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A Quick Guide to... Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein History

Bloemfontein is the province of South Africa as well as of Free State. The meaning of the name of the city Bloemfontein is Fountain of Flowers, or Flower Spring. The city was officially founded in 1846. It was founded as a British outpost in the Transoranje area by British army major Henry Douglas Warden. At this period, many groups of people including Griqua, Basotho and Cape Colony Trek Boers occupied the city.

Because of its near approach to Winburg, Warden chose this site. The town developed greatly as the capital of the Free State in 1854. In 1854-1898, many building were constructed that are still showing the historical background of the city. In 1890, a railway line was constructed to connect Town to Bloemfontein. In 1900, British forces in the battle of Paardeberg captured the city.

The National Women?s Memorial was established to pay honour to those men, women, and children who died in these camps. Bloemfontein was the sole capital of the South Africa until 1994. The city made a great economical growth and development during 20th century. Therefore, now the city is considered as the administrative centre of South Africa with many educational institutes and private hospitals.

Bloemfontein Weather

The weather of Bloemfontein is very pleasant throughout the year. The city has cold winters with lots of sunshine during daytime, and summers with maximum rainfall. The summers of the city are hot, and the average temperature during this season is 26 degrees Celsius. December and January are the hottest months of the year. During these months, the maximum temperature ranges from 28 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius.

The rate of rainfall is highest during summer season. The rate of rainfall is 60 mm in December, 83 mm in January, and 111 mm in February. The winters of Bloemfontein are very cold, but have great sunny days. The average temperature during summer season is 16 degrees Celsius. June and July are the coldest months of the year.

During these months, the maximum temperature is 17 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature is -2 degrees Celsius. The rate of rainfall is very low during winter season. The rate of rainfall is 17 mm in May, 12 mm in June, 8 mm in July, and 15 mm in August. The temperature is moderate during the seasons of spring and autumn. Therefore, spring is the best time to visit the city.

Bloemfontein Arrival

Bloemfontein is the capital city of South Africa as well as a Free State Province. It is a compact city, and is surrounded by sprawling suburbs. Three major modes of transportation to get in the city are plane, train, or road. The international travellers usually use plane to reach the city. Bloemfontein Airport serves for international as well as for domestic flights.

The airport is located just outside the Bloemfontein City, and various flights including South African Airlines, Mango Airlines, and SA Air link serve for the airport. Many cities of South Africa also have direct links with Bloemfontein via road. N1, N6, and N8 national highways connect different parts of the country with Bloemfontein. Bus is the cheapest mode of transportation to get in the city. Various bus services provide connections to major South African cities including Greyhound, Translux, SA Roadlink, and Intercape Mainliner.

Train services are also available to enter the city. The city is considered as the main rail junction in the middle of South Africa. Spoornet rail services operate from or to Bloemfontein all parts in the country. These train service serves for Cape Town, East London, Mthatha, Durban, Johannesburg, Kimberley, and Peitermaritzburg. The main train station is located on the corner of Harvey streets, and Maitland, in the city centre.

Bloemfontein Transport

Reliable transportation is easily accessible in Bloemfontein at reasonable rates. The Public transportation system in Bloemfontein is well established and well organised. Therefore, you can use public transport to move around the city. Bus or suburban rail networks are the most commonly used mode of public transportation in the main town. Bus service is considered as the cheapest mode of public transportation to move within the city.

Different routes of the bus services connect different parts of the city. These buses stop on their specific terminals, and follow a strict timetable. To avoid any tension, it is better for you to buy tickets before getting in the bus. Train services are also present in the city to visit different areas of the city. If you are planning to travel through buses or trains, and want discount rates, then you should purchase a bus pass or train card. You can travel unlimited within the defined period of the card.

The main drawback of the public transport is that it is usually crowded with local passengers. Therefore, travelling through public transport can be hectic for those travellers who want extra comfort. If you want to avoid travelling through buses, then you can also hire a taxi, or go for private cars. The rates of the taxis are higher as compared to the public transport.

Bloemfontein Attractions

Bloemfontein is considered as one of the best destinations of the world. There are many attractions in Bloemfontein for the tourists. The Botanical Garden is the top rated attraction of the city. It is located in the heart of the city and has beautiful gardens to view. It is the best picnic spot for kids as well as for elders. Naval Hill & Franklin Nature Reserve is also considered as the attractive location in Bloemfontein for visitors. The visitors who have a great interest in art and culture should visit Oliewenhuis Art Gallery. The gallery has a large collection of historical as well as modern art and paintings. There are a tea garden and a restaurant in the art gallery therefore, it is also considered as a great place to have a picnic on the sprawling lawns. Boyden Observatory is another famous place in the city. It has the third largest optical telescope in the South Africa. It offers a chance to tourists to experience the dark and clear African skies by viewing through telescope. Some other top attractions of the city include The Orchid House, Loch Logan Waterfront, Windmill Casino & Entertainment Centre, State President Swart Park, King?s Park & the Zoo, The White Horse, The City Hall, Appeal Court, Fourth Raadsaal, Supreme Court, Old Presidency, and First Raadsaal.

