly it is pleasant and the wet is often short and fleeting, and does not deter from the beautiful city.

However the evenings do tend to cool down considerably, so a cardigan or a fleece is often needed. The summers are warm, sunny and long with the heat remaining right into the hours of the early morning. There is very little rain at this time, with blue skies almost every day. The autumn period is mild again, with a considerable amount of wet weather, but it is often light and passing, and the beautiful myriad of colours and smells is incredible at this time of year. The warm long shadows cast at a bout tea time, and they create the most amazing atmosphere around the historical architecture that the city boasts.

The winters are short and mild, with temperatures dipping to a reasonable 5?C on really cold days. There is little chance of snow and ice, but most morning start brisk and fresh, mostly with a ground frost. You can get further information from the information desk at the tourist enquiries at the airport, which is useful to keep you up to date while you are there. There is no really bad time to visit Forli, but all seasons have a dramatically different air to them.


Transport Forli

There is a large number of people who visit Forli, from tourists and holiday-makers to business associates, with the deep and rich history that the place has to offer, as well as the growing population of the beautiful city, requiring a large demand for transport within Forli. It has grown and developed over the years, and continues to do so at a very high speed. It is at a very high standard and serves a very useful purpose. The system is well organised and makes getting around easy and simple.

Another pro for the transport infrastructure within the city is that it is relatively cheap and inexpensive, thus making it a viable way to get around. With so many different options of how to get around, this also adds to competitiveness between companies and reduces the cost further. You could also opt to hire a vehicle from to make your travel experience even easier and have the freedom of movement that comes from having your own vehicle at your disposal.

That said, the bus service is also very quick and reliable, running on a regular basis around the city and also to neighbouring settlements and villages, as well as direct links to towns and cities within the region. There are many bus stops about, and you can spot them easily. As the buses run by schedule, it is best that you check the timetable when you get there for accurate information on running times, as they are changed regularly and the information on here would soon be out of date. Information about this can be picked up from the tourist information service. Taxis are also available in abundant quantities at cheap rates, with two main operators within the city. Clearly, transport is good and easy, so you should have no problems getting around.

Best Forli

Forli has an appeal to a wide range of people, from those interested in the arts and culture, to people who want to gaze at the architecture, to people who love history. It is great holiday destination which dates back thousands of years and is a vein of culture within Italy, demonstrating Mediterranean life at its finest. The most famous icon of Forli is a gentleman called Angelo Masini. The Romognolo Theatre Museum is dedicated to him, and houses several rooms of artefacts and objects which relate to him. Another great attraction in the city is the Abbey of San Mercuriale, which is one of the oldest buildings surviving in Forli, with its construction taking place in the 12th Century. Also, there is the Rovaldino Fortress with tremendous fortifications and buttresses on display, showing off the finest of Medieval Italian architecture. It was built in 1360 for the purpose of defending the city, but was enhanced and preserved as living quarters in 1472. The courtyard is used for hosting musical events and makes a superb outdoor venue, while exhibitions and historical exhibitions take place inside.

Another hotspot for those who seek the beautiful sights the city has to offer is the Palazzo Paulucci Piazza, which was inspired by the architecture of Rome. The city is incredibly easy to navigate, whether on foot, by public transportation or by car. Do make sure you stop at the tourist information centre to find the best places to go. After a hard day exploring and a weekend roaming the city, you may want to enjoy the wonderful facilities that the Castrocaro Terme Spa has to offer, with famous massages and therapeutic techniques that have been enjoyed by many. This is certainly a very good way to end a brilliant day, absorbing the rich culture and stunning architecture.

Exploring Forli

Forli is an amazing city with an incredible range in architecture and culture. You will never be bored of things to do when you roam around, and you can truly get lost in the streets with the baking sun and the gorgeous gothic revival buildings and town-houses. With the never ending streets with gorgeous window frames and ornate doors, with elaborate and intricate fa?ades, you will never be bored just wandering for your entire stay. Also, there are several tours available for you to use to really get the best out of your trip. With several different open top bus type tours and land train tours as well, there as some really brilliant opportunities to get around and see the city at its finest.

There are many places to visit and the first place is the tourist information centre, which is made of stunning architecture. Here is where you will find out where to visit and what is open at what time. It is located in a fairly obvious place which is handy and provides valuable information for you visit, with very friendly staff which are able to converse with you in English, as well as many other languages. Caf?s are very reasonably priced, getting cheaper as you move away from the main square. All the staff are very friendly and accommodating and are used to a tourist trade, so many speak English to a very high level. It is possible to pick up some very good food in the main square, including traditional Italian food and main different cold snacks and deli items, which is good if you are running on a tight schedule. However you will find that many people escape the city centre after lunchtime, so this is a really good time to go exploring without any people about. Where ever you go though, the will always be something to do for all the family.

