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The City Of Santander

Santander is situated on the north coast of Spain. It lies between Asturias and the Basque Country. Asturia present to the west and the Basque country present to the east of the city. Santander is the capital of Cantabria. In 1755, Santander officially became a city. It was an important port for Castile.

In New World it was a well known place for trade. According to the 2007 Census, the population of Santander is 184,000. The density of the city is 5.226 hab per kilometer square. The coordinates of the city are 43 degrees, 27 minutes and 39.96 towards north and 3 degrees, 48 minutes and 33.84 seconds towards west. The land area of Santander is 35 kilometers square. The altitude of the city ranges from 0 to 15 meters.

Santander is the largest city of the province of Cantabria. The city was known as Portus Victoriae luliobrigensium under the rule of the Roman Empire. Its famous beaches are the most appealing factors which attracts the tourists towards the city. The most interesting features about the city are a small historic centre and a handful of beaches.

Magdalena Palace is an attractive place to visit which was used as a summer getaway of Spanish. If you want to explore the beauty and history of the city, you should go for a car hire Santander. These services are cheap and reliable as compared to other public transport in the city. Therefore, get a car hire Santander airport to enhance the safety and comfort of your journey.


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