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    It was a little unclear at first after coming through passport control in the arrival hall, but found the rental place very quickly, bus service ok. Service was excellent, very friendly person, taking the time to explain the contract. I knew about the full tank of petrol, which I don't like, but have to accept. Also the insurance was explained. The car hire was very cheap so I wasn't expecting too much, the car had a few marks on it, but was in perfect working order. Tires could do with a renewal soon. The car was clean, radio working,so all in all I was happy.

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A Quick Guide to... Birmingham

History Birmingham

The city of Birmingham has a long history that dates back to the Bronze Age. This makes it one of the oldest cities in the UK and even Europe. Archeologists have found evidence of settlements in the area dating back to the Bronze Age. The name of the city is Saxon in origin and refers to a village whose leader was Beorma. The Saxons people first came to the region around the 5th Century and before that the village would have been part of the Roman Empire. Many developments in the area were first introduced by the Romans. Birmingham was still a small village when the Normans became the authority in the region. The real development of the village started in 1154 when the village gained the right to have a market. That was the start of many advances in the village under the rule of the De Birmingham family. In the 16th Century, the metal work industry flourished and the city became famous for excellence. The advent of the gun industry in the 17th Century helped the village to grow to a population of 15,000. By the 18th Century, it was growing rapidly as one of the centres of the industrial revolution. The city became the base for newspapers, libraries, hospitals and recreation facilities. By the end of the 19th Century, it had grown to be the second most populated city in the United Kingdom. During World War II the city was damaged by German air raids, but quickly recovered.


The weather in Birmingham can termed as unpredictable. It can get quite chilly in the winters and in the summer you can expect rain and sunshine at the same time. As that being said it is recommended that you visit the city in summer which is during the months of June and August. Make sure you carry an umbrella


Arrival to Birmingham

Birmingham is a tourist destination and a major spot for business travelers. The city has its own importance so it is easy to reach the city through different modes of transportation. Birmingham international airport plays an important role to link the city to other areas. At airport 50 airlines fly from over 100 destinations. Hotels, parking and other facilities are available for passengers.

Birmingham has an extensive rail network .it helps to connect the city and a major hub of Britain’s rail network. New street station, mall palisades, moors street and snow hill station serve routes from London to Marylebone. The stations are located in the city center so it is easy to reach by walking and are linked by a free bus service. The city is also very well served by buses and coaches provide by national express. They offer journeys to city from 500 different locations. However it provides an access up to 1,200 destinations to different regions. The city is also easy to access through cars as the city has the major motorway network. It provides easy identifiable routes to towns. Sea also plays an important role to link the city to different regions. It also helps to boost the economy by making trade.

The city has an extensive canal network due to its industrial heritage. It facilitates the tourist to reach by narrow boats.

City transport

Transport system plays an important role for any city. Birmingham transport system is operated by Birmingham corporate transport. Trams, buses, trolley buses and motor buses are the basic modes of transportation. The city replaced its entire fleet and trams to new speedy buses.

The transportation system of the city makes s the travel pretty easier for you to get where ever you want. The city trams and trains make the bulk of people carries capacity on a number of main lines. The extensive transport network allows the visitors to travel within various districts of the city in a comfortable way. 11A and 11 C are the buses that serve long routes and travels up to 272 bus stops. National express runs coaches from city to other nearby areas. Shuttle services are another major mode of transportation for travelers via airport shuttle, hotel shuttle, tour bus, motor vehicle and free way buses. People take advantage of shuttle buses when they want a ride to their destinations. Eighty percent of the people use these shuttle services to travel to their offices and other places. As these buses are comfortable and easy to access from anywhere in the city. Tickets are available at ticket stations located at every stop.

The district transport company also cares for their disabled visitors and provides various kinds of facilities to them. They provide ramps, wheelchairs and special seats for those kinds of people.

