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Canada Terminals Car Hire Tips

History of Canada

The history of Canada started with the advent of this territory by some early inhabitants who were the ancient Asian tribes. These tribes travelled all the way across the Strait of Bering and found out the settlement in this locality. After that, many tribes came in and started embedding their customs and traditions in the Canadian culture. The Quebec City was then added in 1600 to the Canadian territory founded by Samuel De Champlain. Since this was the time of the French invaders, Canada was declared a province of the French Republic.

The rule of France could not stay for long since the British people were getting relentless and impatient to get their rule on this territory. Moreover, when Britain started showing its interest in 1670 on the Canadian province, the hostilities increased a lot between the French and British and the French consequently succumbed to the British by signing the ‘Treaty of Paris’ in the year 1763. In this treaty, France handed the Canadian Province to Britain.

The after effects were however quite severe and the two cultures had clashed really severely together. Meanwhile, the United States started to show interest in the Canadian Territory. It was really hard to resist them at that time since the United States was becoming a growing power at that time. Finally in 1867, the famous act between the British and Americans took place which gave Canada a separate freedom to self-govern itself. This act was known as the British North American Act (BNA Act).

The final name to Canada was given when in 1791, the Province of Quebec divided itself into two different colonies, namely the Upper and Lower Canada. So confusion arose between the two ‘Canadas’. So in 1841, both Quebec and Canadian Province were amalgamated into a single province which was known as the province of Canada. It was the Confederation of States in which this Canadian ‘Province’ was finally given the name of a ‘Country’.

This concludes the way Canada was successful in achieving its power as a separate country and a separate self-governing state with its own powers. Though this is a brief history, there are many in depth details and if a person wants to submerge himself in the deep history of this country, he is required to go online and search for websites that can offer him valid and thorough details about the Canadian history.

Transport in Canada

This is a known fact to most of the people around the world that Canada is considered to be one of the famous and the most beautiful tourist spots globally. For that, an efficient transport system is the key factor that Canada provides to its tourists. This piece of writing will focus upon Canada by different routes, in particular by Road, Rail, Marine and Aviation. Before we move on to the actual core of the topic, we shall see a brief history of the Transport in Canada. William Lyon Mackenzie King was the person responsible for the inception of a transport system in Canada, in 1935. At that time, Transport Canada was responsible for Railways, Marine and Airlines. All these ways of transport were then privatized and now, Transport Canada usually is responsible for regulation of transport routes. Let us have a look at all these mentioned transport systems in a brief detail. Canada by Airport

The airline services for Canada are now handled by NAV Canada. The flag carrier of Canada is Air Canada. This airline is so famous amongst the masses that a survey in 2006 revealed that this airline had 34 million passengers for that airline. It operates a massive amount of 363 aircrafts which travel all over the world. The two busiest airports of Canada are Toronto Pearson and Vancouver International Airport.

Canada by Railways and Waterways

Canada has a total rail-track of 72,212 Km. Out of it, only 31 Km is electrified. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have commuter rail services. Waterways are mainly used for transportation of goods but there are ferry services also available that run from Vancouver to the mainland. There is also an automobile ferry service that runs from Quebec to Labrador.

Buses are also considered to be a famous transport method in Canada because they can take you to the specific and remote parts of the Country while asking you for a low cost. If you have a map of the City you are present in, the bus can take you according to the routes specified. Another advantage is that by public bus services, you will come to interact with local people who can further advice you that which places you should visit.

You can also travel by hiring a car for yourself if you want. Car hire Canada can give you the most affordable prices of renting a car but you need to keep the following details in mind:


Speed limit on multi-lane highway: 100kph/62mph

Speed limit in urban and sub-urban areas: 60-70kph/37-44mph

Speed limit on residential streets: 40-50kph/ 25-30mph

Speed limit in school zones: 30-50kph/20-30mph


The legal blood alcohol limits 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. Rapid breath test can be done to calculate the alcohol levels of drivers

Festivals in Canada

Canada is a place well known for its festivities. One of the main reasons why Canada is considered to be a very famous tourist spot is because of the grandeur of festivals shown over here. The celebrations are beautiful and the people are enthusiastic. The energy level seems to have no limits. This article will focus upon the days, months and the facts about the festivals that are celebrated in certain places of Canada. If you are worrying about the access to all these places, you should consider your problem solved; Car Hire Canada can take you to all these places within the cheapest rates possible.


The first event celebrated in Ontario is Family Day which is celebrated on the third Monday of February. This event is in correspondence with the President’s Day of United States. In honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday, Victoria Day is celebrated on the last Monday before or on 24th May. Thanksgiving Day is the day celebrated on every 2nd Monday of August. It reflects the gratitude that citizens pay to the harvesters at the closing of the harvesting season. Boxing Day (also known as St. Stephen’s Day in other countries) is celebrated just after Christmas, on 26th December.


