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A Quick Guide to... Angers

Angers History

Angers is shooting to the top as one of the top holiday destinations not only in France and Europe but throughout the world. There are many reasons why Angers is becoming such a popular holiday resort. In addition to the fact that the Angers offer top of the range hospitality services to the visitors and has numerous attractions that lure the visitors the other reason why the Angers has become one of the top holiday resorts is that the place holds a historical heritage that is quiet intriguing. Angers history draws a lot of visitors from throughout the world who want to come and see the most of the castle and home relics that give visitors glimpses of the culture of the past habitants of the area.

Angers is located in the Maine etLoire department in the further North Western region of France. 

The city is about 300 km south West of Paris. The name of ‘Angers’ has been derived from the pre-revolutionary provincial capital name, Anjou which was inhabited by the Andecavi. The city has a population of 157 000. The location holds a historical heritage that dates from beyond the early Roman times. History holds that the first sign of human presence in the region of Angers is a stone tool that according to history dates back to 400,000 BC. What has been known is that the earliest inhabitants of the area are the Andecavi and the Gallic tribes which were overtaken by the Roman Empire. In the early ninth century the province of the Anjou in which Angers was the capital was controlled by a formidable family of feudal lords.


The past inhabitants of Angers were a religious and cultural rich people and most of what existed to show for the rich traditions and cultures of the earlier tribes and kindred who dwell on the region has lived to see the day. In some of the top attractions in Angers you will be treated to most of these historical features such as the religious sites, the castles, etc. There are many centers that have been established to enable visitors to enjoy a rich exploration of the Angers by providing guides and history briefs on the area of Angers. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.

Angers Weather

If you are planning a trip to Angers, France you are probably concerned about weather forecast.  This is one of the most vital travel tips to consider. Actual weather results at times differ from the forecasts. As a traveler you do not have a choice. You can get forecasts for the next days that you are planning to fly to Angers. The easiest way to do this is visit online sites. Ensure that you do not just visit any of those weather sites. You could use your own Internet experience to determine a reliable website. Use your personal judgment too.

A great site should provide the source of its Angers weather forecasts. Most of the legitimate sites work closely with external weather corporations you already recognize. Not only that. It provides more information about that source and how soon it updates the current weather changes.  You have to get adequate proof that the displayed Angers weather forecast is reliable.  Another important thing that the weather site should clarify is how to navigate through it.

You do not need a site that is complex to understand and use. If you are traveling next week to Angers you need a dependable weather report. Some genuine weather sites can show you a report for today, tomorrow and Sunday too. Some also display predictions for the next two or so weeks. Another detail that a good weather forecast website has is description of graphics.  This way you know the symbol for rainy, sunny, windy, snowy and so on days. If you will be traveling from 25th Jan 2010, it should be easy to select the favorable days.

For instance, you can safely get to Angers during the sunny or partly sunny days. According to current forecasts, Wednesday or Friday, next week has those characteristics. The next week but one seems to have three such days. If you can easily scrutinize Angers weather reports online then you can plan your trip perfectly. The rest of the days are rainy. If you will be flying to this cultural city soon remember to pack warm and rain clothing and accessories.

As a traveler car is the most suitable option for you. Hiring a car is not a problem in this city. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.

Arriving at Angers

Angers has a rich history; it is located in Loire Valley and has a very welcoming environment. It has many things to offer its visitors like lovely and enjoyable places and traditional cuisines. The places in Anger has a long history which can even be traced back to 12th-century. Upon arriving at Angers Arville by any suitable and reasonable flight you can enjoy the beauties of this place either by having a self-tour or by hiring tour guide services. The city has many reasons to attract visitors like historical places or beautiful green gardens.

The best places to visit upon your arrival at Angers are Cale de la Savatte, where you can enjoy boat trip and worth seeing churches like Fontevraud Abbey, a 12-century church, St. Serge, and La Trinité. You can satisfy your aesthetic sense by visiting and enjoying 'Apocalypse' tapestries in many of the Angers museums.