Best Birmingham

Birmingham is such a vast and culturally diverse city with many things to see, do and explore. There are so many sights, smells and sounds to be experienced in one city, and lots to do. The places here are just the cream off the top. The must-sees of Birmingham include Aston Hall, which is a fine example of Edwardian and early Victorian architecture, with locally fired red brick and beautiful textile examples, furniture and paintings from the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. Cadbury's chocolate is probably the most famous brand of chocolate in the world, and is all to be discovered at Cadbury's world in Bournville. Watch chocolate being made in the factory, find out how cocoa beans grow and how they are transformed into chocolate. But don't go to wild in the factory shop, where all products are sold at factory price. Birmingham Museum and At Gallery displays many pieces of art with international significance, as well as work by famous British and European artists, alive and dead. It also displays international historical artefacts such as Mummies from Egypt. Along with this there is the Barber institute of Fine Art with many famous paintings and sculptures from around Europe. It is a really colourful exhibition of culture within the city. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are the quiet retreat of the mayhem of the city. They are purposely designed for the study of plants and have now become an internationally recognised place of research and conservation of plants. You can see many rare and exotic types here, that aren't found anywhere else in the western world. Finally there is the National Sea Life Centre, located in the ThinkTank complex with the Symphony Hall, a recognised venue for international music events. The Sea Life Centre is a myriad of different species, colours and sizes of fish and sharks, as well as many other underwater sea creatures.

Top attractions in Birmingham

The city of Birmingham is a tourist destination and contains lots of activity in it. The city has many things to offer for tourists and People love to explore different places and adventures in the city to get most of their fun. Birmingham plays a significant role in art and culture. Birmingham made a specific contribution to boost musical culture of United Kingdom.

Birmingham is rich in art and culture and to prove this Birmingham museum and art gallery is evidence which shows that the city gives special attention to make its art alive. The museum has renowned displays of art and a wide collection of famous artists. Aston hall, blakesley museum, the museum of jewelry quarter, soho house and sarehole mill are the other best museums which displays different parts of science. Cadbury world is the most fascinating place to visit for kids to learn about cocoa beans and chocolates. The national sea life center helps you to get to know about the entire sea life. It boosts having the worlds best transparent under water tunnel. Millennium point is one of the most important landmark building and a technology innovation center and one of the top most attractions in Birmingham.

Digbeth is a zoo having endangered species and offers breath taking views over the Black Country. Haden hill house, ikon gallery, west midland safari park and walsall arboretum are some other popular tourist attractions.

Exploring Birmingham

Birmingham is the central hub of the West Midlands, and is one of the largest core cities in the country. It is said to be the second capital, being the largest city in the United Kingdom, outside of London. The city's geographical positioning and well connected waterways earned it most of the fame that it has now during the Industrial Revolution, being claimed as the powerhouse of the catalyst. It is very much an industrial working city, and is better known as the workshop of the world, or the city of a thousand trades. The City's history runs right back to the Bronze Age, and today it boats a rich collection of tourist interests. With a wide range of museums and galleries, along with places of religious interest as well as parks and landmarks, it is a thriving city for tourists and sightseers alike. It is home to many Roman Catholic churches and is home to the largest mosque in Europe. Along with this, its rich culture leads into Music, Art and Architecture too. Being the birthplace of the Odeon cinema and many other media advancements in the history of the world, it is said to host the largest leisure and cinema complex, Star City. Along with the amazing variety of arts and music to be experienced in Birmingham, there is also such a myriad of tastes smells and sensations within the cuisine. With extraordinary bistro bars, traditional British pubs, relaxing cafés, discos and restaurants from a variety of different cultures including Indian, Cantonese, Chinese, Italian, French and Spanish, the city stays energetic and alive though the evening, making your visit to Birmingham a truly remarkable and memorable experience. Tourists might find the city extremely pleasurable, exciting and exhilarating. The city also has extremely good connections by air, railway or motorway, with an international airport and the best road connections in the country.

Eating drinking Birmingham

Birmingham is the cultural meeting place of many different cultures such as Indian, Jewish, British, Asian, Arabic, African, Italian and French, for example. And with this is the amazing breadth of cuisine to experience. You will find many famous dishes from every country. In Birmingham there are over 500 bars and restaurants to choose from. China Town will grab your taste buds and scatter them with Chinese food. In Sparkbrook and Moseley you can also experience the Birmingham Balti, famous across the country, a dish made of fresh meat, vegetables and lots of spices. This is one of the most popular dishes in the city and has its name associated with Birmingham it is that well loved. Vegetarians are always well catered for as this is a big part of the society of Britain, and therefore there are plenty of options that you can try, without compromising on the great taste of the cuisine. Being British, Birmingham has a vast range of traditional watering holes for those who work up a mean thirst, from traditional pubs to café bistros to be found right across the city. The 2 most famous spots are Water's Edge and Broad Street where every type of bar can be found. Birmingham is also a popular party destination, and when the sun sets, the party atmosphere is incredible. The city is alive with the sound of drum and bass, from the nightclubs and pubs. However do check the dress codes before setting out to these places as they have very strict restrictions. However, do not let this deter you from a relaxing evening if you are more inclined to sit back and relax at a nice bistro bar, there are many calm and tranquil spots to be found where you can enjoy a drink and a lovely meal out-of-the-way of the city centre.

