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Portugal Car Hire

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We search and COMPARE the local and international car rental compaines, we will find you the CHEAPEST car hire in Portugal on the market.

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Car Hire Advice Portugal

Renting a car before you get to Portugal is the norm for many travellers. There are so many cobbled roads around the main cities that public transport is often limited, which means the best way to get around is with a rental car.

Things worth Noting in Portugal

The police in Portugal have every right to issue you with an on the spot fine if you have done something wrong. Failure to pay this fine on the spot via card or cash will mean that your documents (driverís license, insurance) are seized until payment is made.

It is the law to have headlamp convertors, check that your hire car has these fitted.

Reputable Portuguese Car Hire Companies

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Speed Limits in Portugal

The speed limits in Portugal are very simple and signposted extremely well on all the roads:

Motorway - 120 KPH (75 MPH)

Open Road - 90-100 KPH (55-62 MPH)

Town - 50 KPH (31 MPH)

Alcohol Limits in Portugal

Like the majority of other European countries, Portugal has a strict drink driving law in place. In fact, just 0.05 ml per 100 ml of blood alcohol content will see you with anything from a severe fine at the least to imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

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