Eating drinking Forli

The wining and dining experiences within Forli reflect the city itself. Sophisticated and relaxed, with rich and flavoursome cuisine and very reasonable bars to grab a coffee during the day, and then a glass of wine, or some lager in the evening. Some places within Forli you will never forget, both for the food and the architecture, service and setting which surrounds it. You can find places for both local tastes and flavours as well an international cuisine. The local people of the city will be able to tell you the best places to eat, and the hotel reception will have some recommendations for you, as well as maybe a discount if you book through their website, which in personal experience has made the holiday a lot more enjoyable and hassle free, having your meal booked for you in the evening. You can also find out where is best to eat on your own, and as is often the way, you may just strike lucky with the waiter and cooking staff one night for a really superb evening out. No matter where you may go, you will find a very good and satisfying result for an evening meal, or a lunchtime snack.

Among the restaurants in Forli, there are a few that stick out for their superb quality of food and are usually packed with people. The Osteria dei Conti is highly recommended for its Italian cuisine, as well as the beautiful scenery which surrounds it. There is a massive outside seating area here too. The C'enoteca is rated very highly on trip advisor for its local cuisine of Mediterranean dishes, seafood and Pizza. Another very good alternative to this is The Vecchia Forli, which provides a perfect example of traditional Forlien food, and is highly recommended too. However, always make sure to book a table, as they aren't easy to come by in these places.

Night-life Forli

The Italian city of Forli is full of great historical and architectural interesting buildings to explore at night. Quite a lot of them make very good venues for evening entertainment, from bars and restaurants to music venues. Every one will surprise you in one way or another. Whether you are in Forli for business of for leisure, it is a brilliant place to interact with the culture in the evening and socialise with the locals, as well as some familiar faces form home as well. The night-life is very exciting and lively, with true entertainment stenches into the early hours of the morning for those who wish to see midnight in.The wine in Forli is especially notable and is renowned across the region. Many restaurants and bars offer their very own blend which can be enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings of the city and is an excellent place for tasting wine. There are also many local bars and clubs which play local music of all genres, from jazz to classical to R&B. For getting the most out of your trip, you should enquire at the hotel reception or the tourist information centre about the different venues available and whether tickets have to be purchased prior to the event.

The bars of Forli are especially good and provide a range of experiences, from sophisticated and calm environments to exciting and vibrant culture and art. They add a really richness to the night life culture within the city and are all very accessible from the city centre. Travelling around Forli at night is relatively easy. If you intend to have a drink, you could decide to take a taxi back to your hotel, although it is also very easy to navigate the city as a pedestrian. The local public transportation system is also reliable and very well priced.

Shopping Forli

Not only is Forli an icon in Italy in terms of history, art and architecture, it is also renowned for its shopping experience. There is a wide range of shops, from little boutiques, to bespoke antiques and home furnishings, to shops in hotels selling a range of things from tourist gifts to fine art and sculpture. This allows people staying in hotels an even wider shopping facility, to stock up on gifts for back home, or to buy something exquisite and amazing, only to be found in Forli.

The are also some brilliant shops at the airport where, in duty free, anything from souvenirs and gifts, to wines and art to be found. There are also many seasonal discounts to grab when you are there, and there is usually a bargain to bag at whatever time of the year. The shop owners put on a lot of sales in the summer months because of the increase in visitors to the city. There are also lots of shops where local paintings and artefacts are sold at very reasonable prices. These range from replica coins and pots from the Roman era, through to traditional items such as wine glasses and vases, as well as many souvenirs to take back from your visit.

There are many ways for you to explore the shopping facilities with ease and comfort, including transport by bus or taxi. You can also easily navigate the city on foot. This way, you can also get to surrounding towns and villages with speed and ease to see what they have to offer in terms of retail therapy. You can use a car to get to some very good vineyards in the local area and sample to local blend, and purchase some for your enjoyment back home. There are also weekly markets held in Forli. For more information on that please visit the tourist information centre.

Disabled visitors Forli

Forli is one the greatest cities in Italy, with significant historical and architectural importance, which is shown through the old buildings and monuments. Accommodation and transport within the city are very easy and many facilities are offered for your comfort. There are also plenty of facilities for disabled people. Forli prides itself in its disabled friendly atmosphere and amenities. Many arrangements can be made for disabled people when visiting Forli, and most hotels will be very accommodating of your needs if you ring ahead and inform them so that they are well prepared for you arrival.

