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Anyone who enjoys travel has no doubt wanted to visit Egypt at some stage. It is located in the north of Africa, where the Sinai Peninsula forms a land connection into south west Asia. Egypt is one of the major powers in Africa and the Muslim community. It covers a huge area of just over one 1,000,000 square kilometers and north of the country you’ll find the Mediterranean Sea. Israel lies to the north east and Libya directly west. It ranks in the highest populated countries in the whole of Africa and around 80,000,000 people reside in the country, most of them along the famous River Nile’s edges. The economy in Egypt relies on a great many drivers including tourism, industry, agriculture and service


Egypt is a nation filled with thousands of years of history, with evidence of rock carvings along the River Nile dating back to around the 10th millennium BC. Since then, the population of Egypt has gone through a number of changes, from hunger-gatherers that replaced the early grain grinding culture to that of organized agriculture.

If you’re a tourist in Egypt, you will need months to see and experience everything, but if you only have a few days or weeks, there are certainly a few things that you simply must visit. The first, of course, are the more than 80 pyramids in Egypt, built mostly between 2600 BC and 1500 BC, all situated close to the Nile River. The most popular of these tombs of the dead pharaohs are the Pyramids of Giza, including the largest pyramid in Egypt – also called the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx. Along with these pyramids, tourists enjoy Abu Simbel, carver in the sandstone above the River Nile, the Karnak Temples and Luxor Temple.

With such a large area and so many incredible things to see, using public transport will just slow you down. That’s why we strongly recommend car hire in Egypt and the best place to start is on which gives you access to instant quotations and allows you to book hire cars weeks in advance.

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