Bloemfontein Eating

Bloemfontein is considered as one of the famous cities of South Africa, because of its traditions, culture, and life style. Similarly, the cuisines of the city are also very famous all around the world. You cannot find the original taste or flavour of specialties of Bloemfontein from any other place. You can enjoy the delicious cuisines of Bloemfontein at the abundantly found restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightclubs in the city.

Seafood is considered as the favourite food of the people of Bloemfontein. Cape Town Fish Market is the top rated place for seafood. You can also find Japanese, South, African, and Sushi Food in Cape Town Fish Market. Cattle Baron, Bloemfontein is another prominent restaurant of the city. The restaurant is popular because of its seafood, grills, and vegetarian food. If you are a steak lover, then you should visit Cattle Baron- Bloemfontein.

Liedtjiesbos Stoep Caf? is another well-known caf? of the city that offers light meals. Primi Piatti- Bloemfontein is a popular restaurant for breakfast, pastas, contemporary, and grill food. The Raj restaurant is one of the best restaurants for Indian, halal food, seafood, and vegetarian cuisines. The Famous Butches Grill, Seven on Kellner Restaurant and Bar, Barbas Caf?, Catch 22, De Oude Kraal Country Estate, Oolong Lounge, and Red Peppa are also included in the top rated food points of the city. It is not possible to visit all the food outlets of the city in public transport.

Bloemfontein Nightlife

Bloemfontein has very thrilling and exciting nightlife. There are many things to do in Bloemfontein to enjoy the nightlife of the city. There are many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs where you can spend your time in a great way. Fish paste restaurant and bar is the best place to go at night. It is located at President Steyn ave, and Westdene offers you excellent food in an interesting atmosphere.

Some more restaurants and food outlets where you can enjoy your night meal are Cape Town Fish Market, Catch 22, Oolong Lounge and Red Peppa. Many bars and cafes such as Barbas Caf?, De Oude Kraal Country Estate, Butches Grill, Seven on Kellner Restaurant and Bar remains open till late at night. There are many public points where you can spend your nightlife in a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

You can take your meal with light romantic music in some restaurants, such as Mexican Restaurant. Many musical concerts are also organised in the city where DJs play live music. Therefore, you can enjoy classical, folk, pop, and almost every kind of music. You can also make your nightlife more entertaining, and exciting by visiting to theaters and Cinemas.

Public transport is easily accessible in Bloemfontein to move around the city. However, public transport is usually crowded with local passengers.

Bloemfontein Shopping

Tourists from all around the world are attracted towards Bloemfontein, because of its life style, traditions, and culture. Many plazas, shopping centres and shopping malls in Bloemfontein provide a wide variety of shopping opportunities. You can find traditional products of the city at very reasonable rates. Bays Village is the top rated shopping centre of the city, where a large variety of products is available.

A wide range of shoes, clothes, and bags are present at the shopping centre in the Sanlam Plaza, and Middestad centre. Numerous shopping chains and specialty stores are located in the Bloemfontein CBD, which has a large collection of ladies as well as gents garments. Mimosa is considered as the most famous up market shopping mall in Bloemfontein. Both branded and local products are accessible here at affordable rates. Bloemgate Centre and Brandwag Centre are also included in the well-known shopping points on the western outskirts of the city centre.

If you want true African city atmosphere, then you should visit Central Park, Checkers Hyper, College Square and Hypermarket Southern Centre. Game Centre is considered as a big attraction for kids. You can find a large collection of games at Game centre. Kenworth Centre, Lee Marco Centre (Heidedal), Loch Logan Waterfront, Middestad Centre, Mimosa Mall and Northridge Mall are also some popular shopping points in the city.

Bloemfontein Disabled Visitors

Bloemfontein has the highest tourist industry, as compared to the rest of cities of South Africa. Tourists want to spend their holidays in Bloemfontein, because of the extra services provided by the city. Bloemfontein also shows a great concern towards its physically disabled visitors. Therefore, for disabled visitors Bloemfontein is a favourite place to spend holidays. Bloemfontein airport offers many amenities to the disabled passengers.