Family Day is also celebrated in Alberta. After that, Eastern Sunday is celebrated mostly in the first week of April. Remembrance Day is celebrated specially to honour sacrifices of the great heroes in World War I. This is celebrated on 11th November because 11th November 1918 was the time when the hostilities of World War I came to a conclusion.

British Columbia

Victoria’s, Thanksgiving and Remembrance Days are also celebrated in British Columbia in the same way and on same dates as mentioned above. To honour the labour community, British Columbia celebrates the ‘BC Labour Day’ on the second last Friday of April. British Columbia Day is then celebrated on the first Monday of August which is a civil holiday gifted to the public of British Columbia to celebrate.

This is an account of the few events celebrated out there in Canada. Since Canada itself is a very big country, there are many events that the local natives celebrate to represent their own cities. If the reader is visiting any of these cities, he is required to update himself with the local hearings of that particular city so that he may know that which event is being celebrated on what date

Museums of Canada:

When Canada is the subject of conversation, museums of Cyprus are one of its most famous tourist attraction spots. This piece of writing will focus upon the Museums of Canada with respect to their contact numbers, opening and closing times. Car hire Canada can accompany you with a driver who can easily guide you at all these museums

The Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario

If you want to know the complete National history of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum is the right place for you. Commonly known as ROM, it is Canada’s largest museum. This museum has a staggering count of over six million items and over 400 galleries. Opened on 14th March, 1914, this building sees updating regularly and there have been first, second, third and fourth expansions in its buildings.

Visiting hours: Daily: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Telephone: 416.586.8000

Canadian War Museum /h5>

This museum is also known a Canada’s National museum of the military history. To be specific, it is located in Ottawa, Ontario. This museum is a reflection of all the military conflicts that have occurred on the very soil of Canada. This museum also houses a research centre which houses an enormous collection of military vehicles. Originated in 1880 and officially established in 1942, this museum is a must-to-visit place for the warfare lovers.

Visiting days and timings:Telephone Number : (819) 776-8600Timings : 09:00 to 18:00

Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum :

The most attractive thing about this railway station is that it is housed in one of the Canadian Railway stations that are no more in use. This museum has an exquisite collection of the ancient historical items of marine history which include marine and railway uniforms, a dug out canoe, models of ships, trains, and steamers. If you are an avid lover of Marine and Railways, then this museum should never be off from your list.

Visiting hours: 7 days a week. Timings: 10:00-17:00 h, January Closed. Telephone number: 519-371-3333.

To conclude, these were a few of the most famous museums out there in Canada. The reader can have more information about them available on various websites as well as the other famous museums out there in Canada. It must also be noted that these museums have an entry fee which varies according to your age group and to students. You must also have an idea of the entry fee which might be available online or you can get them through the telephone numbers told above.

Beaches and Lakes in Canada

It is usually seen that people forget to mention the essential beauty of Canada in their conversations. Canada is a place that is filled by exotic sight-seeing places including its lakes and beaches. This piece of writing will focus upon a few beaches and lakes of Canada.

Beaches of Canada This is divided into sub-headings of different cities.

Beaches of British Columbia

British Columbia has some exotic beaches such as China, Crescent, Island View and White Rock Beach. Crescent Beach not only offers a beach in itself but also offers recreation activities like swimming pool, sailing, water polo etc.

Parlee Beach of New Brunswick

Named after T. Babbitt Parlee in 1959, Parlee Beach offers you a beach and a provincial park both and is often known amongst the natives as the ‘Salt zone of Virginia’ since it contains the most salty water out of all the beaches.

Beaches of Ontario

When you are in Ontario, you have almost wasted your trip if you have not visited its famous beaches such as Cherry and Crystal Beaches. An 11 Km long running strip of Sauble beach is also one of the most famous beaches of Ontario. These beaches give you a chance to experience the best time with regards to water sports. Moreover, Sauble Beach is also an arena for the Volleyball and Racing championships.

Lakes of Canada

The most famous lakes in Ontario are lake Nipigon, Nipissing, Trout Lake and Lake Muskoka. There are a few lakes that run across Canada and USA. One is the Lake Erie that has its tributaries in Ontario, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York. The second is Lake St. Clair in Ontario and Michigan. Do not forget Adams, Capilano, Evans and Great Central Lakes if you are in British Columbia. Similarly, the likes of Lake Champlain, Philippe and Saint-Jean are not to be missed when you are in Quebec.

These were a few names of the most famous beaches and lakes out there in Canada. If you want to know more about them, you should go and search various websites to increase your knowledge about these lakes and beaches. If you are visiting Canada for holiday purposes and are worrying about transport problems, well, you can consider your problem solved already; Car Hire Canada can book drivers who can take you to all of these exotic beaches and lakes on the cheapest rates possible!