Other attractions of Angers include Toussaint and Notre-Dame du Ronceray, 13th and 11th century churches depicting the primeval prayer destinations. There is yet another 12th century St. Jean hospital which now serves as a museum. A large mansion Logis Barrault is also a museum now having many old memories of Angers like sculptors by David d'Angers and just outside the mansion there’s a statue of René of Anjou – a masterpiece just one-of-its-kind. If you are with kids you can enjoy at Kangaroo Park (Jardin des Kangourous) near Savennieres.

The floral beauty offered by Angers is incredible and the colored view by floral presence in the town is amazing. One of the popular and worth seeing botanical gardens is Jardin Botanique, with excellent floral display. There are many restaurants for example rue Saint Laud etc where one can enjoy Angers specialty i.e. orange peel Cointreau or fouaces bread and sweet filled wine. One must not forget to try Quernon d'Ardoise which is a nut-filled blue chocolate, after their meal.

While deciding for the best hotels in Angers one must consider the purpose of visit so as to make the right decision. For city trips there could be many hotels like, Hotel Du Mail, Hotel Iena and Grand Hotel de la Gare starting from €55. For business tours Mercure Angers Centre Gare and Le Relais D'orgemont starting from €54 could be your choice. If budget is your primary concern Hotel Moliere, Le Royalty and similar could be an option. Their prices start from as low as €35.

As a traveler car is the most suitable option for you. Hiring a car is not a problem in this city. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily car hire in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.

Angers City Transport

The most important question in a travelers mind while on an area’s tour is its transport facilities. Some people’s major concern while deciding for a mode of transport is ease whereas some go for budget. In Angers both land and air transport facilities are available but when we talk specifically about city transport the widely used mode is a land transport facility including bus and train. There are different companies, for example COTRA which is a Transportation company with a network of 172 buses and 55 coaches covering around 31 villages of Anger, providing public transportation facility. COTRA’s tramway line connects north to South which means Avrillé to La Roseraie. Anjou Bus is yet another new bus station service in the city providing bus transport facilities covering up areas like Brissac-Quincé, Doué-la-Fontaine, St-Georges-sur-Loire and Saumur.

Different companies also offer packages like traveling for the entire day and enjoying the different Angers’ attractions at a very reasonable price. Angers transport is known for its timely and efficient services. Buses are the most widely used mode due to the fact that they are very efficient and almost always on schedule. Another reason for its wide acceptance is that its tourist friendly that is, it gives many options to the tourist to see as many places as possible. Each bus stop has clear maps guiding travelers about the routes and what’s next? The tickets to travel on a bus can be asked from the driver.

Different bus follows different routes and connects to different places. Time to reach a certain place also depends upon which mode and services you have chosen. Different timings and days are catered by different buses like week days, nights, holidays etc.

There are also train stations to make traveling easy like Angers’ glass and steel train station but booking is important before hand. To have certain and sound journey one must check on the routes and ticket charges before hand so as to avoid confusions and delays. It is worth noticing that the Atlantic Ocean beaches are 1.30 hours away from Angers if traveled by train or a car. And Angers distance from Paris is also 1.30 hours if traveled by French high speed train systems. As a traveler car is the most suitable option for you. Hiring a car is not a problem in this city. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.

Disabled Visitors

One of the elements that have made angers a top holiday resort is its holistic approach to offering the visitors the best of services and faculties that make visitors feel like they owe Angers yet another visit. For those who have been to the Angers you may well be in the know that the holiday resort boasts of top of the class hospitality facilities which feature some of the top ranked hotels in the world. In addition to the service range of world class accommodation what you have are accommodation facilities that have been tailored for the disabled. There are many hotels and various smaller accommodation facilities such as BnBs that have special facilities for the disabled.