Night-life Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the liveliest British cities offering plenty of venues that cater to all tastes. No matter what you enjoy, somewhere in the city offers the opportunity to indulge in your favourite activities. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of pubs, clubs or theatres. Every type of bar and club is available to satisfy any taste. Among the most popular are James Brindley and the nearby Flapper and Firkin and Glassworks. Close to the National Indoor Arena is the Malt House. One of the most popular areas of the city at night is Broad Street, which is packed with clubs, cinemas, bars and restaurants. Another popular area is Brindley Place, which offers scenic views over the canal. The Arcadian Centre on Hurst Street has the Irish and Chinese Quarters. Other lively areas of the city include the Star City and Mailbox. The night-life in Birmingham also appeals to culture lovers, with big cinemas showing all the latest blockbuster films as well as cinema classics. Every night on stage, the best actors and directors make magic to entertain people of all ages. The local museums and galleries show the best of the history and art from the region and around the world. It should be clear that Birmingham is a fantastic city to visit if you are in the United Kingdom. It has a rich cultural history and the local people are incredibly friendly, meaning you are sure to be welcomed with open arms. Enjoy your stay!

Shopping Birmingham

Birmingham has modern shopping malls and its streets are lined with numerous shops, department stores and indoor and outdoor markets. If you love to shop then this is the place for you to be. There are about 700 shops or more, which are open seven days a week. In the city centre all the top branded stores can be found, like Nike, Diesel, Gap, Benetton and Levi's. You can check out the shops on the high street or you could go to the modern shopping malls like City Plaza or Pavilion Central. To find designer shops, Mailbox is the place to be. It includes so many exclusive stores like Hugo Boss, Joop, Emporio Armani etc. other big names in the fashion arena can be found in Corporation Street, New Street and Martineau Place. The newest edition to Birmingham's shopping experience is the Bullring, which is the largest among all retail developments in Europe and has 150 outlets. The city has two really vibrant markets. One is the indoor market where you will find fresh and home-made products and the other is St. Martin's Market where you can find anything from electronics to fresh fruits and vegetables! You can also get great designer and handmade jewellery in the Jewellery Quarter. The small shops selling different kinds of jewellery at low prices could be a great option if you are looking for bargains. Shopping is a true pastime for many people. If you are one of these, Birmingham is clearly the place to be. Whether you are after bargains, designers or fresh produce, everything and anything can be found here. Do make sure you bring someone strong to carry all your goods for you!

Disabled visitors Birminghan

In Birmingham there are lots of amenities and facilities provided for disabled visitors to the city. Blue badge parking is available throughout the city. Also equipment is available from Shopmobility to get around with extra ease and have greater access to the city centre and other pedestrianised areas for people who have trouble moving. In the city centre, you can find a loop talking system called Wayfinder. This system is designed to help blind or short-sighted people to get around and enjoy the city easily. The system is designed to guide you around the city, help you get into transport, to shop and navigate around the city centre. There is also other equipment available for free from Birmingham Focus and Shopmobility. Along with the way finder system, there is another system called 'Meet and Greet.' This system is designed for any disabled person who needs help or company to visit the City Centre and surrounding area. The programme aims for a member of a specially trained team to accompany you on your visit to the city and make it more convenient and comfortable for you. This would involve meeting a guide at a specific meeting point, which could be a train station or a bus stop, so you don't have worry about finding your partner, and will add extra ease to you trip. Along with Shopmobility and Birmingham Focus, the Network west Midlands service is specifically set up to aid people who are disabled with getting around the area, and provides facilities for disabled people to get across the county via many types of public transport including bus and rail. Please visit there website for more information. The tourist centre can also help you out with friendly staff, keen to help you get the most out of a city with such a vibrant culture.

