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    The service is good and quick. They had no diesel cars left, but we could choose from several gasoline cars. The only minus - too many scratches on all doors, roof ...

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    It was a little unclear at first after coming through passport control in the arrival hall, but found the rental place very quickly, bus service ok. Service was excellent, very friendly person, taking the time to explain the contract. I knew about the full tank of petrol, which I don't like, but have to accept. Also the insurance was explained. The car hire was very cheap so I wasn't expecting too much, the car had a few marks on it, but was in perfect working order. Tires could do with a renewal soon. The car was clean, radio working,so all in all I was happy.

    Marijke Phillips
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    Very good service.

    Frank Hemsworth
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    Yes everything was good

    Susan O

A Quick Guide to... Corsica

History Corsica

After Sardinia, Sicily and Cyprus, Corsica is the 4th largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by 2 countries and one island of Europe, located south-east of France, south-west of Italy and north of Sardinia, the island. The island up until 237 BC was under the influence and domination of Carthaginian, when Roman Republic took over it. It was under this Roman domination till its conquest in AD 430 by Vandals and later in 522 by the famous Byzantine Empire. However, as the Byzantine control collapsed, Corsica came under other various influences which includes the Lombards and Arabs before it fell in 1282 to Genoa finally following their batle against Pisa known as the Battle of Meloria. Corsica was again taken over by the Aragon between 1296-1434 and later by France in 1553-1559, it remained under Genoese control before France purchased it in 1768.

During the World War II, while Northern France was taken over by the Germans, Corsica remained part of Vichy France (1940-1942) which was later occupied by the Fascist Italy. Important figure of Corsican history- Pasquale PaoliPasquale Paoli is a very important figure of Corsican history who was their general and a patriot who fought hard for there independence. It was with this man that head of Moor's ("Testa Maura") was selected as Corsica's emblem, going back between 850-1034 when Corsica was under Moors control.

Weather Corsica

Like any other city, summer can be the best time to travel to Corsica as the beaches and the waters beautiful during that time.


Best Corsica

Corsica, surrounded by Italy, France and Sardinia Island, has a rather mysterious secret along with private touring guide, makes this wonderful island an exclusive destination for the tourists looking for a difference. One could have many authentic Cultural Tours inside the island that nothing more than the native's expertise and wilful acquaintance can provide. It is such an island where tourists would uncover old fashioned European luxury, culinary and historical adventures and personal visits. Divers Ecstasy is a unanimous place for the divers. Most beautiful spots lie at the base of the four reserves (The Cerbicales Islands, The Finocchiarolo Archipelago, The Lavezzi Islands, The Scandola), and the recently formed Marine Park.

If it comes to travelling, the greatest route will certainly be the Micheline or rather, the Trinighellu, known as the little trains of island Corsica. These sometimes take a scary yet stunning course through the mountains but definitely provide a wonderful sight. Its 9000 year long history, Old World redefined cuisine, music coming from the deepest of the landscapes, the supremacy of the blessed places, and smell of the intoxicating aromas of the plants of this island make this island one of the beauty of this planet.

Exploring Corsica

Henri Matisse long ago described Corsica as the isle of magnificence. And how true was he! It indeed is one of the most naturally rich and beautiful islands of Europe and has been attracting a lot of tourists off late. Apart from its natural beauty, it also has many other attractions that are sure to take peoples breath away. Gorges du Tavignano is a park that has long history behind it and is full of scenic beauty. Gravona River is Corsica most important river; it offers amateurs as well as experts rapids throughout the day. Travignano River is one picturesque river with narrow canyons and is great for a tranquil paddling experience. Fium Orbo River is a wild river that is popular amongst acute paddlers, offering rapids of Class V and VI. Calanche Cliffs are gorgeous red cliffs that towers above the Mediterranean. Apart from these, there are other attractions such as-All these places together make Corsica an excellent place to spend a holiday in and cherish for a long time.

