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Hiring a car in Spain is great because it gives you the chance to explore some of the regions that public transport does not go to, and ones that would be too expensive to visit by taxi. Remember, Spain is a large country, and it takes roughly 13 hours to travel from the top to bottom without stopping.

Things worth Noting in Spain

In Spain, you drive on the right hand side of the road and give way to the left.

Spain is full of toll roads; therefore, you should always make sure you keep at least 10 Euros in mixed coins in your car at all times.

Reputable Spanish Car Hire Companies

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Speed Limits in Spain

Autopista (Signposted A or E) - This is the name for Spain’s motorways. On these roads the speed limit is 120 KPH (74 MPH).

Autovia - The equivalent of a duel carriageway, and the speed on these roads varies, which means you need to watch out for signs. Here the speeds range from 80-120 KPH (49-74MPH).

Carretera Local - Local highway. The maximum speed here is 100 KPH (62 MPH); however, many of the roads have lower maximum speeds.

Carretera National (N or CN) - A national highway. Speeds range from 60-100 KPH (37-62 MPH).

Carretera Camarcal (C) - A Country road. Speeds between 80 and 100 KPH maximum (49-62 MPH)

Alcohol Limits in Spain

Spain is very serious about drink driving and has much ‘harsher’ laws when compared to other European countries. 0.5 mg/ml is the limit (compared to 0.8 mg/ml in the UK), and if you are a new driver the limit is 0.1 mg/ml or effectively no alcohol.







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