Wheelchairs are easily accessible at very low costs. For the sake of convenience of disabled travellers, ramps, and lifts are constructed in different sectors of the terminal of the airport. Tourist information offices are also present at the airport providing all kinds of assistances, if required. Accommodation for disabled visitors is also available in the city. Some hotels such as Bishops Glen, Lazy Lizard Guest House, Primavera Guest House, Bfn Inn, Franelke Guest House, and Juta Haus B&B have special rooms for disabled visitors.

Attached disabled toilets, 24-hour pharmacy services, and gymnasium are present in these hotels for disabled customers. Similarly, finding safe and comfortable transportation for disabled passengers is not a big problem. Special seats are reserved for disabled travellers, and discounts rates are also offered to them. Ramps are constructed at railways stations, so that physically disabled tourists easily get in the trains.

Bloemfontein Accommodation

Finding a reliable accommodation in Bloemfontein is not a big problem. You can get good accommodation in the city at very reasonable rates. The rates of the accommodation depends on different factors including location, services etc. There are many hotels, hostels, guesthouses, private resorts, and apartments present in the city. Anta Boga Hotel is the top rated hotel of the city.

It offers many services including air-conditioned rooms with attach bath, free parking, television with cable, three meals, and 24-hour free pharmacy services. Southern Sun Bloemfontein is another well-know hotel of the city. It is a great hotel with excellent services. Hobbit Boutique Hotel, Protea Hotel Bloemfontein, and Protea Hotel Willow Lake are also popular hotels of the city. They offer four-star facilities in three star prices.

The location of these hotels is also very good, and has very easy approach to the centre of the city. The other famous hotels of Bloemfontein include City Lodge Bloemfontein, Halevy Heritage Hotel, Protea Landmark Lodge Bloemfontein and Bloem Spa Lodge and Conference. You can also stay in guesthouses, such as Storyville Guesthouse, Calypso Lodge, Innes Guest House, Florentia Guest House, College Lodge, and Solo Gracia Guesthouse. Moreover, Camelia Guest House, Acacia Lodge, Plover Cottage B&B, Aloe Ridge B&B and Home from Home Guesthouse are also considered as the best options for you.

Bloemfontein City

Bloemfontein is the capital of the Free State province of South Africa. The city is also included in one of the three capitals, the judicial capital. The Sesotho name of the city is Mangaung, place of cheetahs. Bloemfontein officially founded in 1846. In 2000, Bloemfontein became the part of the Mangaung Local Municipality. The city belongs to the district municipality Motheo.

The coordinates of the city are 29 degrees and 06 minutes towards South, and 26 degrees and 13 minutes towards East (29.1o South, 26.217o East). Bloemfontein is located on dry grassland at an altitude of 1,395 metres above the sea level. The population of the city is 369,568, and the total population of Mangaung Local Municipality is 645,455. Poetically Bloemfontein is known as ?the city of roses?, and the meaning of the name ?Bloemfontein? is "fountain of flowers", "spring of Bloem (bloom)" and "flower spring". The city is very popular, because of the annual rose festivals that are held there.

Bloemfontein is included in one of the famous destinations for tourists. Visitors from all around the world move towards the city to spend their holidays. The top attractions in the city include rose festivals, Naval Hill, Free State National Botanical Garden, Anglo Boer War Museum, and Bloemfontein National Museum. Accommodation, transportation, and other facilities are easily accessible in the city for tourists.

Bloemfontein Useful Contact

Bloemfontein is included in the best destinations of the world. It is considered as one the safest cities of South Africa, because the city crime rate is very low. Therefore, tourists want to spend their holidays with their family in Bloemfontein. For the sake of convenience and safety, it is better for you to note down the useful contact numbers of the city. These contact numbers are very helpful in any emergency during your trip to Bloemfontein. Some of the contact numbers are mentioned below:

Emergency contact number

Police services: 10 111

Fire Brigade: 10 177/ 02 15 35 11 00

Ambulance: 10 177

Hospital (National): 05 14 05 29 11

Any Emergency (from Cell phone): 112

Any Emergency (from Telkom landline): 107

Lifeline: 02 14 61 11 11

Tourist Assistance ? Police: 02 14 18 28 52

Rescue services: 08 00 01 01 01/ 02 19 48 99 00/ 02 14 49 35 00


Hospital services: 05 14 05 19 11/ 02 14 65 48 46

Hospital (Universitas): 05 14 05 39 11

Hospital (24 hour services): 02 14 61 11 24

City Park Hospital: 02 14 80 61 11

Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital: 02 14 80 61 11

Other contact numbers

Electrician: 05 14 09 23 45

Water: 05 14 05 81 91

Public transport:

08 00 65 64 63 (information)

08 00 60 08 95 (Dial a Ride for the disabled)

Bloemfontein Festivals

The festivals and events of Bloemfontein make it a prominent city of South Africa. Tourists from all around the world move towards Bloemfontein to attend the festivals, and events of the city. Macufe Mangaung African Culture Festival is the top rated festival of the city. The duration of this festival is 10 days, and it is annually organised in late September.