So if you have any disability concerns and you want to visit Angers you need to know than you will be well catered to by a broad service repertoire tinged with touch a class and warmth. Some of the hotels that offer special facilities for the disabled are the Mercure Angers Center which is a three star hotel. The list also includes the Mercury Angers Lac De Maine 3 star hotel as well as the Best Western Anjou 3 star Hotel. The list just goes on and we have just listed the few of the accommodation entities that have widened their scope of their accommodation services by adding special accommodation facilities for the disabled.

You may also want to have a snippet of the accommodation entities in France that do offer special rooms for the disabled. One of these is the Hotel De France, Angers, The All Seasons Angers center hotel, etc. Most of these hotels such as the Hotel De France Anger are located strategically close to the major attractions in the Angers.

The hotel is also located in good relation to other service centers and amenities. The location of most of the hotels and BnBs makes life even simple for those with disabilities and you will do well to search for the kind of accommodation facility that will suit your needs in the specific location where you want to spend your stay in the Angers. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.

Angers Accommodation

Now one of the most critical aspects when it comes to holiday vacations and touring is the aspect of accommodation. There are many places around the world that are a great delight to visit but many such places do to not offer the visitors good accommodation facilities. The main reason why Angers is becoming one of the top holiday destinations in Europe and the world over is its reputation on the aspect of accommodation.

Angers is well serviced by many top of the  assortment forms of accommodation that are designed to cater to all categories of visitors from the flashy and opulent business and celebrity personalities down to the class of those with just a few dollars to expend in a holiday trip. The Angers boast some of top five star hotels that are positioned close to the Angers beaches and various sites of interest in the Angers.

Some of the top hotels that you can find in the Angers are the Marine Hotel Angers Center, Hotel de l’Europe, Hotel De France -Les Plantagenets. The list goes on and what you will get is numerous BnBs that are meant for the small spenders. You will have a whole range of choice when it comes to accommodation and the good part is that most of the accommodation facilities are located strategically close to numerous Angers Attractions.

In order to make the most of your trip to the angers you will have to establish how much you would want to spend on the entire trip and also figure out how much you can spend on accommodation. There are many online facilities that have been set up to enable you to compare accommodation options and prices online in the Angers holiday destination. With reliable information on the aspect of accommodation availability, location and pricing, you will be in a good position to establish where you would want to stay for your trip to the Angers. Even if you are to settle for the relatively cheaper BnBs you will still be treated to quality top of the range accommodation that will grace your stay in the Angers. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.

Angers Useful Contacts

Angers is a city that is located in the Maine-et-Loire in the north-western region of France. This city is only about 300km south-west from Paris and is located in a French region known as Anjou. It has quite an expansive population who prefer living in the metropolis. However, Angers itself is a historical city and has a lot of variety for the tourists to cherish. Therefore, it is important to take down some important contacts with you before visiting the city. Some of them are listed below:


Emergency Numbers:

Police Services:

Police emergency: 17

Firefighters: 18

Water: 02 41 05 50 50

Sanitation: 02 41 05 51 51

Police: 02 41 57 52 00‎

Dir Dep Securite Public: 02 41 66 29 40‎

Police Dominique: 02 41 86 07 79‎

Medical Services:

Health Emergency: 15

First Aid: 112

Pharmacy Care: At night, up to 22h, call the central police station on 02 41 57 52 00.

Great Pharmacy: 3 Bd Gaston Ramon Carrefour St Serge - 49100 Angers - 02 41 43 50 01

Medical care: 02 41 33 16 33

Home medical care: 02 41 32 54 49

Emergencies: 02 41 35 37 12

Hand Clinic: 02 41 86 86 41

Centre: 02 41 48 21 21

Emergency Dentist (weekend): 02 41 87 22 53

EDF GDF (number Azur) 0810433049

SOS Emergency Mom (child care): 02 41 60 26 38


Centre Paul Papin: 02 41 36 08 32‎

Hospital Local Saint Nicolas: 02 41 73 41 00‎

Centre Medico Psychologique: 02 41 80 76 12‎

Clinique de l’Anjou: 02 41 44 71 71‎

Clinique Medicale Saint Sauveur: 02 41 24 60 00‎


City buses Cotra: 02 41 33 64 64

Adapted Transports: 02 41 27 29 29

Bus station Angers: 08 20 16 00 49

SNCF: 08 36 35 35 35

Angers Loire Airport: 02 41 33 50 00

Destineo: 02 28 20 50 00.

