Stuttgart is a remarkable city located in the south of Germany.  It is a relatively small city with around 600,000 people living in the city itself although many people will tell you that this is what makes Stuttgart so great – it is a city with a small town atmosphere.  The local people in Stuttgart are very friendly and you will find them trying to practice their English with you when they realise you are not German.

Things to See and Do

There is so much to see and do in Stuttgart that you definitely won’t get bored.  There are a number of museums (including the renowned Mercedes Benz museum), a zoo, a planetarium, historical buildings, theatres, cinemas and a variety of parks and gardens.  The nightlife is definitely worth checking out too as there is a huge selection of bars to choose from and some great live music venues.  Other options include shopping, relaxing in the mineral springs and watching the city’s football team play a live game.


Stuttgart is also host to a number of festivals every year including a large wine festival in September, Volksfest which is a huge fun fair in early October and a number of film and music festivals.  If you are planning on visiting Stuttgart during the festive period, make sure to visit the Christmas market – it’s free to enter and incredible!

Getting Around

Stuttgart has an impressive public transport system and a ticket can be purchased for travel on all forms of transport.  There are a number of options available to you including the U-bahn, the S-bahn, the buses, biking, walking and taxi.  Cars are not recommended in the centre of Stuttgart although car hire Stuttgart is recommended if you wish to visit anywhere further afield.  Use the search facilities to compare car hire companies and book online.

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