The festival shows the art and cultural background of the city, and attracts more than 140,000 people from Africa, South Africa, and the world. Another famous festival of the city is Voedsel & Witblits Fees. It is annually organised in October, and its duration is 2 days. The festival is comprised of music performances, and concerts. Ride MTB Expo is another well known festival of the city that includes outdoor activities. Different exhibitions and conferences are also presented during this festival.

It is the largest exhibition of mountain bikes in South Africa and remains for three days. Bloemfontein Rose Festival is the most appealing festival of the city. It is held from 15 October to 22 October, at Mimsa Mall. The city is also known as the city of roses because of its flower exhibitions and festivals. Some more interesting events of the city include Free State Food Fair, MTN OFM MTB Race, Pick n Pay OFM Classic, Dome Adventure Festival, Cherry Festival, and Erfenis Dam Mile 2009.

Museums & Monuments In Bloemfontein

The museums and monuments in Bloemfontein are the main attractions for tourists in the city. Bloemfontein is the most famous city of South Africa, because of its architectural and historical background. The national museum is considered as the most important, and popular museum of the city. The museum was constructed in 1877, and its collection is mainly consisted of anthropology, mammalogy, palaeontology, entomology, archaeology, palaeo-ecology, ornithology, cultural history, herpetology, botany, rock art, and fine arts.

The collection of the museum also has fossils material such as the famous Florisbad Skull, and one of the largest known dinosaurs. Boyden Observatory is another popular museum of the city, and has a large collection fossils, and archaeological material. Rock Art Department, Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery, and Anglo Boer War Museum are also included in the well-known museums of Bloemfontein.

Some other famous museums of the city include Choet Visser Rugby Museum, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Queens Fort Military Museum, SA Armour Museum, Choet Visser Rugby Museum, and Fire Station Museum. National Botanical Garden is included in the top attractions of the city. It is located at Rayton Road, off Dan Pienaar Drive. Naval Hill and Franklin Game Reserve, Women's Memorial and Waterfront are considered as the best points of Bloemfontein to visit.

Kid's Amusements In Bloemfontein

There are many attractions for kids in Bloemfontein including zoos, parks, and museums. Ride MTB Expo is the most appealing event of the city, which attracts the kids. It is the largest mountain bike exhibition in South Africa. Bloemfontein Rose Festival is also attracts those children who have great interest in gardening. National Museum is the most famous museum of the city.

It has a wide collection of fossils, and interesting archaeological materials. It is located at Aliwal St. and remains open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. National Afrikaans Literature Museum is also a well-known museum of the city. The kids who have great interest in history or historical buildings should visit First Raadsaal. Major Henry Warden built it in 1849,and it once served as church.

Old Government building also depicts the historical background of the city, and represents the work of old Cape Dutch architecture. Naval Hiss is a popular hill of South Africa, and offers excellent views of the city. The fountain of the city is also a charming place for kids. The other attractions for the kids include Bloemfontein Orchid House, Lock Logan Waterfront, Oliewenhuis Art Gallery, City Hall, Rugby Museum and Civic Centre.

Finding a reliable transportation in the city is not a big problem.

Bloemfontein Beaches

Bloemfontein is considered as one of the beautiful cities of the world. The city has some of the finest beaches in the world. The beaches of the city are one of those factors that add a lot to the beauty of the city. Summer season is the peak season for the city when tourists can experience a lovely time near beaches of Bloemfontein. The longest beach of the city is about 4 kilometres long.

De Hoop Nature Reserve is also included in the well-known beaches of South Africa. The beach is located just minutes from the city centre. Noetzie is another famous beach of the city, and here you can experience excellent sea views. The coast of the Noetzie is considered as a good picnic point for families. Some other well known beaches of the country include Plettenberg Bay, Port St Johns and Rocktail Bay.

The transportation system of the city is well developed and organised. You can use public transport to explore the beauty of the city. However, it is impossible to visit all the points of the city in public transport. Furthermore, the pubic transport is usually crowded with local citizens of Bloemfontein.