People of Birmingham

The people of the Birmingham are also known as the 'Brummies', because of the nick name of the metropolis. It is called the Brum. The Brummagem is the name that is derived from the word called ‘Bromwicham’ that has arrived from their language. People differ from country to country. There will be something special about the people of each country. Now let us discover the specialty of the Brummies.

The Birmingham people are a kind of people who wish to enjoy their life and make everything happy around them. They give more importance to the entertainment part of the life. They have high hospitality for the foreign people who either come as guests or come for settlement. You can find an ease when you are being with them. The people of the Birmingham are well known for their luxury life. Since they wish to enjoy to their fullest they don’t mind spending more for their happiness.

The people of the Birmingham are very active people. They work so much in the week days but it is a must for them to enjoy the week end with their family and friends. They are very strong in this. The Brummies have started converting them to the vegetarian food as there is much awareness about the non – vegetarian food reducing their health and fitness. They care about health more. So you can find many vegan hotels in the Birmingham. The people of Birmingham like onions and tomatoes. You can see these two flavors in almost all the food they consume.
Dance is the most enjoyable one in the Birmingham. And also the people love to dance. They dance in all the parties and all the festivals. According to them dance is an exercise which relaxes their body and mind.

Accommodation in Birmingham

Birmingham is a friendly city in UK and always cares for its visitors by providing certain benefits. Every year thousand of people visit the city as it is a hub of commerce and trade. Birmingham accommodation helps you to get the best option to avail according to your pocket margin.

The city provides a wide collection of bed and breakfast, quality, luxury and a great value for your money. There is an abundant variety of hotels whether you go for luxury, comfort or for economic accommodations. The prices vary significantly for young students to business travelers. You can choose any accommodation according to your budget such as campanile hotel is an ideal accommodation for business travelers. It is nearest to the city center and provides an easy access to motorway. Thistle hotel is exclusive and an economical that can easily suites to anyone looking for luxury and comfort. Ramada hotel is a glass fronted building with an airy modern décor.

Aston conference center is an ideal place to stay and for business meetings. Its main hall is specially designed for executive’s business meeting and for comfort lunch. Ibis Birmingham center, malaise Birmingham, Etap Birmingham center and Britannia hotels are the most luxurious and near by to the city center which makes convenient and one may reside easily.

The city of Birmingham

Birmingham is the most important metropolitan city with a population of over1, 006,500 with an area of 103.4 square mi. Birmingham is the England’s core city located in the west of county midlands of England. The city is a heart of England due to its power house which is a great of its industrial revolution.

With the passage of time the city lost its importance due to the crunch in industrial sector. Now the city is famous and known as the city of thousand trades because of its high growth in business sector. It is considered as the third best place and a commercial center which welcome all the traders to locate a business. It is the most famous and visited city by foreign traders because it is a hub of commerce and trade. It is 21st best city in Europe and the third best place to locate the business. It caters thousand of people each year by organizing convention centers and exhibition centers. It has a long cinematic and art history and a hub of various national ethnic media. The city is rich in history, culture, art, education and sports. It is the most livable city and ranked as fifty fifth one among all the cities in United Kingdom.

The city council plays a vital role with over 120 councilors and run by a liberal democrat coalition.

Useful contact numbers

Useful contact numbers help people to take proactive measure and save them from unexpected situations. The city faces a massive amount of tourist throughout the year. To keep the numbers is an essential part for visitors in order to safe them from uncertainties.

Tourist info

This is a helping guide for those who wants to get knowledge about their tour in advance. Tourist info center will guide you about each and every place and basic requirements of your trip.

44 (0)121 202 5099


24/7 emergency is available in city hospital which helps you to get the doctor immediately whenever you want.

(205) 783-3000

Bus service

It helps you to get knowledge about the routes and numbers of buses. It will also helpful for you to know about the timings of buses.

0845 077 4224


Online service is available throughout the day. It helps people to get knowledge about arrival and departure timing of flights. Customer service is available for passengers in order to know about their luggage or flight.

0870 733 5511

Transport system


The city has many rail stations where customer service is available. Anyone can book their ticket by making a phone call and they can also get knowledge about their tickets or timings of train.

0800 40 50 40


Taxis are available every where in the city. It provides an access to reach any place in the city in a very short time period.

