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    The service is good and quick. They had no diesel cars left, but we could choose from several gasoline cars. The only minus - too many scratches on all doors, roof ...

  • 10 out of 10

    It was a little unclear at first after coming through passport control in the arrival hall, but found the rental place very quickly, bus service ok. Service was excellent, very friendly person, taking the time to explain the contract. I knew about the full tank of petrol, which I don't like, but have to accept. Also the insurance was explained. The car hire was very cheap so I wasn't expecting too much, the car had a few marks on it, but was in perfect working order. Tires could do with a renewal soon. The car was clean, radio working,so all in all I was happy.

    Marijke Phillips
  • 10 out of 10

    Very good service.

    Frank Hemsworth
  • 10 out of 10

    Yes everything was good

    Susan O

A Quick Guide to... Dijon

History Dijon

Physically a city may not be a living thing, but like any living thing on earth, it also gets changed with the passage of time. Time passes away and leaves some impression on the culture and civilization. A city remains the witness to all the changes that take place over the decades and centuries. That is why the history of a city refers not only to a collection of data it is the biography of the city. Every city has got its history but some of them are eventful and attracts more people for this. Dijon, situated in the eastern France is a city with a glorious past. As a city Dijon has passed more than one thousand years. So, it is old enough to be called as a city. In fact Dijon has completed one thousand years as the capital of the Burgundy. Dijon was originated due to its strategic position before1000 AD. It was an important stoppage to the tin merchants travelling from the Great Britain across the Alps. In around 1000 AD the Duke of Burgundy declared Dijon as the capital.

The golden era of the city was during the fourteenth and the fifteenth century. In 1477 Dijon lost its capital status to the kingdom of France but remained of the country's greatest cities. Therefore, if you also want to visit the historical monuments in Dijon then hire a car in Dijon. There are a number of car rentals in France but we are the providers of cheap car rentals in Dijon. We always try to satisfy our customers with our personalized services.

Best Dijon

For quality times indulged in the core of nature Dijon will obviously top the list of most of the nature lovers. This is the place where the beauty of the nature and the creativity of human being meet together. Nature has shown enough generosity toward Dijon but it is the people of Dijon who have turned this city in to a paradise for the worshippers of beauty. Along with the natural beauties Dijon has many man made marvels to offer to the visitors. Dijon is a small modern city with more than 200,000 inhabitants. The city has still managed to maintain its medieval feel. Most of the houses of Dijon are half timbered. The most beautiful building of the city is the cluster of the three main churches. Established in an old palace, Musïe des Beaux-Arts is on of the most famous museum of the city. This museum is also considered as the richest and oldest museum of France. This museum holds an amazing collection of French paintings and sculptures of 19th and 14th century. Dijon is famous for its mustards all over the world. So, the museum on mustard should be an obvious attraction of the city. Musïc de la Moutarde draws a huge number of visitors every year.

Therefore, if you want to make your trip the most exciting trip of your life then you should hire a car in Dijon. After renting a car you will feel more comfortable while you will be travelling to various places. We are the providers of car rentals in France and we have observed that tourists always find it more comfortable to travel via a Dijon car rental. Moreover, we can also arrange a car rental in Dijon airport which will make your trip very exciting right from the airport. So, what are you thinking now? Just make a plan and we will arrange conveyance for you!

Exploring Dijon

Man has modernized and mechanized his life for ease and comfort. But at times the mechanized life gets tough to carry on because his identity is rooted in the simplicity of nature. So, people living with in a mechanized urban environment at times want to get rid of the complexity and boredom of the city a life. They are eager to get lost in to the nature and want to tranquillize their soul with the essence of nature. For these people a place like Dijon can be easily proved as a heaven; where the city is no competing with the nature with ultra modern technologies.

Dijon is in a sense an off track tourist destination as compared to other frequently talked about European cities. And this side of the city has turned it a true paradise for the true lover of nature. People who are really fascinated about nature love Dijon for its tranquility. Dijon is favorite destination to those who like to explore on bicycle. Dijon has plenty of lonely and quiet roads to offer to the cyclist. For the explorers there are many tracks that go along the tree-lined canals, tranquil forests. So, Dijon will not disappoint those who are really the explorers of nature.

Therefore, if you want to explore the city then you can hire a car in Dijon. Renting a car in Dijon is a very simple process and if you are getting our France car rentals then you will get more advantage. We are offering very cheap car rentals in Dijon and just in a couple of minutes. Moreover, for your convenience we can also arrange a car rental in Dijon airport. When you will be travelling in a car hire you can also get fun from the beautiful sceneries which will come in your way. We assure you that your trip in a car rental will be the exciting trip of your life.

