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Car Hire Italy Advice

Italy is a beautiful and historical country which needs to be explored. Hiring a car to get around is often seen as the most efficient way of travel and this is why hundreds of thousands of rental cars can be found on the roads of Italy. In this guide, we will explore more information about driving in Italy.

Driving Laws in Italy

Wearing your seat belt at all times is the law. If the driver or the passenger in any car is found not to be wearing a seat belt then the driver of the car will be fined.

Speeding is currently being clamped down on in Italy. The Italian government is also installing more speed cameras around the country. Speeding is punishable by severe on the spot fines in this country.

Children under four cannot travel, unless they have a restraint system in place. Your car hire company will tell you about all the regulations if you ask.

Reputable Italian Car Hire Companies

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Speed Limits in Italy

There are two separate laws for speed limits in Italy. They change when the road is wet and when it is dry. If you are unsure of the roads' condition then drive lower limit.

When Dry

Motorway - 130 km/h

Duel Carriageway - 110 km/h

Open Roads - 90 km/h

Urban roads - 50 km/h

When Wet

Motorway - 110 km/h

Duel Carriageway - 90 km/h

Open Roads - 80 km/h

Urban roads - 50 km/h

It is against the law to consume any amount of alcohol and drive when the roads are deemed wet in Italy.

Alcohol Limits in Italy

Italian drink driving laws match the ‘standard’ regulations set around Europe at 0.05 milligrams of alcohol per millilitre of blood. However, UK law states that your blood level may be up to 0.08. recommends that you never drink and drive under any circumstance.

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