Allo Anjou Taxis: 02 41 87 65 00

Accueil Taxis Angevins: 02 41 34 96 52

Other Useful Numbers:

Angers Tourist Information Centre: + 33 (0)2 41 23 50 00

International Welcome Angers (AIW): 02 41 23 11

Angers Loire Métropole: 02 41 05 50 00

Municipal Sports Office: 02 41 43 30 85

Municipal Police: 02 41 05 40 17 (Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 0:30)

Prefecture: 02 41 81 81 81

Highways: 02 41 21 54 00

If you have any intention of making your tour memorable, you should definitely go for car rental Angers. The car hire Angers airport too provides all tourists with impressive and ample facilities and services.

Angers Festivals

Are you planning a getaway to France soon? If so you can start by visiting Angers city. This is the capital city of Anjou. It is also an entry to famed Loire Valley. This is the sixteenth biggest France city. It hosts over a hundred and fifty dwellers. It is also one of those cities recognized because around thirty thousand young students reside there. Top most, Angers is a glamorous city with affluent history. It is a dynamic city both culturally and economically. Angers city is a short distance away from Paris. It comprise of amazing museums, shops, hotels, gardens, pathways, waterways and much more.

Right now you can fly to Angers to attend an upcoming festival. This is if you missed on the Cannes shopping festival between 7th and 10th of January 2010.  This shopping festival attracts global and local tourists. In fact this was one of the best times of the year to meet the top French fashion designers.  It is during this festival that people get a chance to buy high-end fashion products at affordable prices. As aforementioned, the dates for the festival are gone. Do not worry though. There is still a fabulous reason for you to go to Angers, France now.

Today being 22nd of Jan 2010 there is a great festival that launched. It is however going all the way to 31st of this month.  This festival is aimed at tapping new European film talent. In other words, those who are interested should prepare to participate in contests. Those competitions will be divided into five sections. These include the European First Feature Films. The second section is European First Short Films while the third is French First Short Films.

The fourth will be European Student Film whereas the European animated Films is 5th. This is expected to be a thrilling opportunity for you to meet experts whose work has been very successful. Also if you are new in this field you can prepare to meet other people who are just like you. Other areas that will be tackled include documentary and experimental movie programs. The only way for you to enjoy is to attend this Angers Festival. As mentioned above this festival will be taking place in the coming few days. As a traveler car is the most suitable option for you. Hiring a car is not a problem in this city. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily go for car rental in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.


Romantic Breaks in France – Angers – a lovers Paradise

For tourism to France, the most preferred destination would be a visit to Paris which is also called the City of Lights. There are other places of tourist interest, which includes the Arc de Triomphe, here the entry fee is only €9 and the view is exquisite. There is the Notre Dame Cathedral, access charges or entry fee to the observation deck is 8 Euros and since there is no elevator, one has to climb all the 387 steps to reach the top. If you are scared of heights, there are other romantic destinations in France like Angers, Gare Du Nord besides the Boulevards and open air cafes on the street sides for a quiet and a tranquil evening together with your loved one leading up to the bridges over the River Seine that is an extension of the English Channel, which connects the city of Paris with other adjoining countries. Angers is a very popular location for the lovers who come to France on holidays as well as for their honeymoon.

Arriving into Paris just about from anywhere is fairly simple because of the fact that a majority of the international airliners fly in and out of the Charles de Gaulle International Airport while the others fly into the Orly International Airport both these airports being located just on the outskirts of Paris from where it is a lot easier to access other locations like Angers, Nice or Lyon.
The main city of the Loire Valley is the city of Toures, there are larger cities such as Nantes and Angers, and Toures is the ideal location and offers great convenience to tourists who want to see most of the castles around this area.

