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The currency in operation in Malaga is the same as that in the rest of the country, that is, the EURO. The latest exchange rates of the EURO to the British pound and the US Dollar are as follows:

Malaga is relatively cheaper compared to most european nations, nonetheless, as with most other places, the cost of living in Malaga is largely a function of an individual’s standard of living. The more luxurious and extravagant the lifestyle, the greater the cost of living. Although cars for hire are still cheap comparatively, hence tourists are encouraged to opt for Car Rental Malaga. This service is also available at the airport, Car Rental Malaga Airport, so be prepared before your arrive to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

One of the major ways of cost cutting is by booking in advance. Booking not only flights but also getting other tourist arrangements done before hand ensures one gets the best of deals in a timely passion. Furthermore, it guarantees that one does not miss out on popular activities and tourism. It also prevents waste of valuable time during the holiday running around for organizing tickets.
The most cost-effective way of booking of flights is by purchasing tickets online. There are many websites available that provide reliable information; is one such website that enables travelers to book tickets through their own choice of flights. However, when choosing the online option, care must be taken to ensure there are no strings attached with lower fares.
As afore mentioned, booking in advance is the most economical. This is also applicable to cars, where car-rental and hiring businesses are accessible online that offer a wide array of cars to customers. Travelling by train is inexpensive and quick as it avoids the daily traffic, however, the cheapest travel is by bus.

Three star hotels can cost as little as $60 per day, whereas the more lavish ones can go over $170 per day. Tours vary in cost from as low as £10.89 above. Average restaurant expenses are around €12, and a good lunch is affordable between €5 to 7.

The banking system in Malaga is modern with a large banking base. Be aware of the banking fees when dealing with banks and the fact thattheir employees generally do not speak English. Another interesting fact is the notation used. The standard practice denotes ten thousand as 10,000.00 whereas banks there use it as 10.000,00.


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