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El Hierro Terminals Car Hire Tips

History of El Hierro

El Hierro is the smallest and farthest Spanish island. The area is considered as the best and the youngest island in Spain. Dates back, the area was badly hit by an earthquake so massive which destroyed one-third of the island was badly ripped off. Over 200 years back volcanoes were the island’s most defining feature. Bimbaches, island previous inhabitants arrived from North Africa in search of peaceful place who possessed a complex social structure rather than living in a Neolithic era. They lived in caves which gives them fascinating sights of pottery stands .They depended on agriculture, gathering, fishing and hunting and may have called the island Hierro. In 15th century the area was conquered by Spanish and introduced the form of feudalism. Moreover, in 20th century the people were forced to immigrate in search of work. Normans and Bimaches were highly attaché to the island due to abundance of water supply, excellent visibility and good climate. Whereas, the island was full of agricultural products such as, cheese, fishing, fruit growing and live stock.


The natives of El Hierro were continued to be shrouded in mystery. Dates back the island was ruled by king Armiche was assured by Bettencourt as a prisoner and the land was divided among 20 colonists. Today, the island is the youngest in the archipelago. Whereas, volcanic activity built up the fastest steep towering 2000 meters high at peak level of center. Today, the island’s economy is stable due to its agricultural products which capture the attention of tourist towards it. Today, the island is famous as a famous tourist destination and captures the attention of tourist towards it. The island has many fascinating buildings and sightseeing and considered as the developed island of Spain. Therefore, each year it faces thousands of people in order to visit the city and enjoy its various places.

Weather in El Hierro

El Hierro is the most pleasant and vibrant island in north of canary island. It is the youngest and the most vibrant place with lots of sightseeing which people deems to see it. Therefore, it faces flock of people each year in order to move around and explore its natural beauty. It is advisable for the tourist to keep I mind all necessary information regarding weather conditions. It will help you to secure yourself from uncertain conditions and also helps to keep you healthy. Whereas, the temperature of island is mainly caused by its interaction with the sea currents of the banks of Sahara with gentle constant trade winds. Therefore, it experiences mild climate with an average temperature of 19 to 23 degree centigrade at the coast with blowing winds. The island is well known due to its bloom trade winds which makes the environment most pleasant in all seasons. The temperature is noticeable during day and night times when the sun protection is definitely required. However, the weather plays an important role and affects the activities of our daily lives. It affects all activities including sports, the way we live, the clothes we wear and the food we eat.

The city is the fastest and youngest island and day by day its beauty is growing more rapidly to increase the value of an island. During the day time the fresh winds of the island belie the strength of the sun as well as the amount of solar radiation  

The island is the best tourist destination due to its beautiful sightseeing and because of the beautiful and youngest island of Spain. The summers are quite cool with light sunshine in whole day due to its location.

Evaluating the above mentioned weather conditions; tourist can go for hire a car in El Hierro which helps them to move around in a safe mode without facing difficulties regarding climatic conditions. It provides an opportunity to get the most fun inside and outside the island in cheap prices.

el-hierro weather

El Hierro Transport

El Hierro is the fast integrated island which uses different transportation models and has an extensive transportation network. To facilitate its visitors buses and trains scheduled regular system to and from different regions. Puerto de la Estacada is a ferry service which offers large number of ferries which runs after every 1.30 hours to facilitate their passengers to get their destinations. Whereas, the island’s small airport is about 12 kilometers outside velverde which offers around 46 flights in a week to a single spot. The bus station is situated on the west of the town runs the public bus transportation system in an island. The island is easy to reach through buses, cars, trains and planes.

El Hierro bus system is very efficient and daily buses touch all important areas of an island during the mornings as well as afternoons. Patronato De Turismo provides all necessary information regarding bus timings and routes in order to facilitate their passengers. The buses passes through C corroder Street and C San Francisco from where the bus travels and people can get their desired buses fro there. La harbor is a ferryboat service which pass through small cruises’ communication among bus service and ferry services is very effective in order to provide best services. Whereas, the good and well designed road network unites all the places of island that visitors wish to see. The island has plenty of buses therefore; it is difficult to find any specific car or taxi in the city. However, the island has very few taxi station whereas, the road network of the city is much pedestirianised so it is feasible that you can go anywhere by walk easily. El Hierro car hire offers a lot of comfort and convenience to everyone. The hire cars facilitate customers especially during summers when couple of people abound the island and its beautiful sightseeing. Different representatives are available everywhere in order to arrange rentals and other services.