Birmingham Costs, Money & Banks

When we frame budget for a month, we should list the costs of the rent that is given to the house, the garage rent, electricity bill, gas bill, telephone bill, education, food, car rent, interests that is paid to the bank, medical expenses (in most of the cases it is an unpredictable one). There is lots of money that should be spent in the Birmingham. The cost of living is high in the Birmingham. Here let us discuss about some of the costs that we are in need to spend each month.

Rent: The house rent will cost around £200 per week for a family. When it comes to monthly payment there might be £50 to £100 less on the total. For instance the rent will be around £700 to £750 per month. But when you can afford a very royal house then the cost will be high.

Gas: Gas costs £90 per month when a single person uses it. There will be additional charges for more number of people.

Electricity Bill: Current when used normally you will get a bill of around £200 per month. This also varies during the summer when air conditioner is used more.

Telephone Bill: The rent of the telephone is £50 per month. The bill depends on the frequency of usage and the outgoing calls that are made.

Schools: A good quality school will cost £200 per month. This is the fee that is collected by most of the nursery schools.

Birmingham festivals

Birmingham is a tourist most attractive destination. The city has many things to offer to its visitors. The city celebrates different festivals each year and provides an opportunity to its citizens to show their talent. It is a platform for the people to explore their talent while these festivals help the government to generate an income. It is a center of excellence and art which helps to grow new and innovative talent. It has number of lively festivals which takes place throughout the year.

The events include carnivals, food malls, parades and street fairs. The city has a list of many festive such as spring fair Birmingham, crafts dog show, pride gay and lesbian ball, concertos, international motor show, DFS women’s tennis, fireworks fantasia and badminton bonanza. Daily newspaper publishers publish the latest festivals and cultural events and up to date its residents by providing festivals knowledge in the city and to its nearby areas. A festival draws an enormous and wonderful crowd and provides a platform for both performers and spectators. These festivals provide a wide range of things to see and to do. Tourist guide is always a useful source for tourist to get knowledge about events and festivals in Birmingham.

Birmingham has many museums and art places which arranges many festivals on different dates.

Monuments and museums in Birmingham

Museums and monuments are city’s most precious and valuable assets. They tell every visitor about the history of the city. The city is crammed full of monuments and landmarks. Many museums in the city are date back hundred of years and are in remarkable condition. Hall of memory is a museum where you can find any kind of historic things. It help tourist to get the knowledge about the past of the city.

Aston hall is another great museum which displays every kind of weapon and statues of great fighters. Boer war memorial is a great landmark in the city at B12 Street England. The monument has a great value. Birmingham museum and art gallery has a collection of international importance and displays the work in fine arts, jewelry, archeology, local history and an industrial history. Sarehole mill, soho house, weoley castle and blakeseley hall are some of the other kind of museums. Centenary square is a landmark open daily.

Chameberlain clock, wattelisk, big brum, harborne walkway and sally manor are the famous monuments in the city. These monuments are the great destination s sport and valuable for those who have some interest in history. These monuments are easy to reach and inside the city so people can touch all these.

Kids in Birmingham

Kids are most valuable asset in every one’s life. Birmingham has many events and places for kids to enjoy and explore their talent. The city provides a platform to those who has talent and wants to explore their talent. It is the place where performers and professionals can meet. The city has many places for kids to enjoy such as hickory dickeys’ is an indoor fun place for kids with soft play area. It is a great place to take them and let them have few hours of fun.

Cedar road play area is an art and entertainment place located in the new housing estate. It has variety of activities for kids to enjoy and a place to make new friends. Super camps are a place to keep your active, happy and safe where they can try new and innovative activities. Wolf mountain climbing center is close to the city center. It arranges children climbing and caving parties and unique indoor caving system. Cadbury world is the city’s own chocolate paradise and a fun place for chocolate lovers. It has fun, attraction and many multimedia attractions for kids. Twin peaks are climbing walls provide a healthy and enjoyable challenge that provides satisfaction in a fully challenging environment.

Drayton manor is a zoo with endanger us species and offer heavy rides around. The city is full of activities for kids as many people visit the city each year.

Birmingham Parks

Parks are a place of relaxation, a place that helps us to spend time with family and friends, and it make us enjoy the beauty, etc. Birmingham attracts its visitors with the parks. There are many parks here.

Birmingham Real Estate

Real estate business has flourished a lot in the Birmingham region. The people have started buy a house or any other property because many banks are now offering good loan and less interest to the Brummies. That is why there is a great growth that is seen in the real estate business of the Birmingham.