A camping holiday in the Loire Valley is a good option because of the countryside feel it has on offer, you need to have sufficient time to spend your leisure and visit the beautiful tapestries situated in the Angers Cathedral. The Angers cathedral is a combination of ancient Roman designs and Gothic era architecture. This castle was constructed during the 12th and 13th century AD. Jean Bondol, based on an illuminated manuscript, designed these unique and famous tapestries. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.

Angers Museums

Angers is one of the best cities you can tour in the whole of France and worldwide. There is simply too much to do with your leisure time. For instance, you could visit Anger Museums.  These historic sites are the center of attraction in Anger City. If you are planning a trip to this French city please read the following museum tips.

Without a doubt you have many Anger museum options. One of the most popular historic sites is the Museum of Fine Arts.  It is called Musee des Beaux-arts in French language. They are two sources of fun to expect in this museum. Tourists learn the fine arts of ages starting from fourteenth century to date. The other exhibition in the same category is painting and sculpture.

The second category this museum provides includes history of archaeology and Angers. It as well showcases the art objects of Neolithic period up to date. There are other exhibitions organized by the museum for tourists. Another hot Angers museum is Ean Lurcat and Contemporary Tapestry. This popular Museum features textile art collections of nineteen fifties and modern types. Late artist, Jean Lurcat works of art is emphasized in this site. As a visitor you get a chance to view and learn modern tapestry associated with this hero. 

Another of the popularly visited Angers museum is Natural History. The fun you could have in this site is unimaginable. This museum is situated in two lovely past buildings. You learn about the history of famed France places like Anjou. If you enjoy bird kingdom this is the best Angers museum for you. Many bird species are preserved in there. What is important is that tourist’s attention is taken back to the experiences of countless past years.

Another of the trendiest Anger sites to consider is David D’ Angers Gallery. This site is named after David, an ancient Sculptor. His work is preserved in Abbey church of all Saints. This church existed since the thirteenth century but was rebuild in nineteen eighty-four. There are other amazing historic features within this Museum. Still there is a list of other Anger museums not mentioned here. You can plan to visit them during the next vacation to France.

As a traveler car is the most suitable option for you. Hiring a car is not a problem in this city. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport

Angers Beaches

For holiday makers there are numerous top locations that come to mind when to you want to explore the category of the top beaches in Europe and even beyond. One of the top beaches that you can consider for your vacation or your holiday visit is the Angers. The angers is well known for its awesome beaches that present a picturesque and griping view of the sea form the undulating plains of the terrain. The angers beaches are well serviced with top of the range hospitality and catering service entities that thrive on offering visitors an experience to cherish. Some of the hotels in the Angers beaches are the Mercure Angers Center. This one is ideally located close to the city and has ideal setting juxtaposed to the botanical gardens.

The hotel is also well positioned for ready access to various amenities. The other one is Hotel Mercure Angers Lac De Maine.  This one is located about 3 kilometers from the city center as well as congress center. What you have outside this hotel is the Lac DE Maine Amusement Park well positioned for that kind of a leisure or business trip stay. If you come to the Angers Beaches you will have a plethora of indoor and out door activities that you can treat yourself in order to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable one.

Among the top attractions you can get involved in the Angers beaches is to visit the Chateau Angers which is a huge stone fortress encompassing the famous 14th century tapestry and the apocalypse. This one is one of the top historical home attractions that you can treat yourself to in the angers beaches. In Angers beaches there are many other sites that you can visit and give yourself one of the best treats that you can enjoy in a vacation holiday.

You may choose to visit the Cathedral St.Maurice which is a religious site. Other sites also enlist The Chateau du Plisses Bourse, the castle. There is a lot that you can enjoy when you visit Angers beaches and in order to make your trip a good one you have to plan way in advance and be sure of how much you want to spend in your trip. There are lots of car hiring companies in Angers so you can easily hire a car in Anger. If you want a car for Anger then you must go for car hire in Anger airport.