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Scotland is a country that shares its border with England to the south and occupies the remaining northern 1/3 of the island of Great Britain. It is comparable in size to the Czech Republic. In addition to the Scottish mainland, Scotland also accounts for over 790 islands. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, which is also one of Europeís largest financial centers.

Scotlandís climate is temperate and tends to be very changeable. Because it is warmed by the Atlantic Gulf Stream, it tends to have much milder winters and cooler, wetter summers than areas at similar latitudes. Temperatures still tend to be lower than the rest of the UK, however.

Scotland has a very rich culture, with a great tradition of festivals, art and literature. The Edinburgh Festival is a very important festival in the international arts community that occurs during late July to mid-September.

Another thing Scotland is renowned for across the globe is whiskey, and many of Scotlandís distilleries welcome visitors and offer guided tours. Scotland is also the birthplace of the game of golf, and is home to the St. Andrewís golf course, the oldest in the world. Hillwaking is a very popular activity as well. Scotland is home to 284 Munros (mountains higher than 3000 feet / 914.4 m) and if you successfully climb them all, you can become a Munroist!

Of course, with all of its lush beauty and winding mountain roads, a very popular activity for people is to go on a driving tour of Scotland, which is considered a great way to take in all of the natural beauty Scotland has to offer. Many people who wish to go on driving tours will opt for car hire Scotland. If you wish to hire a car in Scotland and embark on a driving tour that you will never forget, visit anycarhire.com to find the best package to fit your needs.

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