Top Attractions in El Hierro

El Hierro is the best destination spot and has many places to explore. It is full of beautiful sightseeing therefore; it faces flock of people each year in order to move around. Moreover, the city has many historic buildings and venues which captures a great attention of tourist towards it.. People love the sightseeing of Para gliding it is one of the favorite sports destination which gives you the chance to take in breathe taking views of the city. It is a great fun to see huge mountains and sheer cliffs. Many places offer parasailing inside the city which is a very popular sport and riders seem very fascinating about this game. El Hierro is a combination of green and Baron Island with lots of fun attractions. Frontera rural is considered as the Argest Park with a huge variety of ecosystem existing in the park. It is very popular among all therefore, it captures the great attention of tourist towards it. El Fayal is the top zone for oak and beach trees including eucalyptus. The city has another beautiful place El julan where you can easily explore fantastic rock formations.

Mar De Las Calmas is a home of divers where divers come to dive in a safe environment so that anyone can easily enjoy their trip. La Restigna is a best place for sport fishing.this is the area where you can easily find sport fishing boats leaving from origin. Water sports are another way to spend your holiday with full of fun Escolor is the best place to enjoy.

El Hierro have plenty of paces to explore as well as the island has many villages which are very traditional with inhabitants. While your trip to island it’s worth taking the time to visit valverde, the most beautiful this is the capital of the island. The part is also famous for its marine reserves. It’s a great and ideal place to visit and car hire in El Hierro makes your trip more comfortable in fewer prices.

Disable Visitors

El Hierro is a user friendly place with abundance of beautiful sightseeing which attracts the majority of tourists to spend their vacations towards the city. Disable visitors would be delighted to find such a user friendly city with lots of caring material and facilities for themselves. The special people can find different facilities in transport, hotel, and cafes and in clubs, pubs and bars also. It provides ramps, chairs, wheelchairs and guide dogs to help hem to locate different places inside the region. Government of the island has allocated special funds and other assets in order to boost the facilities for disables inside the island. Non profit organizations are working on daily basis in order to facilitate their customers to move freely within the region in their plan to explore the city..
Wheel chairs accessibility is provided to disable visitors at different locations on an island to travel easily from one destination to another.

Useful contact details for disable visitors

Disable facilities development organizations are working in collaboration with government for disable persons in order to establish facilities for those who are not physically or mentally fit. It offers mobility of wheel chairs, lifts and ramps, guide dogs and goggles for blind persons.
971 398 340

Useful contact numbers

El Hierro is a vibrant city of culture and has many attractive scenes for everyone. It is a beautiful island located in north of canary island wit a less number of population. The island is considered as the youngest one du to its location and natural scenes. In different season, El Hierro blooms with its parks and lakes with full of flowers as well as streets full of beautiful smells and perfumes. Useful contact numbers are the most active approach to keep with you in case of emergencies in order to secure yourself from uncertainties.


It helps to provide you assistance and guidance regarding basic information about the arrival and departure times. It works as a helping hand in case of emergencies and also provides assistance to disables in order to get desired information.

+34 922550530

Tourism and contact details

Here the number helps tourist guides and provide necessary information regarding discount tickets to move around the island to nearby places.
Tel:  922550302 /26

The tourism centre of island provides you initial support and offer visitors to travel around the nearby areas. The following is its contact number:

Public transport info and contact details:

To visit El Hierro, proper information and assistance about transportation is essential to make your journey more comfortable and fascinating.  Here is the number that helps you in providing every information regarding tickets, mode of payments and for ticket types oh El Hierro

Tel: 922 553 700.

Emergency contact numbers

Fire brigade head quarters
Law society
(+34) 626 194908 

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