Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport is located in the Basque country in northern Spain.  It handles just over four million passengers a year and accepts flights from locations all over Europe.  The airport is known for its sleek and contemporary design and has been nicknamed the dove due to this.  Although many love the contemporary look of the airport, many others have criticised it for its impractical nature.


Bilbao Airport doesn’t have as many facilities as most international airports in Europe however it should still contain enough to keep you entertained between flights.  After check in you will find ATM machines and foreign exchange booths, postal facilities and pay phones.  There are a number of bars and restaurants including the Restaurante Gernika and the Cafeteria Loiu.  There are also a few duty free shops available to passengers who have checked in.


There is only one terminal at Bilbao Airport and this terminal services all planes both domestic and international.  Both national airlines and low cost airlines fly to Bilbao and there are a lot of flight choices available to passengers.

Getting to and From the Airport

There is excellent road infrastructure linking Bilbao Airport to the city of Bilbao and northern Spain.  The only current public transport option is by bus.  The bus leaves from outside the arrivals gate and operates every 30 minutes.  A train line from the Airport into the city centre is set to be built in the near future.  Other options include taxis (which can be ridiculously expensive) and car hire Bilbao Airport.  There are a number of car hire companies to choose from and you can compare the companies and book before you leave via

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