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Santander Museums

Santander museums are for everyone. Some of the finest collections of arts are found displayed in the museums of Santander. You need not have to be a connoisseur of art or even a dabbler to enjoy these works of art. The style of presentation of the Spanish art has its own pioneers!

The museum of Marcelino Menendez Pelayo is actually the library of the famed author. With about a forty two thousand books and handwritten manuscripts filling the rooms from top to bottom this place is a historical treasure that the Spanish guard and maintain with voracious pride. One can also get to visit the family house of the author as part of the museum tour.

A look at the roman art and regional art is in the agenda if you are planning to visit the Marcelino Botin Foundation’s museum.  The Bellas Artes museum has a collection of Flemish and Italian art in addition to the traditional national arts. The museum also houses a very rare and exquisite collection of sculptures and coins belonging to various eras of mankind. This site acts as a highly informative historical and archeological site.

The bull fight museum more famously known as museo taurino has an extensive collection of records of various games and events that took place in the city.  Further the display also showcases some of the apparels and tools used by men and women in the various games.

For getting a insight into the cultural heritage of the Spaniards, one has to visit the Sala Exposiciones which is in the Gamazo region. It has a planetarium and it contains several records of important events in the history of the city.  One could also deduce the interest that the people of Santander have in photography.

To visit some of these museums you can hire a car. Car Hire in Santander is quite a common spectacle among the tourists. Using the city transport systems would give you a huge disadvantage in that you cannot reach all places at all times you want. The best way to go is to hire a private vehicle and stick with it .


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