Eating drinking Corsica

Gastronomy of Corsicans is very varied and rich, something you might not agree with if you are looking through a pair of French spectacles! Most of the food products are seasonal like elsewhere and thus adds richness as well as variety to their diet. The French language have a special name for their foods that are produced locally, they call it ?'du territory. As Corsican style, farming is totally based not on industrial procedures but on their peasant tradition. Thus, the food is mainly of the land. Nowadays however, more emphasis is put into organic production in spite of most of their product being organic by nature of this island. Civam Bio Corsica is the association of the organic producers. Besides, they also have in San Giuliano one bio-composting operation towards east coast. It is a true fact that sobriety has for long been the traditional hallmark when it comes to the drinking and eating style of Corsica. They have a saying that someone who only drinks water will end up having frogs on his/her belly!

Corsica had a disastrous time following their repartition from Algeria in 1960's, but has been improving ever since in production of drinks, especially wine. Now they are currently producing top class wine, a favourite of Corsican people.

Night-life Corsica

Henri Matisse, while spending time in the little island called Corsica dubbed it as the isle of beauty. If you are planning to visit this place, then this unspoiled destination plus all of its mesmerizing views, stunning cliffs, and the turquoise water will make you agree with him as well. Night-life in Corsica and its limitations. Night-life in Corsica is not as much happening as in other towns of Europe. Nigh-tlife at its coastal resorts is vibrant get packed mainly during the middle of the year. However there are very few pubs and clubs around Corsica and discos are very hard to find. People visiting there might have different opinions about Corsica because of its limitations in this field because when it comes to holiday spending night life should be concerned. People seeking unspoiled and typical European atmosphere and calm beaches will like it in Corsica. It offers exclusive fusion of Italian and French culture. Honeymooners seeking privacy as well as exclusivity will also like to spend their holidays in Corsica. People who look for passionate night-life and late night parties, Corsica might not be a great choice for holiday.

Shopping Corsica

Although Corsica is best known not for shopping but rather for its natural beauty, it has a fair share of small markets and shopping centres to meet the need of the locals as well as visitors. It has a small number of supermarkets plus a few specialist smaller markets and shops. Local specialities of Corsica are found in the Boulangeries, Epiceries, and Charcuteries etc. Quiet a number of souvenir shops can be found in its main resorts and for traditional Corsican souvenirs there are some noteworthy handicraft shops. Markets in Corsica offers variety of delights such as maquis-flavoured honey, wide ranged chestnut-based food, cheeses, charcuterie etc. in its lively markets. L'Ile Rousse It is a market that sells seafood and fish, local charcuterie, wines, cheeses, honey, fruits and vegetables in the morning.

Propriano is an indoor market that opens daily where locally grown vegetables and fruits are found in ample amount. Bastia is a market takes place is on Place de l'Hotel de Ville selling fish, vegetables, Corsican specialities plus clothes. It can be thus said that Corsica meets all the daily needs of its local people but it cannot be called a shoppers paradise. It does not have very posh and flashy shopping markets, visitors can only take souvenirs from here and the memory of its natural splendour.

Disabled visitors Corsica

Corsica is known as the islet of beauty charm. It is regarded as a very nice and relaxing holiday destination and many people in their holiday visit this island to relax and enjoy the serene nature of Corsica. However, there are many holiday destinations that are very popular but do not provide extra facilities for those visitors who are physically disabled. It becomes a great problem for those who have disabled friends or family member who cannot be left out from the holiday. But Corsica seeks to solve that problem as much as it is possible from there side. May of there hotels, restaurants, resorts have special adjustments for disabled tourists. In most of there parks, steep areas they have easy and comfortable access routes that are suitable for those who uses wheelchairs even without any assistance. Moreover in restaurants and hotels, the sinks are placed in such a height that can be used by wheelchair users. In hotels and lodges, the kitchen and toilets are also designed keeping this in mind. Thus, it becomes very useful and hazard-less for the disabled visitors and they can easily do their own work without much assistance. Although all of the hotels and restaurants are not built with so much detailed planning, Corsica still is a very welcoming place for disabled visitors and they take as much care as possible to ensure that there visitors are enjoying there trip.