Many have specially designed rooms which you can book and entrances and exits are designed for maximum comfort and ease for the visitors. Accommodated on the ground floor, for maximum mobility, most hotels have special facilities and amenities for disabled people to use including lifts and tables close to the entrance of the restaurant. Make sure to book one of these rooms if it is that you need well in advance so that you don't miss out at the last minute. Parking facilities are also offered for disabled people so that they do not have to go through the hassle of not being able to find a parking space close to where they want to go, and having to walk a long way.

Also disabled visitors are catered for on public transport to make getting around even easier, and to avoid troubles that they may encounter. Some shops also have ramps or access installed for disabled friendly access. This is also the case at many restaurants, and waiters will be incredibly amenable towards you if you make them aware of your problems.

Accommodation Forli

If you are planning a short city break, but are stuck as to where to go, then look no further. Forli is the perfect holiday destination, whatever your needs may be. A picturesque city in the heart of Italy, with a great atmosphere, beautiful architecture makes for a great holiday destination. The rich and deep history which is associated with the city is interesting for anybody who enjoys these things. There are various facilities in Forli as far as accommodation is concerned, which makes the choice for you much more broad and allows you to choose the accommodation that best suits your needs, and to fit your budget as well. One piece of advice that you should follow is that if you want the best accommodation, you should book well in advance. There is a really wide range in Forli, from 5 star luxury hotels with very good facilities, such as health spas and quality restaurants, as well as 3 star accommodation which is perfectly acceptable, but at a lower cost. So whether you are on a budget or not, you will find a good place to stay in Forli.

The Michelangelo Hotel in Forli is one of the best hotels in Italy and offers extensive services for everybody. The hotel is modern, but done in a way to emulate the surrounding period architecture. It also offers some of the best amenities around, including a spa and gym. Another popular hotel is the Masini Hotel, which is famous right across Italy for its luxury and quality service. It has superb interior and modern amenities. There is also a range of quality B&Bs; in Forli, to cater for a more independent and cultural stay. These are on a lower budget, but no less romantic and quaint. Do check whether or not there is a curfew!

Forli city

The City of Forli is located at the very heart of Italy and it is a very important hub for culture and architecture. It holds a lot of historical importance as well as art and culture, and it depicts the Italian lifestyle and culture to a tee. With its tall delicate buildings and deserted sunny afternoons with long warm shadows falling into the evening to accompany the vibrant and rich evening culture, it is a perfect example of Italian life and makes for a very relaxing holiday in the sun and city.

The city was named after Italian painter Melozzo da Forli, the buildings within the city are often many centuries old. Forli has some of the best hotels in Italy and not only that, they also offer great views across the local countryside as well as good amenities, most with outstanding restaurants and bars. The city is very attractive to art enthusiasts, with a large amount of museums and galleries to view and explore, as well as the architecture to be found as soon as you step out of your hotel door. The city also has an airport which is located only 5 km from the city centre, making transfer time between the airport and Forli itself less than 10 minutes, very useful for those who have travelled a long way, or with young children who can't go long without food or sleep etc.The city is connected with lots of national as well as international destinations via its outstanding airport and also its national bus and rail links, not to mention the superior European motorway network. There are many ways of navigating the city. The city has so much to offer you, it is just however you choose to embrace the history, the culture and the rich and diverse atmosphere which overtakes the city.

Useful contact Numbers Forli

For many people, the most daunting thing about going abroad on their holidays is the communication. This comes in many forms, from language to driving to telephone numbers and emergencies. Speaking on the telephone is not an issue in Forli, as many people speak English and it is a well educated area, meaning people learn it from an early age at school. The thing to remember when dialling a number in Italy is to replace the number that appears at the very beginning (+39 or 0039) with a 0. For those who aren't aware, this is a the country code for Italy, the same as the UK's is +44 and France's is +33 etc. The tourist information bureau will be able to provide you with a great deal of information about the city and specific events and opening times, restaurants to visit and when the markets are when you go, both by popping into their well located centre, or by telephone. Their number is+39 0543 714223.

There is also a tourist guidance and support number, and in order to reach this service you have to dial +39 0543 78315. Some hotels also offer online booking facilities and their number is clearly posted on their website. If you have any problems with that online service before you go, you will be able to note this down for directions when you arrive in Italy. The dialling code is 0543 and the contact number for the police in Forli is 113, or for the military police 112. The number for the fire brigade is 115 and for any non emergency calls to police please dial 055 328 49771. These numbers are all the numbers you need to know, but we hope that you will have a pleasant and cohesive visit to Forli that doesn't require any of these numbers to be used.