About us

Anycarhire.com started roughly 14 years ago when one of the owners of this website had a very bad experience renting a car in the wonderful country of Spain. The car hire company that they used charged my credit card for a variety of things that I had no idea about. I then thought to myself that there must be a better way than the 'norm'. This is when I came up with the idea of an online car hire company that was honest and respectful of the customer, and had no hidden charges.

Even though at the time I knew little about the industry, I decided that this is something that needed to be done, and this is how Anycarhire.com was born. Nine years later and after a lot of blood sweat and tears we believe that we have the UK's finest car hire company.

The website is run by two people, me and a gentleman called Reddy.

Reddy is a long time friend of mine. He used to be a developer working on trading systems for investment banks in London. He also has the accolade of being the only person in the country to receive a 100% pass rate on a technical test at the Deutsche bank. Reddy has in addition worked on development at the Garmin satellite navigation company.

What can I say about me, well I do not have the same technical skills as Reddy, but I have spent a total of seven years in the British army travelling all around the world. Eventually, I ended up working for the army trials and development unit, trialling all the equipment that the Army may decide to use in the future. Apart from that I would describe myself as very sociable and outgoing. Also, my life's motto is; "There is no such thing as cannot, only will not."

After nine years, we now employ 23 dedicated individuals that make sure all the content on our website is up to date and helpful. We hope that this website makes a difference to everybody that uses it in order to book or gain information about car hire in certain countries.

Anycarhire.com has linked up with another company that has relationships with all the car hire companies around the world to ensure you get the best cars for the lowest possible price. Obtaining these relationships was no easy feat but after a whole year of making deals, we have got the best companies in the world 'involved' with our dream, and this is where Anycarhire.com is currently.

We have a dedicated FAQ section in order to answer some of the 'more common' questions.

We hope that you enjoy your time visiting our website as much as we have enjoyed developing it. If you would like to see anything on this website, which is not already on there then, please get in contact. Either I or Reddy will be more than happy to look over any of your suggestions.

We hope you have a great time on your holiday.

Best wishes from the team at Anycarhire.com