Eating drinking Dijon

People do not visit places to eat but eating is a very important part of any visit. When visiting a place the visitors want to savour the unique taste of that place. Tasting something different may not always be pleasant. Some unfamiliar taste may become a horrible experience. But in most of the cases the visitors enjoy the change of taste and variety of cuisine very much. For the visitors who love foods, eating becomes the very next thing to visiting. Actually savouring the cuisine during the tour is a very good idea. It helps to get some idea about the habit, culture and people of a place. So always try to keep some restaurants on your travel log. Like the other cities of France Dijon is also a very nice place to eat and drink. Dijon has one very special thing to offer- the mustard. The mustard of Dijon is famous for its exotic flavour. This special mustard of Dijon is not found anywhere outside France.

Your tour to Dijon will be incomplete if you leave the city without tasting the authentic Burgundian cuisines. Stephane Derbord is an excellent place for tasting the Burgundian cuisines. After trying the foods of Dijon you can be sure that you are going to have the best wine in the world. This region is famous all over the world for its vineyards.Therefore, if you want to get fun from the exciting night-life in Dijon completely then hire a car in Dijon. We are the providers of cheap car rentals in France and our rates are very reasonable and affordable. We also suggest that renting a car in Dijon is a better option because you can travel more independently and freely in a car rental in Dijon.


When visitors go to visit places they always look for something different from their usual life. They want to do something that they can not do in their every day life. They want to spend their time in some unusual manner. They love to explore the places than to stay inside the hotel room and to watch TV. They love to spend the night in a different way and to explore the enjoyments of night. That is why cities with happening night life draw more visitors than the other cities. Dijon is not an exception to this. It has a very colourful night life and the visitors really enjoy the night life of Dijon. Dijon offers the visitors lots of beautiful places to spend a beautiful evening. During the non-summer months the grand theatre of Dijon offers a lot of live concerts and dance performances. Lï Auditorium is another place where several events of modern performances take place. Dijon has a good number of bars especially in the down town areas. These bars are excellent places to enjoy the night. Some of the bars have pool tables; some have a combination of cafés and a restaurant. But the places the young people like most are La Comïdie and Concorde.

Therefore, if you want to get fun from the exciting night-life in Dijon completely then hire a car in Dijon. We are the providers of cheap car rentals in France and our rates are very reasonable and affordable. We also suggest that renting a car in Dijon is a better option because you can travel more independently and freely in a car rental in Dijon.

Shopping Dijon

Every region of the world has something unique of it. Every city produces something very special than any place of the world. No matter how big or small the city is, this is obviously something that the city can offer to the visitors. So there is always an option to shop for the visitors in any place of the world. Shopping gives the visitors a chance to carry some essence of the time they passed to their homes. Like all the cities of France, Dijon is also famous for the wine it produces. So wine should be one of the most important items on the shopping list. Along with the wine, there are some other things to shop from Dijon. Especially the antiques, cheese and the mustards of Dijon are the must buy things for any shopper. The mustards of Dijon have made the city famous all over the world. Different varieties of mustards are found in Dijon; try to get all the varieties of mustards available. You should also get some cheese from Dijon. Buy some local brand cheese.

If you are interested in antiques Monique Buisson is the perfect destination for you. So, Dijon is the city that not only feels your heart but also the shopping bag. In addition to that, tourists are always interested in shopping in Dijon. Obviously they should because the city is full of fashionable products. However, to visit each corner of the city it is better for you to hire a car in France. We provide very cheap and affordable car rentals in Dijon and if you get car rentals from us then you will be really delighted from our services. Moreover, when you will reach in Dijon you will get a car rental in Dijon airport. Therefore, for having more fun go for cheap car rentals in Dijon and have the most pleasant trip of your life.


The best time to visit is during the months of June and July. The weather is great for travelling across the city and chilling at frescos in the warm pleasant nights


Disabled visitors Dijon

Most of the travel destinations these days are trying to be tourist friendly. Cities and governments are trying to grow public consciousness along with building modern infrastructures to boost the tourism. But one thing that most of the cities ignore is the movement of the disabled. There is hardly any city or tourist destination where special provisions are provided toward the disabled visitors. Even in the most developed and civilized countries the comfort and convenience of the disabled visitors are ignored. That is why disabled visitors have to have some very unpleasant accident even in the popular tourist destinations. Dijon is a city which can be better explored on cycles. So, it is not going to be easy for disabled visitors the high lands and forests of Dijon. Besides, France is not reputed for offering special provisions toward the disabled travellers. The haphazard parking habit of the people, steep streets of villages can really make it tough for travellers on wheelchair to move.

There is hardly any public toilet which can be used by disabled people too. The public transport is not at al wheelchair friendly, though some of the trains have ramps for the wheel chair users. The taxi drivers are obliged by the law to guide the blind travellers and carry their goods too. Some of the taxi drivers are specially trained to serve the disabled travellers. These are obviously good sides. This shows that if you are a disabled person you will never find any issue regarding the facilities available in Dijon for disabled people. For increasing your convenience we can also arrange a car rental in Dijon airport. You will feel more comfortable and safe when you drive in a car rental in France. There are a number of car rentals but we are the providers of the cheapest cars in France. When you will hire a cheap car in Dijon you can go wherever you will want more freely and independently. So, are you ready to get your favorite car models from our Dijon car rentals